Comedy Magician Justin Willman

Thursday, January 11th


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In studio is a comedian magician an actor is name is Justin Wilson. In the studio. Any here can be back till now been a while and has let New Year's fatal lesson here here we are playing Europe parity drug history of you and your wife. Nice which I had to go back and watch it again this so firing expand oil and we were also drinking so we were watching the drug history while during studio while drinking we are not in this studio our men and I'll leave. I want my career best alcohol free. It's a rare alcohol everyday world taking it a mosaic stadium and the nice thing I am I have been an easy seem very human yeah. Unanimous opinion that. It's good to have you back that's awesome and now he will be at crackers comedy club right they're down near Mass Avenue where Mass Avenue meets Delaware and right across from the the tower the region's tower again did Arnold look four dollars or about right that's just aren't that bright idea goes there and spend four dollars apart there isn't trying to find a part amass and party your ass off doce adjusted the judge yeah and assistant. Adjusted and there'd crackers and go party your ass off the new. And do it this sounds like an evening movement inside and now you are also a magician yet so. About that at the that's pretty wild beasts and incredulous I got hooked on the I mean it's tough to do magic on radio but I've seen some new stuff on line it's amazing magical line is way better than Madge yeah I'm. You talk about magic on their yeah it's gonna do was snap. But yeah I mean I mean and I I cut the III. Started as a magician OK and if all you do his magic sometimes people you know it's not the most humble. You know magic held by hang with me and indeed. That you can't you know I think the comedy is is a nice company and its people who makes the argument. More I added that I let her yeah yeah. He's mean yeah yeah yeah. Yeah exactly are you still married that girl I'm still man okay you happiness that cannot and I. And I drug history and the wedding. Yeah. But they'll have left her few Warner would you still keep the episode on your website is like a real peace 'cause it's so good hand. I may not keep it on the web CeBIT it keep it on the YouTube and are you espouses to be endless yeah they pay you the production value intellectual. Viral. You marry me we meet in an equally cute and funny way and yeah a video global Perry's mother shouted out. Did you know now besides this year though how would most people know you. Yeah well I got it I or he's just got yet yards and and I do you spots on the island show do magic here in the air and stream of psychologists are. Tripped on the Ellen show yes cheating there. Yeah and then I'm keeping should be totally under and back and now and I Ty Tryon did. Did you hurt Al practiced less. And that I just finished filming my own Netflix here well. An exciting here on this for about nine months has called magic for humans. I can't come out in the summer and it's like six half hour episodes. Hockey series dial in the natural using magic to kind of figure out what makes humans humans upload your ilk are unaccountable. Do you learn now and angry is in the pudding. That now. I'm that you're amazed that thing you learn why isn't he made a I'd imagine entertainment magic. You like and I and the URL rim and check it out. By the you know isn't to be like magic for Don. And yeah I deal. Mad I'd be open to at a higher season. You were in magicians are rarely human so this is a chance alike yeah. Look in the Maryland of that so yeah I mean you know now I only got on I Harry asks a question my sixth birthday and they're like shot. Grass and hurt anybody but like my ability Netflix now would like you get a sees it in their like if it goes well you know I c.s that are India and they can they don't do pilots at me yeah all right now they throw it out there. And they also don't tell you how like the big guard their algorithm and their ratings so that you'll only they know how popular half the show. And yet it's if people watch it in the numbers all work out a big mountain yeah so then they can they want to it was a rigorous super popular suddenly they don't get a lot of money from him I mean it doesn't seem fair bears some like it might be doing okay but do you do you could see if you're doing well you're like how loud. People following dancing and now you have reporters and gas gauge the metrics that's kind of jerks via Netflix do you know information Aziz ansari yeah it did. Or rent a cash and kind but this latest season he has an arc where he's the host a cupcake wars and when I saw that I was like clash of the cupcakes and yeah yeah yeah. And it's vary the like there is similar to mine project to host tonight getting you about it. Partly yeah I mean he he knew about kind of he he's afraid of France he's under if he shows he loves magic and steps up its and they are about like. Just the fact that I ended up hosting the show that. Really had nothing to do with my like life passion. And you're like I I'm happy to host the show but also like. I don't wanna be known as the this host of the cup and he really master that like. You know the golden handcuffs of new network and and then won a golden glove and I. Generally yeah. Thank you wanted to yeah but he does he added he simplify intentions via ads and I felt like it told my senate history. I am your own Netflix here yes exactly Herndon maybe I'll do like Aziz ansari I should I a story line we're you know and I'm hesitant to may be. Take a fantastic acting role. The Golden Globe. I do anyway. I text and to make trees and came here. And then afterwards you don't think you when you win an on ice whatever you know I. Forget Justin Willman in studio he's going to be crackers comic club downtown right the year where I'd Delaware meets master mass needs Delaware or whatever. After my. Creditors you're out it's not going to see a show at comedy show that you just do one every year this. Unwind hello that no it's not an easy one match action this is that this weekend. At least he's come to see if you're one and to make our needs disappeared I have and I tell you that themselves eventually yeah. Yeah I yeah. Good show on comedy like people can Alec a bad night you know a bad rumor whatever but in the world of like when magic isn't all. Humor had nights were like you've just messed up a trick on stage where. You dislike luckily I hook things I've had things go wrong rarely and it's it is it's not fun for the audience is the joke bombs you know it's like. The ones discount and we we get it move on to the next need to and the Japanese has backed but like if you do mess of a trick in. Guiding think c.s and other kind of like it's like here you know Spaniards wireless Hossa yeah. So vulnerable and everyone just like but nobody wants to see a trick Massa and I want to war. Yeah on a way it's like up ruining. Man earning the Tooth Fairy yeah is not a good thing I guess is that how do you you know knock on wood yeah yeah exactly and I'm always rooting for people to begin like this he show you like I wanna be entertain am what I would get. We were we were the second act at the Fort Wayne in processed and we a magician opened for us in his last like finale trick like. If Bob likes you everything went wrong it was like is this your car kinda trick. And it was like all exposed and he fumbled the car to drop the drop out. It was like the end I like all the guys are. You pragmatic guy the guy like comes with a head generally and you were gray like you have sorry Bentley and he was just totally display that's all it blocking and it we're talking about openers or whatever have like which one do you want do you want the one that's not great so you save the show already on the ramps it up and at that time we were wishing. Patrick had gone right. Like everyone just lie and cheat your card could. I'm good business. Hey that's crying back yeah. You do magic sent tonight what will it be is it card stuff visit abundant and things though nothing like cliche again when you think the magician and a hard didn't pull a rabbit and a you know I don't look like a look and I'm over Jonas brother yeah. Alana Stewart Jonas Brothers. Actually gets him pretty well adjust medical. And Seattle work they're doing houses injures he's yeah he's getting pudge got. But yes of the show it's it's kind of like a hybrid of a magic comedy show but I'll I'll do. You know like it's I go to Wal-Mart and that's regular my props so it's just like cut. A solo cups and Coke can't act act I feel bad as anything we're actually make two dudes invisible onstage I. Kind of like a layered social experiment where the whole audiences becomes the magicians and the one audience member becomes this dude on stage you. Really truly believes that he's like vanished yeah there really. The guy's been drinking it's really events on the list of people watching experiment you have and then you think that then that the joke is out and then in the lobby people are still like you do what you gown that was. For months and months they've they've ruined men's lives. And I'll be doing that and now we may yet regret. So you started a magician and now you're comedian and I here in Los Angeles to New York reforms and Indianapolis. Motor Indianapolis ballot do you live in LA and I mean what an amazing story it means that not a lot that's kind of a cool things when I was twelve I was like I wanna be magician and I wanted to do you that Houdini like David Copperfield type thing and we had you looked at the Harry blacks in junior into town. When I was a kid and I remember him now he looks like a magician. Gave an answer to fighting and hair down and let loose on her but I was gathering and probably still do and demonstrations today that gotten it weren legacies and it's yeah. Is like the ultimate goal for a lot of people who did act on us for a lot of be behind. I don't I can't handle bag I down. And somebody top Iranian handling panel here together and say you know millions of dollars yeah better yeah yeah. It's out may hold out till the bad deal Matthews doesn't know it doesn't then I'll just give him. Become an Indy then give a big winner. Yeah. I don't know I just thought it would just throw that out there that he was thinking about it before I. Yeah literally throw this out a little bit like he didn't miss Matt the logic and I usually early on an average is not the man. I'm gonna say. You have a magic. Don't and on the opposite its name. Miners in match and well and with that back. See Justin Wellman at crackers comically absurd turn nine in a downtown and so did don't go to the north side there's no broad ripple. Comedy club anymore yeah. At what happened to happen and holiday. Regularly on the ice and it was fun guys Disney because I was aghast I was standing at cot at the Epcot Center right from a China yet tonight we not only is it an insult to push notification come through from TH Arab League. Oh yeah where were you when you found out passes I know what's coming up that place was around for a long time yeah undoing there's a national hunting and but I will tell you this new club is this though that are so much. Yeah it really checking out thank you very much mission to trash the place yet just today yet.