Bro Off

Monday, June 25th


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Play god. It's okay I don't. Okay now. Can we leave. Okay. Sure. I honestly don't want any. Stick and well producer her an assistant producer Carter and it cigar in the so it's the people at the intercom Indianapolis smelled something in the that was down that smelled terrible yeah it's a taste pretty terrible but it's so narrow in a. I'm about double the brown. Guys that would dude John. Dana thanks Jane I. What the change to do and he's ready to play a little gamer in the bro opera producer and we dock again as Shane never they also say hi to you Gary. Gary what's up. Yeah me. How I got one about one budget dudes and hang out sign these dudes member of that on our attitudes and within again in the smile of these did. Okay what's gonna happen in producer well. Okay we're gonna give you would do it scenario death and chain and Gary gonna have to offer solutions to that scenario the Inca or the results of what they would you have to navigate to and as a Borough OK whoever has the breweries response. Brent talk when the point based on the judges were the judges we're going to be quick here they don't have that things or. Did you first scenario change it prefers your buddy subtly throws up on the carpet at a party cowboy no one has noticed. The party is awesome and your body has moved on like nothing happened and what you do with the mess. Ghost changed. Sort Albert you're number barely keep up. Over it nice time at Allen back home thrown over the air up there you know you. I would sort it out just walk away. OK okay so yet you know what I'm I'm voting for the know tell us more mass I don't care that Dotel. Is that the telltale dots entity that you messed up sell Dotel. Bombarded. Amid I did like the idea if there and it's how low overhead though because at least it did sound them out again I would sometimes be in Amanda's means acknowledging that you made a mistake but it looks like you to one of Gary Gary wins on the ground area where you land down for Gary all right Gary Carter and I were on your side button can share. All right Gary Ewing and the first year. You get in your car in the morning smell something. It's this is still box of Wayne's you to calm last night. I got whereas anywhere back where what part of what restaurant what it. Was it looters it was to order a nice power and yes you know importance of way to go from. Yep what you would have a field to go box for mailed forms you know there. Hooters wings in the back of young yet deeds now what he'd do it the wings scary ago. Look for the blue Choo shoes are in different. So very good stale weighing in the morning snack and is that strong and it's a ground all right I what do you what do we stint. I'd be displayed in parliament are you to work. Well he didn't despite volume as well artwork up on one letter. The world throwing high smells Cologne didn't throw the wings away later I throw out the window literally hell out of him yet. And a program shame or. You all right let me read you guys go if I'd go with definitely an area Chang guys like Williams letter yet there yet easily. You don't have anything to be ashamed of you can let your cars now saying I'm going Gary like he does we eat the wings scary yet either. But you know there he definitely will get some diarrhea out of that but what are your Dade. Right yeah that's that's sadly camp contaminated its Japanese men and ninety degree Athens temperature your car per day. After me they don't carry a pretty good actor of the map. Right away and nowadays you're not a broad and Cranium was saying I turn up Metallica had thrown out the window and and there and try to nearly Carly I'm. Yeah I think the best guess it's like well yeah as did thirty or three points here Gary gets Allen. One point for Gary I think mr. Carter and I voted Gary OK so there's another point for Gary and during that time miles to the nothing. All right Gary go first. We're serious chain an area this chain chain chain company. All right your make him breakfast cart girl you. Hooked up with the last night owl man that it anyway this is likely a one night stand but you are being a nice guy wow. Did notice about halfway through the year making the odd ones that's here halfway done with the omelet. The expiration date on the eggs milk cheese and sausage as long as bill I thought I. What he did and. Hockey go look at her I think he's got it it you could care less. They have very brilliant in the bureau. The viewing at the jobless though chain. Do you eat your omelet. Or not no way into the giro and I finally got that best match. It's gradually it's not right now I know you Daryn buddy you. Well threw me I would. Took off mr. so are not let that stuff go and and I know loaded and yeah I would like I owed much to make sure that's not going to happen later because a little more than that it can't do you. Well yeah the Ria. Right now I'm gonna go as actors such a strong showing with eating his own dirty wings. This is disappointing answer from Gary. I'm going chain to do us as well Jane gets a point Don that want what I stand yeah. That's the dirty games. It's gift that. I do you know now it was great taste of it so certainly there for hours later Alex. I'm tired coming up at one point chain's total area. That scenario is to grow op who's gonna win those Dave Matthews details from the show's going to be on July 6 and seventh at great summer concert. WC PL. LU asked whether it's east answered. Zebras a but what exactly it. This game for us that's not masculine. Alia freezer well. Well here's some weird that happens someone has carelessly left. An entire Winnie The Who costume on the side of the road I. Doesn't no one's around it's doesn't appear to be anybody's it's just there again it guess what you already have a slingshot. Obviously. What you do what do you do with the cost him. And Gary you answered prayers. Well. And street. A little slow. That foods is on. Like didn't utter ram you have like a bath salts. That doesn't it. I wanted to go that if you don't and a lot of I. I like that that lesson movies is that scary. Guy have a usually what would you do. And public. Really good attorneys lawyer and you make money making love to people with the need for constant. So there and well I don't know. Guy you'd do ladies in the wind to cast him I go with Gary. This. They if you are no way I'm always seen it make love to supply may give blood at duke answered I. But he the. Yeah yeah he's getting them concert didn't. Yeah about more in the UK. And the blue concert I wanted to vandalism I. I I just don't think you have to take it you don't get to go big go like step that yet. I think you'd take it and do something for yourself why did you initiate halfway around. Inside spinal center at Gary's instinctive. Graham it's. 10 o'clock here smiling pony show for the win out. Puck yeah thanks and it's 321 yeah. The stripper accidentally spilled about 200 dollars and various denominations. And had seemed to notice. And it's just sitting there all this money. What do you do with the money now you're still the strip club. What kind of shape easy answer. Yeah it was the censure. And I think the morning. And I think the money steals the most exchange act what does he do that. Feel like normal routes or some. That it's a little bit back. Yeah a little bit at a polite and dancing and what do you do Gary's team both of it all right Gary. Yeah and more more more dances more beer so does go back to the same bureau but you are used that money. Yet I go to the champagne room. Gary on borrowed time I get Garry point for that one yeah you admire him every cycle the money. Yeah good idea you out you're not technically stealing because you're putting it back in. I green and hundreds of Jiri it's my vote for the movies anyway so like you might as well he took money spent on the Luke is a well that's gonna be hard to get money at a strip club would have bouncer Communists say. Just basically use that strip club coupon re visiting that Terry doesn't get. Gary when sesame. Regulations. Clinton.