Difference Between Men & Women

Tuesday, November 14th


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OK so your five random ways men and women are different number one our heart rates are different okay men average seventy beats a minute to women average about eighty. Women also have smaller arteries which might be wider less likely to survive heart attacks. Lung blood clots are more likely to block an entire blood vessel. So so sorry aren't everything about our bodies is terrible and now we're gonna die from heart acts of anger and a guy out women have a better sense of smell. Men have about nine million cells. In the area what of the brain controls or sense of smell women have about sixteen million the only percent more but then we have to signal that smells more and yet our police now those cookies that's true flowers and if a woman never tells these mound that he means that she would delta visitors thousand dollars. Okay at a man literally have it's thicker skin than mine and copper. It varies dead in a depending on what the body you're talking about that on the palms of your hands men's game is about four millimeters thicker than the women's. Nickel and lead easier act. And counterattacks. Yes south. He had says science cut in plead everywhere deep ocean on today that he did and added two weapons and on my face. No space slash a discount like caffeine in as some kind of I don't wakes up your faith. That things central Jurgen is cherry flavored by Jack or you're against cherry periods my dad used always have a I was a kid. In the bathroom sound night. Now I get it so bad it's not dirty god you guys this violent with those weird. Their. Problem. More so is that the name Jurgen in Canada and a long lasting lesson and paper does feel nice so nice I don't buy it because I mean I can't do it. Because my brain only does I guess it goes to Hamels men have bargains on most men acted yes I mean. Eleven blink more. Men on the average you have blink about eleven times a minute. Women averaged nineteen. Partly because because the extra testosterone helps helps guys maintain. And oily layer on their eyes close our eyes are dry air. Hong and a time and then the men digest meals 20% faster than mine of course they are hot partly because that women have smaller sonics. So they have less stomach acid to bring down the food great also it's also why men generally have more bowel movements. That is the exact. Well I feel great about being on well you know there's good and bad there and enjoying knowledge in my game and yeah.