Carter The Arter

Tuesday, November 14th


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College right now we wanna get voice of tickets to the check out it's called winner lights it said that. New fields. Which is their re branding in this area and outside area over there it Indian that is Indianapolis or any NM they need our museum of art. I am favorite damaged in a row where they have a lot of events and things. I had. New fields are the only encompassing named because it's outside inside alcoholic new deals. So tonight I thought I yesterday during the shall we are given way to staying in now is like trying to attack I am and that's disappear. Into neat deal yeah it's new fields and yes so on amended Tellme yet so. Art in their right well yes. It is it's the Indianapolis it's yeah it's not the name anymore okay so it's there's art museum is there's art and beautiful landscape outside. It says it light slows. So the wolf gong pox in there will welcome on the gain politically long putt is now. Not god you'll see this day in my afraid they. Interview that guy one time in San Diego worried about losing deaths at bayonet thick accent and I had to do a liner like it said like hi this is Wolfgang Puck. We love all types of beat one not one. No way did I did with it like every person on everybody on the showdown like I was I'm not yet topic. Simmons seems as though they have the cap only. Well it's up. They have a beer garden home until this year winner lights things real winner light is gonna be like you can. You know take the kids of course but you can also grown up Lee. Go over and get yourself a winter spice spiked during the ground and I. And mayhem they don't have Santa Claus there yet. Chris Craig Chris Kringle yeah grown up where father. That's yes Bob it is that it couldn't bend. Interest Krugman article that doesn't mean. Does the idea that you guys here and take us into this I've signed this painting. Diminutive. We like it says college play game or a grant Carter described. Artwork that these mostly pay any news or art most famous painting a guy. Like in the top hundred of those famous paintings he's going to describe the most famous paintings Carter is like me not very cultured doesn't know art so he's going to look at these veins and described them to you pack Cartagena. And an app now she'll describe the art to you and then you'll have a multiple choice of being in the name of the piece of ours yet and if you get that three of the fire right you'll win a four tickets to see lights. New field in Atlanta and formerly known in in now and go to him in law. It was Indianapolis Motor Speedway that's a little bit. OK so it's really changed is everybody was always confuse in the turnaround man I don't know. I only know from Penn rod that's un elect essar an article to say and do that and but this decent and and am I get it. Kids didn't does go in luck and out and I don't know about the inside so much for the kids like I would just be nervous about you know running at an overshot actors and yeah. By going as a grown up even though I don't know a ton of iron. In just in the of these rooms all set up and all this cool stuff I think we look. Dead at the place for to get married there actually are looking that has ever venue there you can actually get to you know in an area beautiful area to get him anyway. It's new fields knew OK and our contestant is on the phone everybody can get a warm welcome and only the way you want to yell please don't say higher allow. Do it in a gesture of sound. Okay so let's also had a Tiffany. A hi Tiffany. How did you like that warm. That was just the unique you know Al lot of shows don't do it that way. A lot like mine personal romantic time there. Behind closed doors if he'd get right to this he's going to describe some art are you ready Carter. Yeah so show and I will see guys the art as well describing it that he and I look familiar yeah I mean they Ellison looked familiar okay Aaron Carter any time. It's of this line we got to reduce staring each other and this guy or something. One do you snake didn't you write it he's reaching for an older guy. He's got a small package. An exciting guy on this detaining. The older dude is reaches the iron naked guy to. And you don't like a flying carpet surrounded by a ton of native Denny Reynolds. Yeah and again naked guy you're reaching for old dude surrounded by Nagin did okay and now this this piece of art called a the creation of them. Beat the Genesis of life foresee the dead pervert the point. And Zain beat the Genesis of life is incorrect. And so czar. Hasek when the bodies of artwork is called the creation of Adam tree you know he's done and Anthony fighting Michelangelo. On the ceiling in the Sistine JaVale I'll that. Painting is also on the backdrop behind the theater at the university of any nap less now and get painted a replica and really really big gap and when I came from my student to Wear like before I went to the UND school I'd like woods to where it. And that the department chair Jim Ream was showing my mom and I and he was like. Which its that the package was on this door that could get open the door and close it down to business could not to have. Yeah my mom like please don't remember Elena got us this day. Guy and it's a lot smaller and at large to make sense that's why it's like this smallest painting done the news. Down it is it is locked down as leg so why aren't back in the paint used to believe that the smaller the business the more Smart the man. So that's why I all of like the statue of David and Amanda has a very time. Anyone who did not work out for me now. And let's see here. No everything back then now. Not a lot of guys yeah are you are gonna to Carter does this look familiar to you guys and I imagine. Indiana and now. OK let's tonight anytime. Carter please. That describe this piece of artwork to our listener. OK this looks familiar. It's naked lady stating in a shelves reminds me that's done and I use that to mean I had to release in a route but she's covering here he via their hair Somalis sickest and throw a towel on the naked girl. In this Angel guys like kidnapping a different nation lady and a thick that the so naked I you've got lady Michelle with kidnapping Angel and background okay are now as this piece of artwork called a wanna dance a prima Vieira. The birth of Venus. Morrissey on groomed nude chick some being arrested. And B&B. The birth of Venus is correct. That is about a Chile's most famous painting on the Natalie I don't really Natalie of course and forests okay Carter let's turn another one here this is Carter our assistant producer of the smiley morning chunk. And we're looking at as next painting and art work here. This one's actually pretty cool again it's and I definitely don't get it looks like we're looking at a desert something. There's a desk in a desert for some reason it's got like these giant pocket watches on it in debt looking tree growing out of that. All these time pieces are like really floppy. Like antiques. Look at other shill it's unraveled kinda guy hair. As Iowa Maine and it looks like it or maintain any other little okay right. Aaron is now he's got hair yeah. Delegate Chris I don't know nothing in it or not there. So we're gonna desert floppy eared watch things hanging off the dead street drugs are definitely involved in this that aren't well. Is that is today hot lasted clocks. Being. The persistence of memory. Or seek the ceaseless march of time. C. The ceaseless march of time isn't current. That's right actually in Salvador Dolly's the persistence of memory systems of memory and thank you all remember that nerve school. Our team and not let in now Edward Cullen movie. No Robert Penn and so let's machines get the next two right yes so I listened closely we're gonna house I've got. And it is hard. Are there any. Okay this one is a columnist host she's. Let's get this awkward looking duty in his suit in trench coats. He's got Charlie chaplin's bowler hat on his. Guys arms are awkwardly at his side he looks a real stupid inner real creepy. I was to see his face because there's the slight green apple covering those to stay off his ears are sticking out really hard though he's an amputee. Or maybe steaming informant led Diana now whenever OK so we got weird guy trench coat apple in front of the space. Those years out there is at the head of the removed his hat there coming out I can't see that's gonna really attack years. Aren't they aren't I you know balances this piece of artwork called pay the son of man. Beat the anonymous. We're seats pretty englishman. Yeah. And he believed the anonymous. Is incorrect I. Tell me. Says they know these fees I'd seen that before I would never know what it was called veteran setup man. But today the greens. You know I feel. Fortunate that we have this radio program that we give prizes such as this to our listeners knew fields and a winner. Once your land was ago when there's like light at the let's get one more shot well. And as Ahmadinejad here art is hard Boeing said it yeah art is time they light and understand. It's ride this piece of artwork we're showing Carter in the studio. Boy I don't even know how can a card good luck here. Oh Johnson K this one is growth in creepy and really debt. Ask okay. So we got like this all deranged teeth man look at issues like. He bit the head out the baby in Danny's goal of the arms all of the naked babies like covered in lies it's his blood though. In this guy's naked too. And it it's really bleary. You look to real creepy this isn't nightmare the thing nine minutes okay. So we got crazy TV guy eating baby yes. That's like damn government Metallica album to meet him. Not these. Days apart or call eight pogo baby cannibal with plumbers crack. Me Saturn devouring his son. All. Or seek the consumption of sin. And going C. That isn't correct them so. And Saturn devouring his son who did that line that line was Francisco Goya. It's the one area. Pass out loud it is Francisco go ahead day today on the smiling. Do it looks different doesn't. Get. USANA relatives and hung out winners for this whole thing and Carter meaning Hamas he doesn't know what he's doing I'm sorry edited. Good yeah. This deranged guy with a blood Alley and they asked. To create sophisticated starter until a pact a tickets to go to check out what her lights and new fields there on the campus and I am anger and we'll see their congratulations what he had to say for yourself. Yeah you're welcome and what radio show do you love so much. And what's the radio show you just hate every time you flip denies like it's disgusting humor. Again my kids can't listen to that and the music's terrible. Are. Neat. And let. Me. That they're cool yeah. Would you survey. Turns out she wants to say OK that's true or not.