Enneagram- Lisa

Tuesday, November 14th


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995. Tzipi Ellis radio theology with DA here this morning from seven to 10 AM every Sunday morning we Gladys faith hope love and music. Trying to make conversation about you know faith hope lets up like that more normative for your life and I will lift your spirits. We talked about this whole India Gramm thing before he gestured in Graham have asked. It's like a personality kind of profile test had to figure out maybe some some of the ways you react to the world under stress or in our healthy ways where that started a ticket. Couple weeks ago. I wipe my target as as a couple I'm a type seven. Which which means I think more is better in life in general okay judge doesn't always help. And my wife is actually 86. That's kind of a wind so it was a really insightful we spent a lot of time discovering. And really talk about how does this in Iraq with the each other and you guys just took. The unit Graham assessment will ladies first Lisa. Let us now and I'm a tight to lose let's go let me go to the apple OK let your profile all that I am as supportive and Eisner the helper yes yes your your quote year I try to be loved. But I love. I think that's so true. And also this is mine and I summaries I am uranium and coats on. People who see the world through relationships and define themselves terrorist others. That's totally mean I licensed the whole world is relationship and mean yeah act. Wind and with mother of the year and mother of the year dot com to aids exactly help moms exactly and might be selfless love meaning giving an honest aft. Order order. On the flip a coin over I could be did and then its rightful. Or hostel. Who. Lula. This is what happens when you and Ryan your husband and her home and things don't go right. Italy I would ask app and a little pride is and I'd. Yeah now Lama why high finish up and I hit there's nothing like diet as the lack tens of thousand people listening it's no problem. I am right most of the time in my eyes and most of them and mother in them well you just. Go to work and I thank you for the work and the paycheck injured you know the staff but mr. wrong you're wrong about higher right now as an even now as I do get a little pride. Well this says this hallelujah we can talk about your childhood was and so Lisa which it is laid back on the couch over there. Go to happy place in if we had dinner by your childhood wound it's as this. These children felt allowed only if they were helping or pleasing others their personal needs outsell fish. As a result they closed off their own needs in Billings in tuned in to those of others. Love became defined as giving to others. Through though the love they they beloved often didn't Hillary seed or reap separate hated is that. Record. Add that as healthy eggs and fiscal let frequent that apple I'd vote. War I think yes probably am a middle child so I was always the peacekeeper I hate is where and I hate confrontation. A steer away from that are sure. And so it is a lot of like an I instill now if I am unhealthy and not to hear myself and having you know or boundaries. And I am I am like forgetting all of them myself and I am like. I'm an ethnic you know. I many Indian everything on my energy and time well a lot and I know that while. So yeah I think one of the things that diving is key in a lot of the work I do as a as a pastor is I think. It's so important that were always growing and our knowledge of ourself and our knowledge of god right like who in mind. Who is god and then who am I because my relationship with him so. This like in mean we're joke and I make it fun they've been having to common racial but. Like the childhood wounds suffered your same as you went through this there is some like eye opening moments like Lou that is not healthy and there could be some pain there but like. I was a part of is it's our jobs up about a on the radio but it. You don't seem freaked out he seemed like your your balanced and being able to deal with this so not that it's not scary but but. What's giving you the ability to go I will be able to kind of look at some of these painful parts of my life but not bill sold toll free. Well part of it is is my faith knowing that like my identity is in Christ and that sounds and it's hardly charity. But it it's true it's like. Pat made me for an absolute purpose I'm just trying to figure out the best like and now he's allowed me anyway. And so and then now part is like it passes in the past and so when you're looking back Erie free. If you wanna be and sell it as such as I keep making it as I look through its painful memories and my task like. At that happened at a time this threw it past it whenever. My better for a today I don't want it to have any power. Yeah and it doesn't Brian you're on the hook is after the break after the break aren't bad and to make you cry. They're great. At coming up wrap this.