College Choice December 2016.MP3

Saturday, September 15th


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It's Tony and already started my Christmas shopping. So much easier on myself this year I fiance has marrying nieces nephews and read tying ninth different toys that they may or may not like. I'm contributing to all of their college choice by 29 counts. What is a better gift than a bright future and asking all of my relatives did the same thing from I sent. As many hoosiers to contribute to college choice account can claim the credit on their contribution. Max 1000 dollar credit. You don't have to on the account to claim decried a pretty match I get they get. And I went in rich and not get those tax credits for 2016. You have to do it before December 31 so to get on it. I know we all feel like many is tied around the holidays that think about it he did you hit one last point input that many in college choice by 29 count. Keep borrowing less for college and starting your livestock with less debt. Joseph your kids by example when it means to save for the feature it started now at college choice direct dot com that's college choice direct dot com.