Discipline vs Regret

Monday, March 12th


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Jana are you be Kenya ready. At. So what can radio the odd view at least is talking about this spring is on the way an EU gotta get and that pretty got to get ready to get back out get the son so he you are ready rated hit head on. You know. Just a yeah I. Eight and the point. I'm in the morning I I'm I. You. Are now and we see. I don't think I would be either because I require 45 minutes to apply sunscreen all of that money. At at a. Though right like I don't spring break and now. And he. You know video you fight Jan do you find hard to like choose like to be disciplined to get ready to get yourself whether it's physically mentally emotionally and shape as it is that is that tough decision for you. Art and because why aren't actually in the app yeah. A back up. The execution that's right would you guys are gone and we we wish you luck to get spring break ready. You know guys Jen brings up a great point is there is is the decision is there but it can become really painful I said the for the break their. There's two kinds of pain in the world to be experience it's the pain discipline. The pain of regret and I paid discipline is you getting out at 5 o'clock hour to go to the span class it as painful. Yes your bed as warm it's Fuzzy site. Handling so what she did it's they want to. Did you know. Act now acted as my basis same thing I got as. But but I'm guessing that the pain of discipline it hurts then but the pain regret is kind of which experts are now when you Sam Tron on bikinis and looks like that that you know the Pillsbury Doughboy is pop and I'll even say don't personally know you say. Said crescent mechanic president ultimately. Obey the Pillsbury dough why that's a good analogy. By the way anxiety inducing of your return to open one without like is this gonna pop in at least partly down to delve into the kind of lie down until like trying to and a bikini grinding that. Only is this pop that we just talk about and those kind of diverting but how women are like do I Wear a little bikini right. But now that I'm a mother and and you know guarantee that my children are grappling at everyday the idea. Like blue nowhere along. Sleeves rooster and some trunks and a bend over at all you know and that is so let's go back. I don't know any men that are sent about wearing a long sleeved so injured Brian I know one. I don't abilities excited to have a full umbrella above me. Code that my body with SPF albino. That's the phrase als and we like Ryan and he uses SPF albino. No listen I agree all these things let's get back to the point. Radio the Odierno and I by Tzipi or talk about hated disciplinary grad I'm guessing you're like you've dealt with that Israel like you know what that's painful to do that but then. To get to the place where like I got this pass in December. I got on the scale Saul a number of the second number they did not need to be seen in my life was post holiday feasting he was yellow. Housing downturn of foreign this year we got turn over some new least makes changes and that outages apprentice but saying they count my calories brought back down down eight pounds they're pretty para. I'd love you over there project got nauseated. Lisa what would you say to her she's there she's listen and get ready for church or sports or something. She just doesn't know I don't know that I have what it takes to choose to paint a distant. You do and you can and here's my strategy summoned just evidence it's a book about it ain't. It's 54321. Go so when my alarm goes off and the more I mean that's what goes off in my head I've or 321 go and I get up. And is it. No over thinking it that's how I went live on FaceBook this week and cried everybody. All these decisions are 54321. Goat is doing it don't over think it. And I boom. Dropped two of them agree Kyra back a radio theology.