Dogs Doing Human Things

Monday, February 12th


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So the question is what human tricks in your dog perform you have any and adopt an aggressive proving is that an app and not concede. Shake. Now I mean like something that's net of interest well David Ogg can do anything wild yes extraordinary now again you have to do another dog. And it in the lineup or not be acceptable. Yeah you can tell it on command go ahead you're on the smiley morning show. That dog. Used to try and solid flashlight. Chase a light beam. Accurate flashlight re seeing that change and do that over and over here that. First noticed that while working under saying well I and beside me down at dog chase like Venus played a flashlight. Like the dog. Would sit on the button and quit and it dog just like oh. I let it never had so that dog ever. Wow that's pretty got videos of dogs where they have like those machines that will throw the tennis ball for you. After the dog figures out how to dropped the ball in seen an hour and an eagle with it's it was in the machine. Numbers three went 72281099. I go ahead sir I've got a great being yet it's all about it Bridget whose at the expense a lot of and I did. Whenever they're staring at the cooldown expression goes up against it. And get our water I hit you want Smart Dodd is billed as good water all over there and they go in there. Authors only a year or month and archway conference in integrate dog and a us go ahead yes. Yeah I. When I doubt about the I pod and he opened that door. I'm not like if you without side it opens. We witness telling shut the door it brought over to the door it. I can loan. I always agree but everybody that ever eat that night but the first time a blip out. I am and I Sundays staff now like it's. No I go get my glasses daddy's classes over there I am just do little chores and nitrates as well soon to be like in a beer written in his rally and get my parents beard. We like you re elect shared account AFLAC Ahmed the refining.