Cost Is Correct - State Fair Items

Wednesday, July 18th


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We got some Indiana state fair tickets to giveaway honor none. He show you guys ready for classes for the. To drag us. A similar them. They are let me. I want to ask. There the next contestant on cost is correct our data from scary as semi fun facts about yourself and sudden interest in I go forward. We got lonely yeah. A Major League guy and what you what you T name how about that are in name does seem split. He splits ever restart. But that do you have a wrist guard. Writ card resign or I did you wearing your restart. His second pro you don't need that it's like Helmut AdAware that crap. Elsewhere. Oh is that we know Lennon's. I can't I'm down now. Success and play. Easier Stephanie out there. The next contestant smiling when he showed up is correct and Stephanie. I'm. Only a little bit about yourself. Around. I. Can't. Hit but I. It. And sue us and. I. Oh that's still wouldn't do that went right alligator and no matter what their. You know. Oh nice okay now when you Bluetooth and found or anything like that. Our speakers on a nine. There weren't as a flip and went down. Now. Okay we're gonna play tosses correct word to describe items to you you'll bid on those items start and Adam urged that yoga second. And they get the closest to the actual price of these state care items. Without going over remembered don't go over in Al wins now and you can play the game a little bit you know you can always been a dollar if you felt like the other person went over yes I already know that networks escort him back adds Kostis corrected rules item was fifty dollars and he's not like it was around fifty dollars and they set a 150. You might say one dollar write and then you're in no way you'd be close. I am going over OK art and has again does it'll confusing. All right we have water Wadi here well it okay it's anti need to. Iraq debt. Yeah. Doug Hague described the first item to a server is valuable for Lil. And it balloons just now exactly exposition hall that's over so fast soared to a war no building bald Eagles at clubs when you're gonna pictured in the audience here not. It's emotionally wool blitzer acrylic polyester. Just the right combination of deportation fabrics into the obese adult already sweating their balls the statement yeah. It's like a patriotic hot tar for your top. After slugging your joke around blacktop and over ninety degree heat villager bloated belly on deep ride those visible eat. Eagles letter is the perfect way that ended all the this time it's the oversize sort of war that no building bald Eagles it up. Sweater that's crazy and these are real items in your mind at the stage here. Think there are okay all right wall. Part acrylic 100% majestic. Bald eagle zipped up. What are we gonna bid on Adam. Longo 49 now putting. And Stephanie what he bedding. 999 the actual price is 45. Dollars. And me like Adam Perry as Stephanie got that well. Yeah you should see this picture it's. It's an eight as only a grandparent and there but but in the winner earning now yes a tough tough sell during the state fair I think. Let's find another item up for bit here. That backs outlook probably and problem jewelry key shots in the air grant vol looks missed and let this get pendant. BC KET. Dated ones be sued either probably. But they're buying this last may honesty don't care about those battling now. Meg per 100%. Garbage metals painted gold and you did it all Portland rookie but how about this ten necklace instead of that'll actually Belvedere prison to neck and her years in blurry. Happening but it's been that many years since you've seen the pre world it'll do your players. Beds get there but Natalie my instances it's a lit miss hit this Bill Clinton apparently go or you're Stephanie your bed. Were any out twenty dollars and how you Adam. Old joke. When he wanted. And you look over bed and yes let's try again a necessity. Okay I'm in and day. 1999 and have you Adams. Nine dollars nine dollars. Of now we both of her bid. And a fifth and remember it's immense well Limp Bizkit necklace theft not real well painted cult. I with Doug and Stephanie. I'd say it to sixty. And have a U out of you could be wrong and it. And at and gets the Allen back. In 97. Actual. Retail price. For that beautiful. And it is intended. OK I was fight another item up for many favorite dweller is Larry Scott were a lot why not play please tell us another item up for bit the next. A bit from the vendor on the north side there grounds that's a confederate flag. What grade. Wow is the perfect way to display your southern pride gay and had that C sections and a fool's gold veteran's arm dangling from their name will you tell me or did he. You don't they'd bored the be displayed but no wife beater T contingent in containers but they're topic I. You know I'm pushing a budget Sissy Yankee buttons let this confederate flag pit belly button ring threats he'll order. Yeah he's looking better. Well look through a man. And now adds added statement yeah they'll say stuff and. And you start with a bed to what he here or go. Creek it beat 360s. Best out there and and then values d'antoni. Why there is. Will is it it's six dollars so that we company anyway ends up. At that adds. So it boy is six dollars or two for ten dollars alone have been five dollars billion. Bring your other belly button hole keep it happy. And isn't and it only had one of quiet what it's a score and I want to one company has two and Adam has lined okay. Our eyes as two he would step he has one more right you win this thing that's your plan smiley morning show costs is correct. The Indiana state fair addition these are items to confront the State's hereby. Hilltop Y and honor those doubts that the champions lose who still dry Waller belt buckles. That the buckled hats and drywall are now every blue collar professionals that make this part of their beautiful. Hope mom will confuse you for a daytime prowler because they can clearly read your occupation. I don't know if today. And the carvings of drills straddles and drywall global secure here credentials for any doubt in orbit and her mom but don't pull your pants and finally. Oh yeah. It's the Turks and blog girl. Com man okay all right well let's start the bidding with Stephanie this time again Stephanie ready get a bit on this. While seven dollars and how about you Adam Levin I want. Actual retail price is 1695. And. You know my. So there were tied at two apiece yeah this is that winning 1 right here smiley morning show cost is Kuroda. They had a lot of natural resource is mother nature's where it's happened gift shop at the DNR blitz they bring that's the greatest building because air conditioner man. Incident that he had a screen go to who have no gas out down there and a bad news to the end Tibetans have been now. It's grass look blobs of the NSA technically requires you to where she is legal black Blair knows soon. He'll love the way the ground feels naturally. Flip flops with. Souls made the Astro turf so feels like you are perusing your own round Palau and pencils and technically wearing shoes that the bears so they don't kid you laugh. A billion dollar market that gift shop and its grants. Let flops wow OK then very grassy. Very thick grass on the issues there's a lot of grass where he would be step at a I let's go is that this time Adam and Adam Adam what do you have been on these these group grass slippers. It. 9799. Stephanie. Adam I'm sure you're great cars and an eagle happy. That they. And that it enjoys it was twenty dollars. I. Hey let's be admitted yeah I. We got yourself for tickets go to the Indiana state fair. That's coming up when an obvious there is that we set up was. I was happy to get letters back and. Love Arnold he had to for YouTube for Hamlet that's so sweet is that where you man. Applaud. We are seeing plane to designate Indiana state fair. And our Mary. Then I got the big top there at the state fair this. A lot of performances like 33. Performances every day so I have to check out our society at the Indiana state fair.