Football Hot Seat - Dave Calabro

Friday, August 17th


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On this case beyond college Erica has the football two quarterback in here we don't have that coming up you don't at this time we have at the world famous people ever from general. You know let's go to. Seeing let's go producer wealth that was to come out throwing you do get. And flat out around the WTO to our studios become an allied situation where you have to eat a sunrise personality is survived. It's easy to furlough mom Gillian Moffett Ben Miller shot go jog back. On the ground does the guy a chuck roast would be the way to go ahead. Your goals. Boldly Eddie is again the litter around long enough that he could have filled it well final duty dancing zeal the only guy that's older than me there's so loved that's become the final victory if the hotline. It's. And pop a program that's really. How you him over the and I what do you need to check the well right yeah Lavrov deserves something goes wrong with the thirteen chopper down you have to crash landed into the stadium where you wave it toward the whole bleachers are the visitors. Good defense which ties gold headed toward what did you go ahead of them common to go to visiting believes is that they've not be polite here as a visiting though also the ones who have loved it draster. Ernster that's right cracked desert. There have been thrown marvel home crowd there and visitors a begin tomorrow forget it guess right thirty. Brought under a high school football coach asked you to Philly and part of inspirational halftime speech should give us the first ten seconds of it. No it is your. That's yeah I was really. And added I guess I doubt. Turkeys and and you'll have to flat. Couldn't perfect puzzle big browser you wanna dress more like a millennial on TV didn't what do you think you should put off. Great question is not only human. Dug into where like straight leg jeans and in tennis shoes I violent criminals like hearing that Israel would like three things I mean. ID came in with George still okay shorts on write anymore like a millennial now than ever is. Those are wary of chemicals so I've got jeans cut off jeans on that I made last night yeah. Am I argument Zeller muzzled and you're like him steps to cool but I do it and the ability. I. Absolutely knew the club B two bombers to Israel will lose Ebert and lose Ebert. Aquae. There's clearing out. The viewers using a pick up football team from the smiley morning should be voted you pick last. Wow finally. I mean GAAP that's he'd quit again like I played one down maybe you were talking her by drinking a beer right. I'm tired in like conditions right yeah hair's messed up. Exactly that is right he bought that's blues before he could finish about a dialogue him any questions that thank you at regular pac. C. Nice. Dave thanks so much for coming back outside to get through the end of the season here today thank you again that works at a partnered with that channel thirteen. And I are friends or that IBEW local for 81 if you wanna vote he can do you can also did happen to win this concert at your high school this is kind of cool. Uga should show your spirit obviously at the day games because every Friday will we want to be in the IBEW 41 dot org I think we're put not a thing today is Vista you can actually go there and vote. And have to add to act for your chances to get that concert and a school pretty cool aid is co operation football that I. Jazz appreciate very much speculation listing you'll see a Friday night so fly around central Indiana and make those sides operational ball. Tzipi elbow how about let's let's bring it let's good back.