Cat Person Day

Wednesday, April 19th


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Today is national cat lady de. And remember case genuine it notified KJ. That's I'm sure she's embracing that I'm okay I'll international. I KJ you know should us cat to get their match semantic cat lady like some and it's got a lot of cats not a case or. I hope. Now. I got a call coming in trying to go ahead Cyrix. I don't need it one when I first started dating her Shelly had about five carats. The gold fish and our Guinea pig in order book I would only what their purview mired in each month. She would violate preacher at a time. I'm Josh yeah I gotta get the pearl crude ocean would go to a little bit you know to the adoption waits and pick up. That's that war awarded what you're doing that every two weeks enough grief or cat. And you Amanda Benson took its toll like your weather. Ahead. Shot up senator. It's called last time I guess I am here did talk got a gun will bet that they condemn the house and then the cat yeah like coming out of the drywall and stuff yeah and I've seen that I've seen they did a quarter's about a cap. They have a little there was is I was getting hot and there are so we are everywhere and at one point that I had come that he was looking on the house he goes. I you sleep in this bed every night right and they see Danny goes I would also say this there was a dead smashed kitten under your pillow and it by the whatever their like you've been sleeping on my dead cats even sleep man admit that they didn't even notice it was a rotting and there. Hello there were Zagat wants one or the lady was sprained it is because the cats had been sprain that at whatever that's incentives. And it's is all over the house it's his own yeah it. Matter of I'll always wonder how are they keeping them any cats alive like hundreds of cats alive and that ranch style house turns out that they had hoarded long enough that they had filled their walls and rats. That. Bloody for the cats the ER now but we do celebrate Cammie cancer wonderful creatures so sweet and he has ever on the cap yeah no one now but what is it was name is beau and I have to escort him down off the coffee table read. It scored him down I Zaid now volley -- scored in concedes with just totally bold and it was kidnapped by the content with getting your business what he scored him and his cure whatever I have available on the door and I didn't reach the day you don't like things being highly and a just of that a battery in. That gets him a hot topic able fast it is national Ken lay we just changed name from voter patches after only asked a go ahead you're on the air. I'm might bring our short with me he isn't he kept printed in my nature critic tamper detection. Even exceed walking to work at a cat followed her or a quick outside automatically think you have to adopt them. Beating him in and biting them and a likes. Mike you've already got me. At one point he had seventeen cats so called or not. You know cat had baby I hope we'll update it about her conversation like to hear that you know like if you know without that pat and I mean nobly. Here I already told you don't legally didn't know what did they understood it needed an owner around. You know I don't like that you know Machida put on paper these conversations he. I'll either trigger a highly thought you achieve that David Utley with the robe with a bad back. Or wrote in a listen I'm a technicality I had it and the saga that big a role in it are you lodges as everyone both male and female allowed to celebrate the day if you want to view of cats. Yet I think it is national cat lady date but if you are manned you know a cat man I guess we come every lady means it may well I don't want that. Offers them do not need a man. Beyond may not only now. Oh yeah that is getting married and now what would that be like if it was a cat man day Pacman. Game. Your read here yeah. Beach lakes and now here we hear it. Yeah they're rare deals did. Here again. Stream. I'll guarantee. And down. Like any every. Up to ninety minutes I get every part of the I believe it's going to be a big uber have a I need US. Well let me yeah. I'll have the cats national cat lady can tap mandating. Ella this year the order outlawed six Sanchez Maria movement so for a April Fool's Day my life and I would. Played a prank owner Sheila Florida and so we are Delaware little bit anonymous. And would senator to have facts like every ten minutes into. She's so freaking out like it is yeah is if you don't want down replied OG replied no and congratulations. Support it's. A pretty and that's I've done that before that he bled super funny. See where it it was for Alcoa or or what. Pull it out there aren't ever I love that he Monaco the police. And frankly a lot of offers me cat fancy for life now life. I did that to my younger brother and he did not lose the orient met Josh and he did not find it funny. Whites and now. I'll go well. Elegant price of his. McAuliffe who is this guy probably easier to call the ads and they're gonna go over yeah accident that it's time. And now we had this pool of blood nobles of police department that cats with Franken he's I will get around it's there. And then we had a couple learners to handle it right and right thanks so much we appreciate Colin happy national cat lady day and can't narrow it. I want now. So now now created a home I'd want to mean serious that nine through Mendez the white river. About Iraq I and that is not an end Guillen is alive and well Ellis and Ellis and he. We speak Cantonese.