Dangerous Toys

Monday, June 25th


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I'm gonna get out 2018 most dangerous summer toys for kids out imported. Toys toy safety dot org okay I yeah I don't yeah I did read out. And to be saved you know. OK so here are the the the side of the most dangerous summer toys okay water balloons sling shots allaying their. And then he can cause eye injuries especially if kids use them to shoot other things like rocks. All of our always been the thing and small pieces choking hazards dangerous job and has. Is the next one knife bear and you linked up or any if there is a long time yes now OK I like the idea of letting natural selection play out of it here yeah yep. How to lawn darts on this day really exists this dangerous. Yet the kind with pointed tips have been illegal since 1988. Variety but they still make them without waded tips. So they're not sharp cutting costs. Any injuries on. Okay. I had. And that's why you have to hold up your sling shot associates Baghdad whoever. Half. Okay next one is big wheels and other low rider tricycle. Normally you're seeing. Well all winter driving against him CM does it down below. Seems to be careful about when and where you let your kids use them that's one of those little plastic pools with the flag on the topic at a good idea actually see the flag passengers and Amaral in my grunt because I'm going up the hill and taken a write in in my garage to be very carefully but if my son is going out there to the refrigerator hate or out there may be. Apparently. Your irrational people haven't in the I have a beer fridge out. Can't read well it's also has yogurt and senate leaders yogurt pretty. Bad that would be the worst that not only teaching about except this one. You you got some yeah is that one is dedicated just to beer younger. Another one RB Champaign. And a every day preclude. It says sales staff that won't. Didn't mind. I understood yet isn't our eyes fridge we I am one yesterday got a lot of people had buzz like sir how did you how did your son Dallas I was recklessly RD line guys that slain on the brilliant scary term incas and sent him between my bumper and the yogurt for an chore. Just putting stuff out there you know what if somebody drag drag. Drag something out where I'd drug drive my car and never. Can't see you know not only Ricardo all what do I do what's their answer you can't get late Bill Gates for your am. For your driveway so I think you would see the intended kids are out you put the gay. Oh paralyzed I wasted that you would know then why let those little green like pretend children has another. This atrocity attention and not text while you're driving talent drive and. Says nothing new address as blind spot this is obliged all over and it. I mean tragically one of your child should be ran over yes I mean you know I never forget and you'll remember me talking about or. One of plastic flag pole things to the. There Ara ambassador problems all added I. I was a cheaper option my grandpa used to but tennis balls up some may be yet you could just answering the tennis balls up in the ground those versed yeah. I. I'd get an Olympian Debbie downer these are dangerous things are so they are now on darts and water balloons sling shots and next is swimming pool don't get me started. When he pulls lakers Tommy. Even those. Oh yeah. Bottom of the neighbors well and art in the dryer even those little baby pools filled with a hose could be a major risk so. And you every dollar every new and hunters say the kid like it's in ground and an inch of water a day out basis again does and just. Road Easton and so we are we now learn whose daughter just I didn't yeah neighbors oh yeah I hate those and it can happen less than thirty seconds or sexy eternally for a second the big eye to batsman nightmare for me. We have ever and a and so I'm constantly worried about it because when if he decides one trying to you know get in the Aaron I'm not paying attention and a he's in the pool and I'm nineties and into garage or something and I go I'd like. I can't advance Al. But your knows how to swim and everything. Meaning seven and an opinion my kid east he does know what to do he's got the slowed east. And how is again this only thing that's keeping him alive is that little plastic clip on the back to those arm qualities that topic that. There is like to think about. And clad he'd still haven't on his arms man I guess that in your diligent intention to di tale yeah. I flagged that he's gotten. Is that humans have an involve far enough yet to be like breathe underwater to have like like an air second played around your neck you know something when you jump in the water sounds like OK maybe you can't swim but at least your head will be held up above the surface the camera quick final one here slip and slides and other so much fun but there's a real risk of head neck and spine. Marines. Yeah ginger. As rocks under this from the time I battle or Ireland down met pinging you pay Barack like on the. Mr. diving into a slip inside he did you know you'd connect what. I did the which are now off the year Tony an hour talking amount we've seen hillbilly. Slip and slides like the ones use a big blue TARP the though the throw hose on the top of the hill. I I was in Madison Indiana for the boat races races out there and I saw some guy that did that flatbed truck big portable tank of water hose running down gravity. And then a TARP but the kids were sliding down it Mosul. They call the race those rivets or whatever they are and hitting those. Hiding slice. It was awful everybody was just had cuts like at least. Only men as well let's take there rental out. Well you can't feel when you have fun at. And that's hard to tell you that's how you show your friends later how good it it's. Go Sarah wanted to comment on the yen drawn into the garage in coming around a corner up the hill Sharyl go ahead. A mere food that's a good idea partner and yeah corner that's actually very good idea idea okay. Allman and that up.