Cheese Sculptor

Wednesday, August 8th


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Good morning yeah. And. So yeah it's okay. Anything here on the parent. Mayor Willie is laying there on the night there Ali yeah there is no. We decided to be found there in the state fair around we'll have the people who win awards like it and eating contests or interesting guests from the states here hoosiers that have done something right. So there is a lady and I was talking about this other than I was like well and Tony's I think I know our you know our personal. After. It's that she's lady from the state fair rights to what she does this every year. She does issue makes a sculpture out of cheese and just like. She I was out at a remote at like I error or something and she had made. One for Indy 500 to it was like this I mean remote present and have a life and I'm I'm not a guy out and got an. Here she made light an Indy 500 car and like the checkered flag behind Canada cheap. It's an English and his interest in it OK let's. Let's get on a phony it is she's lady Sarah there. I'm near pay Alam how are you she's lady. At a greater. I grew up in Iowa. Angered not. That dynamic and get back now I angered and they're ready to earn a degree they are. He's is that you angered. So when is the real deal and when will we know what you. I'm trying to get your haven't figured out the case and out go here and we don't know what it is my country or bear. Does anybody else. You know yeah you know what it is about it. American higher rated credit who thought. You've eagle and why are so I was OK I I thought maybe no one knows what defeat the sculpture is finals still share V. Are well gearing grade theory. Movement. In the pre. Eight promising it's in lake. Mark and learn and it's not. The Eric at it and Ehrlich anywhere. And they found out the news that are out there and burn it if I. Yeah I. Now add this group and for op at the burn is indeed it dated sees. No well yeah it is dairy back wild is it seen it because it's raised us. Now because after that Dahmer at the camp at bat on the lot in you know. Yes I. Now what kind of cheese do you use to sculpture. INS. It's exciting important ground black reporter on each point and I am black I can't tell this whole picture. It'd yellow chatter and I have been a lot of legs either. Where you can picture. That are important ground lot. Aren't quite a tribute at any period since and it paid big. Yet is not among their from the world of cheese there at how everything big cheese and we can you compare it airy and Crockett that he had. Come in haven't skated with the court let. Me iPad at which you can wired with a black from the basic end to the stage to. May. Not shredded up. And that again. And yet again as opposed to done Internet children. I'll look on a worldwide web yeah tired of people think you're kind of a fruit loop at a crazy one. It can't AT&T gets an easy lady you're in the past. I decide to start cutting cheese specific act. You're here I actually answer is. And Atmel then said apparently you've achieved vote could you can't okay. Her personality gets money out of this thing it is like an Iowa. And at the I was easier which is running here since you know and I'm gonna actually next weekend to go there. But there they have the American and I know it's called it's not a big Darius out there. And they do a butter that culture of the like and how. Huge butter sculpture every year and has he seen that. Competition. F I have yet they have that in the iron out here that's actually that the movie but there is based on the I don't see. Here I did not know I don't and I'm not then we better. And it's better I and others. Indiana tattered. Outside. The reason I checked out in the tracked coming back side. Okay jeez I describing at there are beings. In the air opened Friday Saturday and it and it it it it went they are today Abby what are your Mac. Carling. No. And it's not starving your glass is the ass and pony show. Well thank you so much and we look to Friday at at noon is that he said. An hour and court I tonight I find it and I couldn't find I'm an island. Well at sea either heights. If it. Yet the app there's obviously care apps that really that helps you can I commission you to do a eat cheese nude as me. What are your rates. We can't track about an object and then hounded you iron nearly all gonna need Ali but to block of white cheddar. Yeah OK and thank you very achieves any. States there on the Ian thank you so much take the tax Levy of deadlock today did disease even eat that cheese when it's Oliver. Out right we can't bankers act that aren't here. Lee a fireman a nice lawyer week appeared on nice and building our ears and about it's it's refrigerate and a. And wondered I have is eight a white cheddar and then yes we heard that he is his state refrigerated I mean how it how can instantly freshens in one. That by itself is in refrigerator. And secure greater when he got really cold and and then. Always. It is open space like when you go to across your credit them now to. You know gas still cold though yeah. Yeah. Good morning. And. Earlier so yeah it's. It's. Any better on the campaign there on the on the third day. So yup listen through the state fair this week and I think next week to. And a lot of some of the fund gas if you see somebody that might be intercede for our show.