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Saturday, September 15th


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It's where I am a Christmas if you get a bad crappy holiday gift and I mean if we deem it crappy enough we'll give you something real mess from our prize clause. A guy smiley last. Okay go ahead Christina what you get. I don't care who went deep and can't answer that eat enough and everything that they're up. Eric at least material what little kitten and it got a little exit. Did now are you a cat lovers or any reason you would have gotten else. Now who got them or you as the garden. Anchor and and any I don't see it psyche and mean right now the says you're welcome some ones he's right now it is very popular. I'm an essay in and out not sucking ass that I get mean that you guys we'll have the vote and we get to have the B we have to have. We can't tie unanimously attack now and as a media unanimous that we can't time no gift from your nandan. Is ever bad attack because they're manner and they don't know what's going on aka they just know that they have to get you something in the airline. They have like a point of reference from like maybe you know thirty years ago my. I am a premium Barbie wants and sixteen. I played with a belt I did not disappoint outlet. I had a similar may each I was sixteen and I grandma got me as letter that had a little snowman on end and at eighteen with eight turtleneck. That have little snowman all over them when it was in a size girls ten PA are sending terrorism and so it was a mean ten year old stint size and yeah. Well I was sixteen and so it was Archie small for me and my brother was like. It's simple Tony put it on now try it on now and it's like stop stop and make out. I can barely get it I'll find eternal yet easy and that's who had to bring damage that your and that's why it's so slow and kidney. Aren't did did the turtle comes separately was yeah. Yeah you can add on. As it is assess it history Brit but it was a seems snowman I guess London dying you win at analytical and attack you know they did that yeah. OK I say no will says now am I missing now of online yeah senators Graham mom there. Anemic that my grandma got Meehan Nintendo game called bad dudes and I wanted. Street fighter and it didn't come through I guess what I Labatt is in for Nancy. It's got to play dead thug and added the. Think what you should hill is. Organize a am ready to jam a bar crawl inside friends Helm and he'll have. One airline and bad I had opera and and I gave me good dudes. How emotional is easy game it was like everybody is nice to each other analogy John yeah dude. There's a one a couple bad dudes come over Nana. And got a couple pastors. Neighbors so. Alicia is a collision. It can't take Alicia Guyana what do you yet. Okay. It or. You don't ball. Bag and download it at bay and I haven't. I opened up and I weren't. I know oil out Eric. Yeah why you don't like are an ugly Eric was it Joseph and the sounds like a jug gift node where I am. Well I don't want your I'm a baby at a parent and parents and yours is. Tony always talks about her mother does this like will give you use things as gifts rationale items yes so what what's got us national luggage. From congressional seat and I influenced me costly five cents. I got eight at as that of kitchen. Paintings. Of large shafts immensely in different set of and I'd I. An artist she center right and I looked. We're real large fat chefs are just a match to me okay I'm in the bathroom distant distant anchorman you know didn't lesbian occasion. A large staff meetings no. And then as she got me aid. It was a hand painted. Had to box that had someone else's name and like I let you know and it was very intimate and that someone had been a rise Els you cinnamon and. OK I say we give this lady against a later I I know we aren't around nine you say yes he's a yes yes for assays asks. Okay our senior at what would you like you when dinner at details restaurant. And that Noble's bill fifty elegant card there or you want to gets gusty New Kids On The Block the boys demand. And Paula Abdul or would you like to this note to. The consensus of support communities laughing matters event on March 11 to CAJ and had no luck. Comedy or music or food what do you want. And maybe like a lot. He's only if you take your candle and burning for the current encore. Let's photo line number I Donnie. Would you get. For Christmas. I got eighteen. Now when Bernstein in the granite mop and bring him out yeah it's not that I. Gary then was like a sweatshirt or wasn't one of those braided hair and mops. Up on it that's like what are those. Bring him go rocks hearing yourself. Mean there's tumbling husband and say thanks up Leah at you like but the and a brother on blue ridge to negative stinking hot did you do you have the thing that brings it out. Yet but yeah I'll movies and and enjoy. And visiting husbands never buy them cleaning products one year my mom got a vacuum and she cried so hard not. My lament that they've experienced to. Stop enemy I love a good vacuum. That's going on Christmas and I accidents and near vacuum for Christmas and I left and you did the call that's on economic. Yeah what you need to do. OK a mop let's get percent of let's give our prices you guys and I can't buy it I'll say yes on this one do you want tickets to see a concert you went tickets to see comedy show war. Food. Permanent cute weird ass everybody love. Did your feelings you're going to amateur videos restaurant today that they are now in doubles and you know this was to be your main gift a mop or did you get anything else. That was my main office yet and I'll I'll. It was like a double in nearly get there or something like cleaning lady behind the day. Yeah there's thanks. We're gonna get to see a low and I get to a month of early in the year of cleaning and Ambien arsenal could joke and then room. It's a with a gift to Nolan happened is it was Christmas Eve and he was like yeah those are ones closest Wal-Mart or not. And then order and then I understand practicality but they're ridiculously deep yet Taylor you go to that restaurant without him yet. I. I'm a big girl and maybe get a bottle mine maybe take the mob yeah. That it on the here and let's go to the guys you get a glass a line that's just a real nice dinner and a the scale of the line let's go to the collier nix he calls her mouth hoosiers a got to suck Christmas. I'd go ahead and Angela. Hi I die a bloody. Well now I got one of those for will once. I just stayed right here is under Tony and I really love it I. You already have I mean it's been there for a year you know that it is. Or not luckily places your body in the most optimal position in the squad got its did that deplete your bowels that's right into yourself most efficiently it which I love you whatever it. I had used it station here has seen it work big daddy. Does that I have to say that we need to loaning. Hello I've but I feel it is a feather this is I'd prefer grouping here do you. View trick quite a pile. I'd I'd I'd have to hold the needle downloadable title I they'd I think. If this got an open bowl. As I love this potty potty I think it's a great invented and it's so simple. Yeah I say that is a good yet. Yeah who you Angela. Terror. For your sister act you're locking the door and you. Right what Jack and you land are quite know. Eileen. He's really thinking about now. The united in the future. When you don't even if I ever and she knows that. Well I don't know I guess. Contact I'm gonna say I'm sorry I finally I like that gift so. This Harbaugh at Sears Antonin from Gaza for me is are you say yes do that's a nice gift it's not it's not sadly I think it aggregates a great guest great gift I'm hitting a knock against Tyler. And how it tied I think I I just it's not terrible. Aren't done is not okay so here. I don't have a sister so I would expect some people need it and ma'am you probably did I. Let's online Singh has given a shot and he tried it. Wow yeah right here on the air you have to rely on your bowels. Had taken in there and let's see now let's see where we gonna hear your experience. Well. Now let's do. I I think that actually my belt would be are partly helped by going met here I think. But Taylor is out now that I. Compelling fly a bad episode pricey meatballs. The well just Julia and keep. Those. This is an image here at tardy to doubt where it was about a donned on right now that's what I wanted to OK well unfortunately we had three said yes they like against it in. Meet two ID you you try it beautifully yet a teacher and on the air right now witness on TV that fifty dollar gift card. Not. Like car around and if you really celebrate there and if you use it in your car. I'll give you and fifty delegate. I she goes under car and it proves how well is quite high works can she has difficulty and the car. And tonight Merry Christmas to him is he's yeah he's relieving herself now let me hear it push. Ago. Others. The panel. He's done. A. Couldn't we do believe her kind of again and pretty yeah. But I don't mind. He wouldn't if you're really using this quite party when the grunting some aspect that I look at why it's suspected that don't work with him that are no it doesn't I'm saying it does work and you wouldn't have any guarantee new issues yet you're used in this body party for real right now any it was silent. You could now be you know going. It's. And okay hold the line Angela and then once I get another call on the air in those are embarrassing noises that would buy it with a squad plays just like. Yes it's like to win the bullet train she's like to see him like battling through my cheeks looks like the week after my cheeks and we feed you. I knew that group Hamas today. I hit water. I use my color when they do. What are you. Hired yeah. Then pretty and it's wintertime. Ya gotta make me a new coach red property tires. My husband. That's expensive gift it is. No I'm not good shopper they retreat at 96 dollar after rebate and cool Papa got effort to go to ease. Them. Let me out I. Now I've seen him. This is deaf friends and it is if I had to spend. If I had a husband yet dead. I wanna get you Kart tires you gold I them I would say I am now in hell now that it where bill mad at yourself. Yeah. I got me because I'm about shopping let my dog and I. Body tired by the end and then you look at it felt that that. I didn't particularly funny. She is terrible a coupon what I like call UConn recruit on my. Is that does well on. I used to play Puk on the Japanese aren't enough. We're gonna Dorgan and I say yadda yadda tennis sex lives that have to go get it. I'm gonna say ads sake guessed what he SA it's not the end that's and it's this context is lucky. It's if he he would take in your card got you need tires I had. I back. And depth at that. Our oil and yeah that would have been debt could have broke open it and that's how our our our. I don't know what what year reborn. It by 65 what kind of music did you grow up listening to. I'm right I'm Smart he would he'll listen and when your kid. Oh my god get over the George Michael Geist add on our to break it to you guys and he died I did hear. Men's restroom known as the lucky I address that true. Howl wouldn't which are favored George Michael summed solo. Faith you gotta figure based. I listen hold the line enterprise Overton is confident that yeah. I went and had about a lot different. I want is meant Paula Abdul June 18 at bankers life field house.