Carter Teaches Intern Worms

Friday, August 11th


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Over NN intern Andy he's here and that Clark can we bring Carter could be gunning her jump so we. Intern Andy is leaving today so we're very sad about music fans. Then a great job thank you and one of the greatest in terms of our lifetime yeah and here. Probably at greatest intern and I yeah. As part of the journey and that entered Andy's. An internship we had him kind of keep an eye on that Carter. That's not what it. SO explain his producer well what it had a we went well. He's the idea is that you know we wanted to make sure that. Carter has seen an ear in this room all by themselves that he could be telling writing anything we want to make sure that he's doing his best job to teach candy. Does any. Of things you are required to do by Carter. And let's just check the list. MM each list there are some questionable things on the utterly. Look. I don't think affirmative nine and you need Jennings I don't know what's going on here but I don't think debt. All the good things that's of dollars and me all of bad things I was at a unit trust this them duties is in a now or me do this if signed contracts to where I am a and yeah get an announcer you know compete. Now I can do. Never about stats aren't as you know beyond N radio is making sure the next generation I have radio you already know what they're doing what's gonna happen. He's got a list. A couple of things we bass and cloud and we would apply to explain yet are so mean explain it well at all that you know death has been here a long time. All of this is kind of wouldn't pass down that some responsibilities in him during wanted to in the past that now and new. Valued at our interns you know part demonstrating. And now we just we just when it tested he was doing a right India really his first. Into a trainee Camden and so this is kind of valuation I will back up everything I. I should point out that the second we brought this idea up Carter went no he's the best he's a great incident I. Thank you think that yeah he is a V Jessica entered in May be the best ever but you know Muller now so let's get definitely. It read outside of so it's the first one I didn't. Our Carter made me finish the audio that he was editing so that he could leave and go to lunch. That I was also invited you. This specifically yet we are in the studio for a lot into he was doing a lot as your read stuff and I'm like. I get a hit that text in beer. Eventually and I can have time or would you along time like you know any. You're entering into Italy look in the room when they came in and said hey you got apple then Monica. Besides in text and then write an apparent that I know are out of it next time now do you still have all of those additional outside pressures on mute daughter. Well I only have a lunch is now up to you. Let your job attachment. A big fired. While I am streaking in the jobs as it. I was hitting we we where we part ways thinks about battling mutually mutually night started waves and I you know I it is because first of a jog yet to finish. Wind got it and as our area. All right seeded excellent I was instructed. You remove my belt and shoot rounds while in public sitting in a bar yeah. At that is yeah I get that yeah. Yes well all day every time he sits down on this little area he's he pulls out. Everything people's wallet out you pools is watching to wonder what's out there right now he's at this will not it's not. It's like he's going to get TSA airport checked. He pulls everything out of his pockets. In some like you don't let me just are you using the airport I just take everything he did sit there out issues he issued up on the Boston. A woman needed and hated us but I don't know and OK okay well no money is an indictment of Carter handy now that I hear the full story like one then how. We'll take all your stuff out of your now like well you know did what all it. Well I don't like to sit on my wallet and I always what are keys in my back pocket I don't think el Al. And I am really so I'm really scrawny and my watch is just slightly too loose I was taking off is it a leg tingle round and I can O'Neal watching your back nowhere. I do Wear it interlinked and not easy as you're not wearing number three yeah. So I Carter told me that I had you spend an entire weekend. Editing Wikipedia pages to quote. Up my credibility is. Recall that ever being in that we have for home. Yeah yeah. Well you'd tell you what this thing. From peak. So there yet so we just and here's Carter our assistant producer and an intern Andy what he's learned and what he's been told to do. Through the the last three months I caught out by Carter we looked at midnight Carter is the one lucky. Where the weather gives sending crap jobs in this is like down yeah. Well yeah exactly. Again when I announced our. We never got his attention while you desperately and that I had some alone time wouldn't know we did we talked him. And we discovered is the great guy he doesn't have a Wikipedia page you would make him one. And what are the recommended steps on making wouldn't Wikipedia pages with editing already existing pages to build credibility strip so we have all these facts about being hill we're trying to put into right page. In wheat in he had it would take you count Wikipedia council's national. And at ease pain is definitely an account and I did and it was smiling points or Wikipedia page mr. to Kaiser's now on their daughter at an alumnus yeah. It's added it's my name out there. Our ballots in a weird. I was told us this with a theory early on. I was told to write down a quote. List of reasons it's okay to cheat. At Carter dedicated and somebody lands and I. They are and it just isn't the reasons that what is it again I don't have a list on the entire reason okay to cheat out like reasons are. It is not cheating if you're if you do in Munich boss to get ahead in yeah so. That's noted yeah. It's got another that would be buyers now yet now there's. Got. Let's see. It ligament. He has tried. Multiple times to convince me that Haaretz doesn't exist I don't now that's an anomaly that definitely is. Your program saying yes but people don't dislike are yelling where it's not just looking in I don't and I mean there isn't any yelling where's Kara and I got but why don't you want it to exist no I just don't think the yelling words part makes sense it's like why would you wait yelled the specific words. What what's in a word. Exactly it it would. Meaning like if you have given me so it's like you're yelling at where they're like as word or something like. Why that where and why would disease which doesn't know the meaning of words caused you to say these thing you're Angel and it's not even threats tell Dave not to say something and at 452. Saying yeah I'm gonna be it's a situation where you know it's not on the useless as AB can't help sense when out and got out yeah. We just need to buy a dvd and play it at the movie theater on the big screen just for him. Because this guy it was you didn't tell me a movie dissent I want to give me witty yet Soledad I can watch in the big screen just. Jitters this doesn't work. Yeah that has seen that movie was that is an abuse of power thing yeah to New Year's and I just like an elite you know not an easy Fraley just that. Right now that's leverage your stance against him I'd share the movies and theaters just and a dvd player in the back they're just pushes to the yes. I ordered. Works and see how do you put our industry in the side studio he would shake my head viciously lied to impress and it terrible person with mental problem now how this is not how it really. I really don't doubt that ever happened but you know doing it because he just exactly. What he said were tied and a half years. The giants sixth grade gym class I look at this was like this definitely remember if you've always got my friend John. In grab his head in like shaking it like but I did and I demonstrated yet but that's not true I'm like you would do it in an error at her when Jim was like it's cool they need to six Johnson missed out. And your friend what was the name. John is John I was I called him but the guy who should ahead do you think he actually had a disease. Yes no OK I threat is real but light. Look you can dislike you as the only upward because like Arizona. And I he had me snort a line of hazelnut coffee ice we know gates but it does yes that's right. That's I haven't has done here. Should. I take it and I just sent loud and that is do it and oil I don't I sat in on that video nice yeah yeah I don't see he may like god. It's what it's. A gross revenues of yeah I didn't he was to sell out where he he may be swallow a post it now without any water anything does that kind of contract does trade that simple trade while joking around at a bar he honestly 100%. Grabbed my Wiener. Now it's of the count that as even a lot Boris and and you know. It happened and I left for now he's. He wanted me to let him burn in my pubic hair style attack. He eventually said he was quote checking for takes it. Need to save their baton India. The responsibility to do that in the end tired but you also tell it like to begin its parent and the app has the are you sit. Now Sony WCB yelled out Carter we're gonna have the target I have an interest in mind.