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Tuesday, June 6th


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In studio we've got a guy what did you Benson. Vincent is the crater of crickets let's give up proponents. It. Bell what company UN says the company is called aspire through group and the brand of over food products has caught our had a at Canada I can't. Is that like the scientific name for crickets are the species of cricket that we farm has had a domestic us we set the cicada that we say OK okay and that's Atlanta and a thirteen. Cantor native Americans out. Our native American I'm not what is good night to be talking a variety yards out and I never heard this is being at a common Italian ingredient. The cricket yes what so you this is so this is the first ever and he's fully automated cricket farm in the world. Correct and where resists so it's based in Austin, Texas OK and that's where all of products are the employees everything what are you seeing what do you feed crickets so it's an organic feed that consists mostly story and court you hang him from my gross that it. Is that they do I am I. Well now it may be count B or 69 a cricket how. Though I've not okay Eric Wedge elected chided so the the. Right thing by denying them did and that's the crickets are firm vertically so it's very environmentally friendly and sounds that occupying a lot of space you can start them and billions of dollars southern occupied very little is that you name. And then. It is okay yeah I don't give a rip about cricket. Be honest I don't think Hillary yeah. That's correct it it's there with that sweet sweet lamb hang from ropes or when it was and there aren't around. And you know. I thought they do somewhere they can easily won a bunch of like yeah. Now you're helicopter lands are mammals Herman anyway no manual and importantly to keep them tender and hung out. First eat bugs were you like this is the way to go out this is my future. So that the company started in 2013 I actually came on January and Haris is managing marketing and now California actually for various start ups and I found this opportunity. And slate of this would be incredible if I can say that I was one of the people that were responsible for getting people these books. How could do it do they have winners and and a broad areas. Do you have sex okay. Relations clearly now relation here with new talent at the buzzer sounds laser like. Well. They do that is that when they're doing to serving as a mating call from the mounds. Let's read and am now they're always morning because man and he sent down yeah. You got a nine year Sony always mania and I'm now. Yeah when of the jerks are time and our facility we give them optimum foods that bother him. In this facility never wondered why don't automatically pleasant facility. A reporter right Jimmy cricket isn't Nokia's betterment nice. Bat well or near where. And so so you can buy these things from you last Saturday it distorts happy yes that's were just selling online right now I'm it's 299 for our one ounce flavored crickets but if you use recurrence Miley you'll get 20% on Wu. Now as part of the promotion how can I get a piece of that money to absolute okay operating crickets again how. The we got a trap you wanna turn on any length. And crickets crickets and receive these things look like that's heart yet that Carter assistant producer pulled on it would you eat a cricket. I and yet it penalizing and Andy and released it to cut. Beer leads flavor either I don't know bless others a barbecue flavor you're IndyCar as one of the few of food groups that I I'll trade protection but he let me go to the flavors that I see some vinegar which is our most popular. For the time being yes a spicy hot which is my personal heroes of an Internet cash so are there and I am now very callous. And Texas barbecue okay do you see it and it parity still cricket do you see the bodies so their drivers that says okay shrivel up quite a bit. And Ascot and we also do you like he wing. Well of the parts that aren't as powerful so. You see embodies. Basically puck and bodies set up well. Did you tell okay. Here's a spicy hot cricket I'm passing minute since I heard smells good to put it out and sell it with a lawyer flavors on its rising back. Now this thing used to be alive there it is there's as head. Whatever oil well. In the I didn't and your blood in the head popped out and now. Take a picture this social media this might be mentally it's right at the same time gap okay go ahead I'm. I don't know my camera I don't comment you just not a hey how about. And it's it's if you think you're couple madam are the season not taking a couple and that there you Yemen well like sunflower seeds and had. That is a must not in comparison is that some questions and have we ever court I'm blue chef on staff actually seasons it's. What else you have the flower to accomplish it and stuff yes sir we have just powder has crickets which recall cricket powder and that just makes edit its argument onion no it is it is that the flower itself and such a progress cricket you know so does that gluten says non binding sir if you're making Turkey's friends and and once that. But we use that powder Q six almost coat our granola south have the granola here which doesn't have any of cricket bodies else. Code in the powdered or. They have any one yet I and Harrington that's. Let's cricket down here. You know an all night began as a flower so I mean why why are we really mean so there's so much protein might Kennedy's eat protein powder a normal people. Because this is also environmentally friendly serve I look at what protein powder traditionally consists fabric comes from cattle and which is in the bass for the environment crickets are more efficient when it comes from the amount of water that it takes to produce. The land they occupied the actual feed that you give them and they produce very little CO2 emissions. No steel analyst your audience just hippies happy pot smoking hippies from California now so we're based in taxes I was over there and liberal Texas. He's a refuge and I think that's where all the other Texans put an appearance he got deep once the capitals. If they can legally you into Mexico they would. My legs are around I can't do. Did you do it. Do you Google right now. Gallagher knows that you can't beat and he what do you need to barbecue what I've field Jack already entered into. I would not feel as well. Yeah don't look at it like it's doling out and tell him you gotta say I got to see it's on island and this is there like that chair they gonna do. They rub the legs together right at that I. Every day don't need it you know Michael Manley nice to go to the bug back and there was trying to hook up of ladies I would always also. There's a nightly wrap my knees knees together. How to make that European sense yeah that that meant Dallas morning you've got to do did you put your knees together they would put their knees apart you you know I put my hands upon my hip when you did the I. It doesn't matter how many crickets at the dirty in your life like I've never had a bite out of his you know bugging you about the then guess what. Are now please I don't know they aren't I get some in my mouth I swallow okay Tony. Here's how long have you Tony do you have what I did not I don't know for good on any. Mellon trust me did you make enough money we don't have to dig around and eat crickets were human being yeah no exactly and she. I'm rich man I don't needy isn't picking your salad or your hamburger you would go that way right yet it's only instances I'd throw this at night. At port people on the street yeah. I don't homeless man. There and that that's when things are not trying to replace at stake for an answer please don't inform you that in a Tammany. Internet I. Close it out oh. Did the labor is OK but I know I'm June of a body. The poor man up or think they always meant no other Bogut it's okay. I think well this. And I got ahead of the greater right here. I get twenty dollars he'd Coney Island day and now and I don't know you only well. If you beat them head of a current alone come on come on you sleep with your brother. It never caught. It's. Edited and we're gonna be everybody even now I think Rick it had probably worth one I would hasn't. Just does and I didn't get forty dollars. Well Tony. Yeah there Hoosier millionaire that's great like why won't the idiot just take the money they get the books you could buy for Lucas. And even. Heads under read elk. Leader anyway I am I. Yeah. I I mean the flavor was five that's it was so as to what it what a cool concept I mean right we're gonna run out of that we're gonna all the Dumars. Brought everybody that's in how they can afford it. And we'll bring your crickets witness our delicious Kirk thank you so much are good people that's tried that's been sent and what are you in town spelling your body works. The Michael ovitz or what time is just ordered an enemy on. This is morning Vince will be featured on the morning Joseph with Angela right. I love that I've written Jim all of them are gonna get them to try some crickets I'm sorry five you again if you get record of passing the lot. It should be got a you just text me if I'm eating it and we'll keep ahead of this a they again and I actually tell you a little pilot's heads off now. California. We get tons of great yeah it's okay the company again is that what is called aspire food group and the brand is a cat AK ET TA dot com attended dot com.