Dave Calabro

Thursday, May 24th


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They collaborate on the voice of the Indianapolis motor sweet speedway is a new what does it is a top got to eat the original guided did that. Track rent and was the old guy who was yelling into the Mike that he passed away and I was like Dave got a chance to do it is like out I'd love to do it now. I'd die to do it no not die too soon will die doing it probably yeah Alex does such a good job and his passion for this. Race is. Impeccable I mean there's no one else that would data that would be right I don't think. Focus or write to get him on the phone while we're doing that I was gonna give us a bunch of nonsense stuff here. Like you honey okay lying yes yeah that is just 23 years all appreciate the Oakland a's Oakland yes well tab outlining OK and she used to be a member of the teen group. Pop life. Okay. And Ashley Adams state and a nude aka Jesus Singapore right now she can't right now on the twitters. Very well Dave Cole. And like submarine are on the anti Dave but I remark I can't. Killings. Is he Wednesday it yeah. Strictly and so. It's. Please rise for the link brings. Not news Alex Jones Jim did you yeah Shanghai and. We. It's ugly being no. Game. I have given to time to put the whole thing at. All. Barrier dads. Some student. Missing in this Zahn now. Are due in court you'll learn from Chicago black radical got a little border secret you act yes he does a great job. Under this program very hard hit pure rhetoric we hear about my guys credit cards are being that we have him tapping our livers yes a card isn't like a lot of thoughts on for ST so we got there at. Broadcast live from turn three with Alba. The drugs in me that we fitted Orleans carbonated. Carbonated. And and so we'll do that show and we do this thing called the and he 500 at noon you might want announced that and you do announcements on Friday yet. Please meet that this Miley Turkey leg stands for the ID 500 me. And we have people that get down to their underwear and his run with us through around the track you are invited us here has yet. Early I'm. A live report witnessed I don't know why they I notice board committee asked will make it happen yeah. Underwear. It just narrow. Yet Johnston there are yes yes I would close the that it needs these socio. David McCain only out there and Sallyann who is that yeah and that's reporter David. Elder. Man who later this he's the guy that your visit of the guys that we like the beard guy Tim. Names and a clause now is that the beard guy guys you guys drool over the bearcats. Guy the guy who just drew a bearded. Chin and McCutcheon and it actually slides into. It. Could be an he has a beard yes well because he was. Like just look like a twelve year old boy in any grew the beard in the blossom into hunky man in the are you ready so we should call me telling tampax. Chairman. And now are gonna. Now valued come off a key at a record. Dave does so he does that you know the track record. Done that since you've been in the new voice got. No songs now we've ever that he says yeah it'll. It'll until the next couple of the U. They put together in your listeners are XX teaching the next couple years so you. Meet some Al. Yeah that was what it has been a legitimate question about that it seems like they've been going the same speed for like the last one near. Delighted and looking to step on it like twenty years ago burst on the recovery. And that's where we're now. Yeah. Public safety. Issued a horse power where. And so not to get too technical but their retreat to instant up a couple of years. Oh you'll all horse power. So it's not a minority so. Who do you think is gonna win the Indianapolis I understood it's a great field you know I yeah it is at least do it now calmer. I I think it really has ever critics to pick apart a lot of girls and a quarter ago or two wouldn't you like the Google apps are. For the past couple races we have parents are also. Yeah and we don't look at we're concerned about how much has been working out this year so hopefully those. Funeral. Now yeah how about hands cliff didn't Bob that was a big deal so did you think there's any chance is there any chance he would get done in saudis are they back are the. I think there's that the two of them. Development that just breaks Robert lately and a group that offers up this. Do you think that's there I mean you know with the with the you know as bump day you get Bob yeah. I think Don you know letting out about banner that I'm not a I'm not gonna argue where it you're you know you're not fair amount. Yeah that's our Portugal collect bases couldn't pick a particular. Burger occurred BO the lakers are on the left. Actually I love that. There. I think that any it's just likes it says it another Brit kind of sportsman. I like being late he'd leveraging all of your tools. I think that Al sport should be allowed to do steroids yeah. Tell me how awesome what again it would be amazing I had all IndyCar should have crazy nitrous engines and or devoted an actress but it has to be able to buy your way in anything and we got the money like how flood that makes this sports world like all like a whole new dynamic yeah. These are expensive now we're just weeks ago. At what time do you get there on race day morning and as there are running up and make it I mean. I mean that we that are crazy if he's that gates over his six they have so you there before just wrapped meaning getting ready. Yeah probably you to get there around it though yeah imagine you would they just have to be either 5:30 AM yeah they could bulk. Apparently Malia and it you know they're great. Still a little. All Arctic Circle ought yeah morning. About mid may and are now when. As a fan going to the race I never have to go early. And beat the crowd or go after them all the other crowd has got there. I've done it two ways Oregon really super early opinion tailgating and start you know you got to start drinking immediately but he never made it out. Oh are you go a little bit later sometimes that we're still be an ever now mounds that are. I would tell a girl literally you're gonna kickback and enjoy ebitda activities and an architectural map on lap. You know well amounted to up on that it didn't wake back up at rocket also beer. OK and I guess yet public wooded Danica Patrick smell like. Always area. He spousal areas is where he Lindsay did god you did Gary did it let me play a little bit of the interview decision yesterday right you'd drill overrun attack whether. It is a Seattle days ago OK take a listen in. Good morning countdown is on the V Indy 500 Danica Patrick starting seventh in her final race at Indianapolis so what's next for her while we jonbenet's Chevy Camaro and took a couple laps or on the track we went down memory lane. Danica is now 36 and she's telling me that she's looking forward river next chapter in line what's next for you. You know for me next is the first stop a little bit more relaxation likes a little bit more time mom. Little less pressure like a little bit more heard. You know beating that artistic side of me you them. Mom which is fun Larry lying book you know working out taking care aren't taking care of myself. That is getting married. Again one here's and is the only and a bright. Yeah well you know so yeah of course yeah Denver though we hear my lot and asks yeah yeah I Aaron on being here for the race down. How would he think about all of us they think you're very interlinked going into it yeah. Two's pretty good was he did a good job at ask our questions and you never know they're gonna answer questions and even personal life personal lifestyle out. A lot known her for gosh when you first came here I got a phone call or she's a rookie. That some hope for the sixers. Was to launch tomorrow on buck management their necks of Arabia the bulk order next year so what governor. Yeah Gupta was there much people like you know it has which are gonna start looking a group researching while Moscow country should be you know. Well I want to assure the court who were. He wait museum with price on it apparently. Twelve years old nobody could be yeah. And so to associate. You don't recruitment then and there aren't that. I also. Outer rain or from the beginning. Am yeah out of our on our. Margaret we had. Wrote the me too I mean I you know I don't I don't not a big sports person embraced I had known nothing about before I moved out here and answer is mark funded as he bit you know I haven't and I have a relationship with these people know that a little bit better as a silly questions and this report and then be able to watch them and then you can. Route carrier for dad's got a call. And if you know on the go to the you know the obviously you can find this week everything's dog and your fans now. Oh. I mean at least to not admitted that the special breed. Of 240 some odd muscles or your people out there. Trying to buy at the corner that just didn't you know. Yeah meets him I'm Manuel thank you very much a pretty he was she was on lab error I mean talented he Fallon last night to did you get a chance to see some of that interview and that dad and you could be in and thanks for your parents are lazy did so and and it just talked to help it was a great race yes it Kennedy and oh lord demand thanks so much for taking the time that state collapse. CF BI had said that Gloria is so what is your detracting eager people to talking it's him yeah chit chat with other drivers or whatever. And he makes all the announcements is this crash or whatever this stuff on not he's got it ends and I Thomas. Here's Danica on Allen last night talking about I guess. Her mom has a house here in town some might meticulous. And right now I for the rays you'll be staying in parents' house the truth that's correct my mom makes me ask coffee in the morning when I get up and she take the dogs out for me she makes me dinner when I get home. She washes my clothes like she'd love washing clothes that stuff is warm and on my bed and folded since before I can like you know at the end get to the ending your show and I and a that does that calm me down for the for the race. Ending up here the few less things to do Baghdad. And it's just nice you know in the line of back to mom and dad's other than half of you traveling with the. That's pretty well I had no idea. Their parents live in Indy that.