FeBROary: Devin and Ryan Part 2

Thursday, February 16th


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After everything. Nowhere in the elite eight these of the final eight guys of our February and I'm looking for a man my wife Cindy illicit. You know the house I'm pregnant. Hang out find a friend it's not just net you know that you guys all share. So. Is she your does. I got Carter and here who works behind the scenes of the show up assistant producer of the program. And he was there at the date yesterday and that got the guys back on the phone we went on a mandate Ryan in DeVon hi guys. Do you guys have fine yesterday. Ordered Evan yeah if we are DeVon island speakerphones. And I do. In the you just yet you've been nine Newman to another excellent write this down announced this thing. Intern Aden and there gently get jealous of their balls right next to me well who did he get the next aspect yeah right yeah Accra. It used to stole my case India acts yeah I Carter what are you notice anything you know mr. Eddie yeah I noticed Bryant sitting next to me. Eighties intimidated dime I mainly statute used to think he's a quiet quiet guys against our guys are really it has very funny. Jokes and stuff interjected he mean about sleeping with. Being a patent mean yeah in my company out you know as grin on his funny guy and yet dead it was like a lot more high energy yeah. About like it's a bouncy legs got that he and I had I was accounts and Taylor both bounce apparently that I love to have and if it bit back in the day because it would count my bouncy led he lagged yes I was always my steps like Arthur it's 20000. Back at least helpless you know it happens bouncing in a suit which when your favorite. Hearings on the offense and my favorite is me a techno DeVon it DeVon for you okay I. Brian had anything new house you wanna say here today before we got to make a decision. What I do think that the government. I am I don't try to steal each other from me before right decision. That road. That I don't think song that I use them myself haven't used anything. Yeah. Really. You know right now exchanged numbers afterward it worked out between. Hey Ian Ian. And everybody's invited to my sausage fest not having a big party for all sixteen guys so. And you know it was a tough decision I love you guys bulls a lot and now I'm gonna go we're side. Number two Devin yeah. I get answers. Tonight Levy Ryan Allison was trying to get back to work at these guys have jobs and stuff like that so. And I appreciate guys hanging out at me. I told the guys renegades that you don't have known you guys work and do do jobs I'm done with my jobs and it might lunch you know I am as like I'm gonna probably get a beer and then and in his attitude. But and there's guys I was like this you don't have to drink this is I'm not gonna hold and can put an X next inning breast. But that they played align respond. So all right data and look forward to that I think our next date will probably have to be an evening time then uncles so get ready for a a late not. Mandate the DeVon is 31 alive DeVon budget analyst Mary a couple of kids his wife his super pregnant. If I can say that on offense. Mean to sound of 37 weeks acting it's such is Liz and Fisher's that's nice and got the tattoos in the muscles and then I was Bergen. Seems bouncy legs guy in a weird crazy. And I'm actually yeah and.