Cedar Point Talk

Wednesday, June 13th


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I'm going neck camp in this weekend and I put up online app I didn't know where you're gonna ever gonna Cedar Point I. Which isn't and dusty which is Ohio one of my favorite and probably the best theme park in the midwest are deal it are you serious yes I was I was thinking we're going to have put it on line is like giving some options what should I do. We're on campus and taken into my new camper out there besides kings island is as a big that I've been to kings island and then the holiday world but I'd never been to Cedar Point Isaak can that be neat it's a lot of insights on the water and fuel is on the water. It's aid that's. It would not be able it's like you say that once the roller coaster. Yeah it means. Yeah see that's that's not an awful lot of small. Anyway I got a bunch thieves a do as do that they have a swap pass wary you know if mom and dad wanted to get on the roller coasters one can watch the kids while you get on the roller coasters and the need to go back and worked with one ticket yeah that's kinda neat that's a Disney thing is that it is he thinks that's a higher slot Bianca did that would link and solve. So anyway. I Agnes and I was like I asked people on FaceBook has and how long is the drive hers like an hour and a half or whatever medicine now it's four hours I was like okay that every cent to Sarah my wife and I say hey. I don't think it's as close as you thought this place was said we're not going to Cedar Point are going to Indiana beach. That's so here and so I put that I like OK I messed up things try your comments I'm going to Indiana beat what about that place and it is like. I sit what things tonight and try to hit what you think should I avoid Muster was a just double double place. And now and the word I'd never been there before this and ran down a little bit more than some of the other parks I guess but I don't that's a day said it's unbeatable lake Shafer is ahead on viewers. It's candy and I remember seeing in the Al commercials of the bird yeah. And and you know it's mascots were. Well most of the people said it now. The united it's a little older park but I you know I'm not life or have been going there for years and I've seen the ups and ups and downs and now we're on an upswing said one person unconscious the new owners of really try to make that place nice pop. And so but most people said go to the taco shop there's a taco shop at that so that's like the number one thing people wanted so I. Chicago job have you been of the taco shop now. Whatever the top of restaurant they went there one time I think really early in our marriage we were turning to a with on the exit do every year for anniversary here at the time. Indian beach is a very accessible places yeah tonight what Stanley is out yet affordable. Yeah and we went there one year. Speed and a let me say we went there one year. Well anyway so it is the top shop and maybe he let that slide. And that was that I put you know I everybody's been coming down on this place and I have amending at some look reported word on stale but Sarah is like don't worry we probably won't even hardly go to that we're going to camp grounds there are so restive camp I oh that's good that's where it's at. It was originally can't that any other kind of like boardwalk you know like. They developed the theme park because it was a campground for people to do in an agreement being part and it looks like an old wooden rollercoaster just tennis goes around so I was like yeah maybe you're right on Leno it's a destination for campaign and then they put a wooden roller coaster which by the way avarice and stay away from that thing. And a break here. But that is old school I grow up and I Iowa worry and eventually very old school I'd bet probably similar to that old bull wooden roller coasters object your backup. I'm sure loved kings island and the beast I have given up on writing knack kings island that wouldn't it's which one is that yes when and a relentless. Because when you are sixteen. It's no problem yeah that's what you're parity is your eye and may well I do that my next. Well in Iowa did day experience that a little bit and the but they've got a new one of these new ones that they have they're just like. There aren't of these holes. Yeah you're right field goal of steel roller. I writing yeah. Could compete and Agilent you'd heard a pin. OT Monty on the smiling when he should go ahead. Everybody I'm telling you you will these are pouring into the air okay that's cinnamon doughnuts you know. When you get on a waiting until I got harder to be an era when you were Delaware water it the most beautiful planet really you're really enjoying it you have a quiet. Anyone I went Puerto. Kids like us bank going on. There is right at black light that's why aren't when he picked out our dictate to a peninsula and bring you down. You better return it but if that speaker if you don't you gonna do concussion. Best yeah I had. Guys that do this off. Yes it's like Israel IPOs the millennium we are waiting in line we had gotten driven four hours to get there with my husband and my stepdaughter in a couple of her friends. And we're standing in line and my husband gets down on one mean like you look at what he's doing in the Tebow. Or is proposing do you know all. And say well they are doing. Are you are you praying and he's like. I think I'm about to pass out oh we aren't really once we got there he is deathly afraid oh my god says from the idea the idea of yeah writing at CI. Rollercoaster. I really love a lot I don't like anything failing to go and everybody here program but they don't have a picture bare bum out there are you would do single. Lithia Seattle writer take you or. And I'll go pat pat pat. Monte Carlo a problem. And my thumb is that that I can't ever go to Rhode cousins is an anonymous you nights ago it. This is I don't need is we re our husbands and wives that don't I don't. They sit at the press got hold our. I am I'm not a hate other things you can't do because your wife doesn't like Chinese food we're ride a roller coasters regulation this. Scary movies yeah I mean think about this we need to get rid of our spouses and single again. And I started teasing and should be with each other. All in all silent a silent what is your listeners to weed out obviously I'll get along if you're listening to our show we are meant to be we shall get married together. And start a cult and now everybody is also done this marriage thing let's Koppel and start a fight together it just like we just have one big orgy outset. This isn't an orgy Harris and Dylan being the warehouse at 100 people do I'll love roller coasters in relations. Everything will get nine.