Conor Daly - Part 1

Wednesday, May 16th


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Race month smiley morning show once GPL 199500. And yeah pumping and pumping in time the green light flashes of the flags go up. And burning that your and pulled it. Zoe grace I'm semi we've got preakness be Indy 500 snake bit. May yet. And get your racing is again and of course it went up to drown yourself and I guess the at this naked this year would cooers my. I series of good man. And personally Conor Daly will be racing car so he won't be feeling this energy out. Well and in a great. Graham. We get those free tickets can win a couple minutes your visual radio station. Listening it. Before dale Coyne racing. I'm burns racing number seventy. I am friends get to see you I don't have my concern and thing. Since I introduced you and all that night an intern at the phenomenon that I'll get that went on to stay where you are area I turned me on and there are just data field below to see you. It seems to you former roommates Jane since cliff I am. Alexander Rossi and all of the same brought to you by September assets or I remembers are going to honor some night armament. Hi annual woman ice I Natalie count me s.'s track and that you follow me all through September. Even though you've done an amazing race now yet. I love the Amazing Race but I also love said Tenet as they it's an exciting but yeah. Your thumb on Twitter at Conor Daly 22. Policy is finished 33 the Grand Prix. Is that the last. I'd play I was just reading that I don't know why they put that on there yeah I'd biting even race analysis that I I would have loved to finished an eight ounce at least amendments have been recent. Not only did are. Now I'm. Ever but it is my first race of the year. Anyway says SS signs as thank you for NASCAR Atlantic you know I think that's for the most part here to have a great time. That's what's been going on here I mean that you get now ready for the race I heard you got to ask another racer doing the union Indy 500 you're doing another one. Yeah NASCAR action yeah I had cool announcement there the other day. Where I gonna do my first ever NASCAR is said and done that before I've never done different cars are right it's everything's new it's really fun. I mean I mean I don't know net Danica is back here for the Indy 500 yeah is it easy to flip flop around she's in the Danny can go Lauren called us on the daily double. Considering I'm being a NASCAR race in IndyCar race in the same year incident she saw. Yeah prince and the driving. I am. I mean to be honest I don't know. And ammonia but I got lots of crazier gonna drive a button in a NASCAR racing never driven in regard you know Hillary Clinton's power steering right yeah physically yes but it it'll be it'll be different you know I I respect all of those guys have been doing very different than what we do but. But I am excited to be very steep learning curve but down mentally finding a meeting enjoyable experience Jesus some great racing and and yes I asked Arnie challenge listen in the people who are driving all had to have diabetes rate is that right here. You're sponsors the guy beat a scar my eighteen him and his team diabetes not an elderly diabetes special Meehan. Mean Ryan read those are living with him when diabetes has very exciting you really hated here of the proponents of diabetes. Governments on behalf of diabetes and were race in ways of raising awareness and help spread the word for these you know for people that you know struggling with the same things we are in the united commences on the other hand you know you haven't Jack's done it sponsor on the IndyCar. Kind of against the on the IndyCar there was one social close out there and I and it's why can't our lives. And you know what yeah. What happens of villagers up lower mean mentally ill kids. I definitely now Alexander Osce said that he can can't understand why you eat sour Skittles virus. There. This happens Manhattan's than that that's right and getting just like let myself pass out I'm gonna have something that's and that's. What we we try to bring out on the show you know which is not the NASCAR is like the big begat big personalities you know about a maybe they're angry may be there happy need to find their Family Guy whatever it is. But it seems like IndyCar drivers is so protected. With mark marketing and stuff they wanted to you know have a live your life and and now let expose yourself to accept it. Looks. You expose yourself a little more expose yourself a little bit more money what would this have been if like back in the day AJ Foyt had a sex video. And and yeah. The credit it and aren't lewd yeah. Essar today. Well maybe not necessarily act quite yet but I can I totally agree like there's that. People have a lot more fun with with professional sports humans that are like way eat more out there and just having a good time of life and being a man the people are just you know do whatever. You know you want to do because like. You have this professional job and your dedicating your entire life to that but you know what also when you hasn't downtime one let's enjoy life go to. You daddy no drugs and again now not. As though we're still professionals yes. Nationals in emanate I think Alexander and discuss philosophy yeah yeah. And I and philanthropy yeah.