Famous Relatives

Tuesday, May 15th


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So low but detected to detected mega Markel you know the one getting married. The of the royal Ali into the streets there is the biggest story in the universe that we're all interested in I guess he she is allegedly related to America's first serial killer. HH Holmes now a lawyer name's Jeff the budget researcher family history and discovered that she is a distant relative. Of Jack the Ripper oh my god that's the worse yet the worst killer in English history in Britain history. That's crazy so. Murdered prostitutes in London is that right to Vienna and let them. The ripper Jack the Ripper yeah I thought that I did by people who call in if they. If you have an odd relative or. And it's not as scary as Jack the Ripper may be it say it's kind of cool connection maybe it's a celebrity or something yeah are you related to semi famous about that and how how far away and -- get their money and do you again if you hang out with them or is it just really distant and I kind of thing. Call and I don't mind history I'm related to Reggie Miller are you risk yeah. And I don't believe that means he's material that. 3172281099. If you wanna check in my sincere. And gets Bahrain come back here later this afternoon and a high of 85 it was hot yesterday 68 degrees right now pass might wanna show you're on the air. I am related to Ringo Starr from the eagle. Like grandmother originally from Liverpool. I'm going to look like the coolest back in that record at like at my goatee back when nom. I mean collapse or whatever. That is so while Ringo Starr has got a cool. I'm gonna show how much do what tad crazy relatives do you have. I am New Delhi. Oh Dolly. And my grandmother is made in main. Wow and heard that is legal they're married wasn't blank that. And I'm digging the computer Sunday. So while Maxi you're on the smiley morning show how aria do they're giving you the same genetic trait you know and I'm Sanath. Boobs. I had Maxi. Ballet tickets he came he was a famous bank property eighteen yeah. In the wild west. Etiquette as some are connected to Indiana. Does James I don't know that he's out now he's let western guy do you ever have a itch to rob. Now how early Maxi. Well twelve years old you Don have you ever taken a dollar out of your mom's purse. Yes. Heavier and it sees that it's in your genetics senior on horse back in Robin stage coaches ads today. Fast have you ever killed anything like an aunt or bug yeah see. It. Aftermath humor terrorists villainous twelve year old advised his money Dan you're on the smiling when he show who what where we are relative you have. I saw. George Custer the carrier and head board general I'll get him back today. I was at that standard that's so bizarre George Custer. There. All right thank you passed and yeah I wanna show our allies. I am really hit McConnell. I am actually at sixteen great granddaughter and and there are. And he would be headed by creating a tower hill. You know that way awesome units or mr. better than kind of of course the united English lawyer amazement. They're the chief minister to king Henry the eighth and then he got unit that it ma in English affirmation. Boy it's crazy man in radiate heat you wanna be his friend or as enemy he just love our community here and out. I'm kinda short. Can it be that radical anti. All right go ahead now Brooke you're on the on a morning show. And related regarding got electric car and. He would rather like a guy that you know let a shot forty men and one for aren't due out. That's how that sounds like a tall tale via advance Al. Your work well. I refuse I'm gonna believe it's a lie I thank you amber you're on the smiling when he should go ahead. How dare I wonder so AJ sound original name is actually hear much. So I was under budget I actually is related so you make it Merkel. And I. A lawyer named Jeff much it researched her name history discovered that she's distant relative Jack the Ripper. All of them lawyers are related to Jack and Arnie yes that's what this what Amber's saying his the ripper his last name is really budget Powell that's an honest lawyers saying that. Mega Markel somehow related to hand it. Weird maybe he's charged at some of that. Royal money. Apple. Spears. Nicole go ahead on this Monday mornings yeah. Hey aren't you related to your general here all I am well. I'm ultimately it is you know Kleiman. Adopted and it's going. I. Here you are that's because jeweler general Custer in Mark Twain had a brief affair. Eighteen hundreds if they really they did a homosexual affair they did they had one David. Again our depth general Custer with a woman the whole time. That's why he's so short. Pastor sounds like a woman's name yeah know last at bat you know my last night I guess and it custard Mark Twain mixed up that custard. I. I do I you are you skittish or I mean this is now on don't ask that question because as inappropriate and Leslie go ahead you're on a smile Indonesia. Yeah related to Benjamin rash I and that Croatian independence the declaration. Of independence. Guaranteed it. Yeah. He's a when he signed it really tiny as he stared at the English. And I did. Doctor from Pennsylvania that out about. It yeah and I claim are years. Let's let's get a call from the. The term Riyadh go ahead. I like that have been around people rather. Reitman and job that's Dave's favorite lady I love her let let me blade miner Ricky ready and. It can be when are you want a glass of water daily it doesn't mean at the annual turning around Japanese Italian got out of queen and cannot. Get it together Danny. But the gap. Oh my god I don't think there's no better evidence it is solid impression your that is so funny man is that ISO hot when I was against I am related to my father bill path Berger are you ready for me to prove it. Okay go ahead. I guy Jennifer Rihanna smiling when he show. They had to there site I had mud and Jack the Ripper we're two different people. Magic came propellant LA and actually built house supporters in and not. Later and really felt threatened budget actually built an attack Powell and basically people go there and they'd never get out of there. But it does appear. Is being good friends with the budget as a kid. I don't know. Add it here and related man from Illinois and a insisting. All right thank you very much. I Mena. I mean is nine years old who are you related to do. I'll another child related to just this guy just. Winner around old west Robin Killen in print name. Is name entries he longest. Marina have you ever stolen dollar out of your mom's purse. And you are killed an insect. I Aaron have you ever smashed the spider with your shoe. Okay. In Ian James it's a union. Thanks for Colin and got a ton of calls coming in here were talking about how on mega Markel apparently related to. Serial killer HH Holmes Jack the Ripper. Are you kidding me so. We tallied open an online series Colin nuclear related. Kia a killer or just a funny celebrity or whatever rose deeper as networks. The numbers 3172281099.