Conor Daly - Part 2

Wednesday, May 16th


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Conor Daly sent here dale Coyne racing. And Tom burns race yeah that's that's a nice company and a team effort air team USA or US airports yes that's exciting air force that's pretty cool. There's always been sponsored the snows a new deal for us and they put Mina thunderbird Essex. Last week that somehow I was gone pretty amazing as I am an amazing respect for those incredibly human beings amana. Yet there and everyone's in these tight uniforms and one's got muscles that he had a girl PlayStation and panties at that America and as Al our IDs are some serious heat for human beings. Aren't good I isn't yesterday got a chance to go right in an Indy car okay for you yeah. Put you in the car and eEye guys that zero amazing but one of the things I it's and when I got that was I was at the still fast it's like push your guy up against yeah and someone said the only time they'll forget faster is in a jet like that pretty much did you feel like a huge difference between the two. Yeah I go and our maxim G load last year it's in races like six point TG hoosiers which is a lot and it's like six times your body and that and then in his jet we'd we were doing like at nine G turn which. Hot and like it's just for them every turn is like. Sustained three to fight chi which is which is a lot in earnings news it was an incredible. I'd bodies crunching experience I don't have the clients of the blockade is your head. I'll start out like. And I learn a GC two under a dollar million lottery agents yeah suit to you elect pumps up. So when you start pulling he's at it inflates and so I don't allow blood rush to your legs and then we don't pass Al yes he'll pass. I did was that plane and yeah. Common is the you'll remember that did you vomit all over the place psychiatrists. But I they toll when we flipped around like it and I hope so your blood again yeah. When I ask you yeah. And. And that breathe breathe breathe in that area and then Kelly has had a baby blue moon and that's what came out. Yeah I think it was easy for. Was Wendy's. Get Conor Daly hanging out with us in studio how many people are in the had registered to race the Indy 500 so this year I'm more this year right yes it is users 35 so all things very importance we -- were back to having a you know proper bump day down there teeple not bring gas of people who'll make it so let me yes I'm now wants. On Phoenix and now on us. You mean it's a really really competitive feel it's going to be really really surprising. I think you know we get down to you know who actually makes a dozen may because I think that there's ever one is very talented and found album you know we'll just have to see getting it's going to be a lot of its probably can be locked sadly a lot of it's going to be you know who gets CO at the right time focused on the wrong time a setter or. If our terrific forecast stands out could just be arraigned today you know we could get my dad didn't make the race one time because of rain. You know I mean sorry he had speed to do that but he didn't its finish Iran and then. That's a call finds oversell what can happen any different way so it's going to be wild weekend. And remember there was a fuel thing at the IndyCar Grand Prix ranked like yeah big fuel mileage yes and remember how we learn the clutch and coast yeah. We'll party yeah it is a little bit area about the dad be Alexandra Alex generosity nightingale who will power wins lot of stuff solution is I. It didn't pick. How did hear closure times yesterday air what does it rank I guess I don't. We literally we had of him Russert and yeah yeah we do we spend the entire day. We're just trying to get the car outdated data and we it we have to like your holiday itself was broken and guess in the literally did that aren't our guys. Who else sort of now is is it just takes so long that way when you're of one half century and you we were using in the road course car that Zach claimant to mellow race. On at the rom pretty soon as soon is that race and we added strip it of everything. Completely put a new you know new delivery on it and I and Powell are oval pieces for the cars are. It just you know we're slightly short and and I think in an erosion still a lot of work so we got out like right at the end of the day so at least he got out to make sure this thing runs which it does. So today will be our our relief. That the start to practice just so much technology with those things yes fascinating like you don't I'd I'd vote you know it's easy to cause you don't really now it's yeah and that's like one thing that immediately sort of like kept us from running yesterday it was like. This war yet always the pit lane as and one thing doesn't agree Ike well her place that electoral blocs of sun's out. Got to go back on light. That's like on an airplane is and Sony and relate to resume if you get a very solid asset is like we're not gone anywhere right now.