First Song That Plays on iPod

Wednesday, December 6th


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We're out driving around nine delivering Christmas trees or tall trees Christmas and blood man IA phone in two you know the USB port or whatever on my car. And always goes to a lot of mine music library yes on my phone and starts playing a song and so weird. Elliot plays that I I had that Caribbean party want to amass. And it plays he plays some curry we do. Into titles you should be able to go all the medical ordered to be the very for the first time yeah yeah I want in his final do that's always what so I thought it would be a funny topic we all like oh got my song always comes online in our mind mountains that maybe would invite people to call into the shell. And tell us what set a knowing sonet pop's on it's irritating when you you get your card you plug it Anderson it's very odd. My god does I don't think that's the first time there you know what now it and say they can't Saudi I don't know why it picks that sound mind is always a song from the Jessie. Not that I cannot stand they downloaded blacks. Sonnet one Jesse j.'s yeah I got the whole alum like a fool. And now I want to play it down over so it plays this Jessie. Putting those right OK I try Natalie and a lot of talent like totally in love for the Shrek two movie. Pictures settled track season that was. Aren't funny or more that. And I 'cause it probably around the time that wonders had their movie out Matt soundtrack called out yeah so I think it was around that time that I play that song on my dear. I wonder you. Knew that he didn't. Yeah. An incentive. Piece. Like you 08. And playing. So it and call it and you said what year was your. Reverend Jesse. DJ yeah like does like club DJ stuff. And it's always has DJ set that he said John I didn't as part of he likes his Fredricka that. Every single I is and yet. I need ended July and edit coming up my cars as the we added that premiums on its like. So something like this but every time. That I decide what party had downloaded a big round of Caribbean music that is played in the background party. This it odd topic at an opening days and share this with the I don't know if that happens everybody but I I mentioned it the other day at an average and had a death. There is this on so pollen and let us know what that. That song is I don't know how our why that happened because it's not the first song in the last few days just assumed it was yet her talent. And it happened to my I pod back in the day remember earlier and a boating trip one time down the lake Munro and I to unplug it and played that damn son was like. This is an odd odds on that had once downloaded you know yeah. I'd phone numbers 3172281099. Shares what's that weird sonet plays pretended plugging your. Your iPhone and your car whatever 3172281099. What do you seeking. There is an article that was written it was called. On owed to the songs we and win at least start. Our driveway and spent a look at as a bunch of people who are right it's usually in the age categories but Barack yes or you're gonna be accidentally in love your eyes sighed and begin had NA in the title and her songs like eighth plus an AB machines and about to die and I don't isn't me in the eighties. I think it's a sign it. And tent done done done done done. And I didn't look it up out of it like it he added definitely sounded similar in that land on Julie -- you've ever had that happen we get your party plug in your found and so I did find the one that plays and it is the girl from it and FEMA and and I'm not sure why downloaded disarm it every times. Let's just start here what six starts summit and the play non-GAAP playlist you used to have though it's always in picks a specific one you were always this hard trying to Carol why do you says it's probably most of them tend to be in the EE used to so yeah it's like alphabetically the first song or something yeah. These and say. It's so that's it's and it was it's just kind of relaxing Minnesota finds Sarah and I like I stopped and and it. And I'll do it a deal with anti use. Now weighing is the acted to drive you announced that an arm on and and I found. He's ways and whenever it gives a direction. It kicks back to the music hasn't gone back to your radio music and it goes back to SI but I thought it's always that so it's like ticker right in twenty feet and it amp amp amp amp amp. And it really nice guy OK go do this in your in your music is my theory on on what song it is OK if you go into I'm Zahn songs are going to be good upper right it's sort sort and then hit title title. In the what's the first time that's it. Announced a waiting and then like I had and it's the same artist. May I don't I don't wasn't girls and anything in me yesterday because it policy does this off. It is yet. That's and it's down I can beat. Well this. Is that right and many say why the hell do I have the semis. Yeah exactly that's not my question is yeah what's going on here of what's weird is that I have accidentally loved by the Counting Crows two times in Iraq. Well I got to merge the goods and how does it do that I don't think he's still on the other one you pay now or Italy. I got it. Definitely my card today because my garage door broke last night I. I wrote it and yes that thank goodness my mother in las staying with me is Mike Hart saying I'm out yeah. You know you can manually open those things stand the thought that well there's let's say your power go out like how do I get my car. You know I found. So they are calling Claire what some kind of shows up by a new era iPhone iPod whatever when you in the car. Well yeah. Well I don't super Barack copyrighted Willis talked about it and my act of on that date in his car I was like op play Munich and then it right we're not that you act of in his guys. This player that we know what that. I didn't play that went on a date in this game and then he made mouth yeah I mean our love was accidental and we didn't mean to fundamentally did. All right thank you. They are sorry clip that we felt allowed. I don't know is he's being serious and better and better relations. Do Damon go ahead you're on the smiley morning show. In a good morning everybody I mean. I didn't about a girl miner on armed men like New York album. OK okay. Gotta be something about that. I can't what design and always pops up on your iPad I found. Are. Wow so this question a lot of nickel back in your nickel back I ask. Them but it really think that people. I at. Though. Yes that defying a theory though touted as I did not have any songs that start with Acer EU and you're maybe that's the. You could extract. It. Links and luckily it was bang. It they'll left now on and that will let it lay in music. And then every single time you open it affects the same time. Am I can't thank you very match it's gonna meg and meg in what sun pops up on your I've found. One Barry Byron hurt him. Or hurts my kid at sows at the cover of the test about Iran. And ABC it's kind of like this is very arts version Oklahoma. Inserts on the cover of elegant Jackson via your phone out and play it. Play it right I don't know he's on the phone and I know but didn't get the music when Ronald and you and I that would kind of alcohol and then go into this. I think at some of them had reason that's a threat this salad commandeer this and avert a version of utilities the ones Hillary Clinton is go ahead your honest on a morning show. President. On campus pilot Monica left him. That's in. It. This. Sounds awful. Yes that is their ability on you period of very citizen lab maybe not as an addition in finance and not nods. What's it about six. A thermal. Now an addict and an event for the time I guess. AB on to me is that you being held onto him he there'll definitely eating that don't think I can go ahead. Oh. OK there's that down notes and acts that double. You I don't light fact that some people have done to make that not happen yeah yeah. Apparently people you can go in like make yourself an audio file that's like. Complete silence out of difference and a minute ago and then labeling and. Okay. Aides sat and. The island. Right Arial what sun comes up on your iPhone you plug it and it's just weird random song. Mine imports and Iowa and. I can't that's going to be a very real moment you every time you turn off. Oh my mom aren't nine yeah and these mine is like in a package as he gives to every to download one Maurice songs yeah. And Nissan or am I yeah I called amen group may be a man yeah.