Wednesday, May 23rd


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Let's go to the courthouse yeah. Let's do an end goal now. What are you doing here at the courthouse. Tehran if it no no no I got in trouble for drinking and driving it well I had yeah that deal Larry DW I think he needed. I think it DW I delegate so that means driving while intoxicated in India so your is your boyfriend yes to he didn't have a DUI is what the judge say. Like he's got the electric checked like Jack snow insisted that he can do it anymore got electric chair can imagine. What do you do it here at the courthouse. Trying to trying to give my life back what happened your life. The other thing was I rode a bicycle. Somewhat someone cut me off like given the birds that you've heard me call me on the phone instead IA. Of playing the gun. So my middle finger I wasn't guns again. Ending your guide to. Squads. Came upon me with cherries and Mary's and will loops. And I and I gave may have to block it chase on my bicycle. Figure everything out on the bicycle I have I have little looms the little blue blue gap and attack yet again. They can't GAAP my middle finger is a gun. But that pen is mightier than the sword so this is the finger might have mightier than the gun accident that. What you do it does local or. That's the funny is they have ever holiday it is important that got to know him now I'm. Mean the courtroom toy and instead apple lowered. Courtrooms line now what's gone on and and I'm you ensemble movie as an Italian be real this is seller like real local radio chip deal it business the object so what kind of drugs as. Narcotics. I'll only use Vietnam. Ben Hogan they say it was it. It is. There is on Israel until it is a lot of rewards aren't going to be into Mario in certain. That's crazy idea that staff and and people wonder who wants that now I that's my Michael Jackson died on right now. But it stars. You can doubt that. Nice sounds and on TV with a cop that was cops or something and it was just around it and they had to give them that they shot him that whatever it is you know. Is this right I'm not an act. Air tight a little that watched cops in Allentown right now do you do little yours too and then. And anyway for not. You know use. Well opening. Day. Hello mom which is as you know legal name is ONL. Woody and do the rest of the loan counselors that I got to go make one thing on here so does it beat that yes. Bob where it vibrates when you're like in a place in passersby you know right now I mean now you're here. And then you gotta go wrong story home Bogle to is that is an. While listed to Linda but he did the trick you can put a little boy. Q decedent we need and make him think he's still an. What went on Luke would grant the old bank where all banned them and the best signal out. Wrap it up and then go to every one. Currently Pakistan on anybody out there listing that needs it now how. Close. Pop right out. You just can't boil it. Share that he's not only help. If you had a lot of ground.