Cooper- Future Radio Star

Wednesday, December 6th


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Rated theology here on 995 Tzipi out there early wind which hit at least a graph Brian all work and just trying to add a little more faith hope and love to your life to our city in general. At least you found out about a story I know this week here Tzipi on Thursday were gonna have the request of OnStar swear. Hundreds of thousands of dollars or be donated by great hoosiers companies people individuals churches. To deal to help out and grand kids who wishes here on CPR kids that are terminally ill are fighting to some kind of disease. It's an amazing thing. And we kind of got into the hole kind of thought of that and you artist very decayed. He's not terminally ill but he had a dream and it kind of got squash this holiday season he thought maybe we could have a malady that tell us about Cooper's story. Yet it was awesome so that I am in LO a small groups just a group of six of us has a three problems that need every other week. Anti alive then and Jesus death and whenever and and we're all parents and so so many different cast in this or just a few weeks SO Cassie and Blake. And thank Cooper. Was told it. And some way that he was going to be tiny M. In add to Christmas Carol LAA higher production. This season. Or at least they had the strong suspicion or something along those lines very. It was his heart he was gonna be time to use add on behalf trainers as want to know what every cent drinks. And then for some reason. You know that. They chose a different needs and we'll Ebenezer Scrooge got involved that's what happened my own thing and sell out but. Brit don't sell and how does seem to have I mean it seemed everybody but to a four airline like. Yeah you just start to have dreams for your opponent and I know. Not you. But as this is all going in time he also had this great love of radio that's started out and you know instead of funny and BF. Firefighter. Police officer or whatever when he grows up he lost Libyan radio a lot of she's sharing a story like I navigate just as it went with my son and my. I think and then I thought I'm you know I'm on the radio I have accessed at the studio we bring him in and. And just make is James country's biggest ally of the so we try to trade this moment recovery you're gonna enjoy this interview is cute little voice is great in her eleven Lisa. Today we also talked it to Johnny magic yap about when he was eight and had his moment where he went this magic show and it was like. A change from a friend that was a DREAM Act and I think it's really cold Cooper. I don't have him and had an interview art and radio theology maybe this'll be a moment many years to look back and say you know it. That's where the dream started for me under gonna let this interview with Cooper. You give a very special guest today in his name is Cooper Anderson. Soup where. Not to be confused it Anderson Cooper hole that's right the news that yes the news guy so Cooper hotel idea. Full iron pets are some so weird eagerness quad. Alex can you holes that's awesome what's your teacher's name Cooper finish and still are some. That's so cool what why do you wanna be on the radio Cooper or heard you wanna be like a DJ on the radio. All eyes are. As like being any Arabs you do have you been on the radio before. Now we're OK so this is your very first time I live for how do you feel are you excited or nerve gas unless. Yeah residency act that's okay. We were terrorists are first time till and I sec and and enact and I'm very that's at at Cooper what kind of more kind of music do you listen to when you're in the car with your mom pulled to laugh oh what you've ever pandora station that area. Christmas. A smooth. I love Christmas music to do you have a favorite Christmas songs that are not hard to Clorox. That's such a good song do you like to sing along until courteous like to listen I just thank Celeste and al-Qaeda. Very calm so what they did decide to you wanna be on the radio Sunday. Walsh. Might just not. Oh that's a good place to be if you're on the radio that's awesome he Cooper what do you really really. Want for Christmas. And a half and unnerve gun. Oh that's cool tell me about it as a ships can't burn and that's who are right. Now Cooper I know you have two older sisters so here's the question and I may or may not tell Santa you're answer. But are you going to use the nerve gun to shoot the those those scenarios they're sisters is who is. Up up up up. That's a pretty wide grin you got their FFM. Radio theology back with you on now and I'm five CP IU weekly address of faith hope love and music Darren or they wind here Lisa graft fry an hour and before the break there are we were. Talking to Cooper. Anderson bright as a four year old kid trying to grant is a wish he he's dreaming about being who wants to be on radio. He is supposed to be tiny cam. And this is hope Scott dashed. And Macy's and you know what I can make this kid's dream come true if brought Cooper an interview him and I love you don't listen this interview. He talks about that we didn't know this but Jesus now it is he resides heaven evidently does reside in Florida and and evidently Cooper. Big band of real test match. Added that I'm gonna. You're gonna enjoy the rest this interview. Do you have any Christmas. Traditions or anything that you do with your family on Christmas that you guys like to do. Can we do it's Christmas all OK and that's cool and he put out carrots for Santa's reindeer this this. TD cookies and not for Santa to. Warrants hearing call wouldn't seem to have bring you last year for Christmas can't burn chance you're pretty and it's. Home we learned so cool. Who's your favorite superhero Cooper. You're playing chair of the green lantern what does he do you know floor and he walls and praying at all who okay got a green ring that's pretty rad yeah. I don't have a green during puberty is your best friend in the world I can't do and Kim and what are you guys like to do together playing. Play what I. She page analysis I've that you're the green lantern right isn't that at school. Cooper where do you guys go to church walls she and it's gonna grace church you go to their Christmas Eve service Lawrence now. What do you think about Jesus Cooper had a goal and yet and you like him. Lance is pretty awesome guy is a main thesis what do you like most about them shall shall come next July 8 that's right he came then that's like a superhero thing you do is Annette that's so craw weirdest Jesus left. A day and then Nancy anywhere outs and. Yes lion dance yeah. I love that you know I so cool to see an Israeli or Santa never got my Jesus I dug a reduced but Jesus is really Smart is innings and he goes to be where the beaches. I get that. Do you have a favorite story from the Bible Cooper. And which one is that X and is. They're all taste and then we like the old testament I don't give a special story from there that you really like the most loss what is it. And is at a. And role as a lot of really good ones from the old testament there is Noah's Ark there is stealing a lie if. I like all the local yeah that's a cool wonder night idea like Dino and the lions then. Yeah size and I my favorite stories what you like to do it Sunday school Cooper. Pulled Paul's contract send calls. Oh OKC don't have to go to school but you go to school at church right for a little bit and then I'll that's cool all the grace kids are eight what's your favorite food in the world to perk. Are enacting its lease net US does it have to come out of the blue box. Or does not me just make it free union don't even know where the consent of the below blacks gas. Yeah that this Italy and aren't officially sponsored by Kraft right and that's at at at at right is there anything else that you wanted to share today and their radio I'm. This is just accent or is still out. They're both seven overall if that's awesome are the twins. Loss oh that's so all the wrath Cooper what would you say the entire city of Indianapolis. Others. He's lost homes and it'll that's our our own that's right here is that Sokol Cooper we've had so much fun having you on radio theology but thanks for coming on.