FeBROary: Mark and Dylan Part 2

Friday, February 17th


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It's here for the boys from sept tender. Then that broad section. But cheered for employees. About yesterday's dates that sounds more like you did what you view yesterday that we did on the first day yeah I was a little uncomfortable the first day and that they got heading north has kind of warm ally and I was just gonna melt I didn't know what to expect that last night and just had some fun. Kick back and had any really there was no pressure like the guy and then that we amend guy that we now are it is and mark. I really didn't feel like I knew him pretty pretty well I wanted to focus Lamar Dylan I really had fun talking and don't Andy you know crowd favorite. Maybe you guys and he like mark would spent some time regardless of but Dylan I really really. Like to have met Dylan the conversations were fine yeah he's young he's. Fun is full of energy. Now my question is are there and rules to this I mean can we make the rules different as we go along the way you -- a place one of the guys from the last round a wild card and a thorough wildcard but if you're just like man the guy had moved on the last round I'd rather have both of these guys who runs out to do whatever you want but I'm gonna. I decided you gonna stick to either I sat there. I wanna push through this and I coming up on something Dylan would do but I'd. I Anaheim or long. Three or four hour lunches can idea in document one or two I I don't know we've been you know Mulder says players can you write yeah. Remember Levy guys both OK you understand that mark in Dillon. And everyone will be invited to the man. Date. So the sauce is that it's not that ardidi heartfelt and yet and we all get together and we and we all get to know each other maybe I'll become friends TV announcer now. And asked. As these guys today. Before we do the weekend blast off which is a new segment. Old school new school. All over the place party SARS we did this last year yet today you're studio with us was that I was working on some denounce let the beyoncé bet yet but I heard whenever what is as a matter it was something that everybody easily forgotten how. As much time to get. Today I decided on. Who is it is that. Give it to a straight man well he's he's pained by this which. May not be what we expect. I wanna go where. He's hesitating you have now I didn't really like you don't and I'm going to mark. You know I have lasted till I wanna hang out this guy's hands and we'll meet the winner party of cat Dylan and about what you planned not a sense it was great comedian and in talking here girlfriend and all that you know you so but. Mark. The UN under. Get dirty myself for not remembering every afternoon but yeah. A black mark I think mark is primed for years his or this role in the job all the people who have come on yourself he is. Because he's not married and has no children so he can and a little bit older like he's a second rounder to add to now so he's learned Dave's. Vera. Reality again Martin Sheen and the 3737. And that is but it did Dylan and I can hang out dad goes on but okay all right that's it that's he's got so he will move the final four market I will have a nighttime dinner together in nineteen bought. A team needs again so it's got to be a weekend write downs will prevent them.