Crazy Cat Lady

Thursday, August 10th


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Yesterday was international cat named an option new this I didn't you know any crazy cat person yelled at besides cajun well I know right. Decorate Josh I was told me the case used to be an economist gonna show you probably number two works over the mix our sister station. But and she's yours and like you have to have a certain amount of cats there's I should always do one underneath you say do. And the crazy cat ladies you would now she knows the rules she would know the rule double it I like and I NEC said Fuller and then went and had five she was like well. And Andy did six I don't think that she's a little by. Well and she always blames it on her husband Patrick says she actually sees no one likes anyway I love cats I don't wanna have when in my house is a pee and poop on your floor Saturday got a son does that. Yeah. So my topic for today to celebrate international cat day. Is if you not crazy campers and Cullen and let us know what they're like what kind of person are they. And also hobby cater and spoil their cats Colin with your stories on numbers 31722810. With some of those cats like she would leave everywhere act to go give I know I was mechanism Alitalia is unsure where she went all out that's can't. And just taking care okay the psychic is Christine. Eleven that for the raid dealership gaffe. We actually had a pet psychic it was and so that communicated with cats. And spoke with my old cat which I threw in the white river did not ask in Iraq but that now that it happened back. Sweet sweet yeah Mia is without a friend. And but eight was the eight they communicators so present touch me answer I want out of the basement but now on out of the basement and makes sense as she didn't know that the cat lived in the basement. I mean I don't. Colin right now. If you are crazy person crazy campers and call and we were all crazy. We all have issues in the colony if you I've got a story about it is let's celebrate international captain. I go ahead. He actually. She didn't chat a C a right now I would say that he's. A Q and that it won't. She also addresses. How we need. Year round you know I laughed. The suit like that look at the land that you know we don't do that I had no. Idea when your club. Weird well it's cold out anything. We have Arnold program director. Scott sands was was here and pronto or he lives in Ohio or something and he's he has kept unleashes. That was a that was kind of weird like you can't like. I guess it right away and him. But. Et Al why did you let it outside if you don't went outside cat and my friend Rhonda she's a radius each site is a cat she loves it out. And she bought a stroller. That snow. She's I think yeah well into late sick cat or let us know a lot of cash and around the neighbor head I. Did I relived it an apartment complex where there was somebody at a ground floor apartment and they had any leash attached to a tree in the would put the academy was long enough that it can't play outside. You say don't they haven't count loved it. Is cats there are now very loyal as that'd be yeah there is this runaway. They'll act. And it does come back and the next day about it was on their and then come back the next day and I'm more human type of person like humans and cats and dogs. I'm not a cat person and I and I blame this on my mother because I had two cats we lived it in the middle of nowhere and on 86 of concrete before like ice was really there there are no houses we were in the middle of the woods. Asia and allowed him not one so we had a talent I would heed the cats which drove my mom crazy and we had two cats pirates and whiskers. And lack one today. I came home from school and I was like are higher at spears moms like me. They grant Langston like. Acting she's like the now they're not letting that yeah yeah yeah they acted out thanks I'll get it. Stick that's. I'm army human person and that's why I have two of them tied to a tree in the he shall pay whatever it is the ANC at the chance against. That is made up. Darian your honey are you crazy cat lady. Well not some deep. I and my brother my record all they look kinda help retaliate Heller held in Delaware county and they have six cats. Breed I'll. A bird is Godzilla. All of all the shots they used to be raised. In their great love Paula but not the same time you know that one you're very oldest of all the chapter nineteen year old. And expect all the hoopla it well. Now you know a beatle outside alt timing and luck that they didn't. It'll all one big gradually. Plot come out and province and so but I don't I don't want to ourself in a public is her eleven year old so. Having lived grammar Donte' green on Mike this media cat that Sarah Sarah Antonia actually when you were roommates in college. This cat ranked. We went CD Bloomington humane society yes and we got me ask you tiny little kitten we brought her home and they're petting her and she had worm is not a coming out in 08. That's it will add a Doggett had worms I did yes it was basically being kept alive by the wanted to learn the art where they're keeping your heart beat a they're like if we get rid of where they'll stop pumping her heart of these earnings on me she has a great it's painful peacemaker now. He added the head in and it's a media still alive for fourteen years twelve years ten years I don't know a lot a lot of years I go I'd Sydney. Yeah I'm not gonna be a little bit that information here. I like all how. I didn't have no one. Or at my body. I take better care of her in 1992 cents. He'd like my child until. I see well rotten to go to the group heard ANC it gourmet treat. It's ridiculous. You know I it is let me. Yeah I answered you have. I had a coworker she had. Rang out she just out for net use have dogged well and it hurt and electorate split debate. Whatever that protects and and though she has a cap room and her how to avoid been now. Go ahead and killer cap they paint and decorate and coming cancer in that room. Older cat Joseph. I'm. Somebody like eighty a lot of the note she'd like yet. You she's a aliens and Ian OC fills a whole house a gas is that what is. Man this cat yeah at a discount every few days going in the MacKenzie went there. Hoyt I'll tell it like shall be like. Well now no more you know no harm in any high. I'm gonna show us celebrate mean international cat saying. Go ahead. And then mom. I haven't. Mom. And how that's. Every night she would make a list. Everyone that cap name. Everyone had a name and they are just like. Shadow order you know they are like in Asia and I hate that she got. Nameless Ochoa. And everyone and and that should go through out every night and check out and hashish seen every cat. And then she did it in every morning anchor the world com. Sure that all of our apps working on it yeah she what they order cash by. Then. Ads may be bids to enemies and payment healthy for the cast and it. Wow. And your house at a smiling now higher end spray staffer and then like I. I can't imagine how many litter boxes you would need all. Yeah I want you would have to ask you what shall you watch orders you asked cattle is like that yeah I'm an episode where there were categories as the elderly couple. Angelina people go in there like dead cats ever earn your garbage can stuffed. At one point eight lifts up a pillow on the bed the couple was sleeping on and it was dead kitten under the L yeah. Just have a cat or two maybe three deaths and he's lion capital and let's let's say 36 Hattiesburg acts of where we are now under the guidelines for cats. Can't enthusiasts out there and yes this violent missions has no more than three number Kerry had a problem Jim point three please I want now know. All put it about an hour.