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Monday, March 20th


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You ready for the battle of the Barrett. And that's. This is vice president Mike Pence and now it's time for battle of the birth. Birds around Indianapolis. Have gone to war and now now Merrill. Half the field has been eliminated. What will your birds survive for women killer monkeys invade your town. Back now all new 2018 Chevy Equinox presents a smiley he's battle of the birds the sweet sixteen. The better man. Team Lawrence Sanders on Saturday and lived in Lawrence almost as his entire life. And you and sound as fun bag is he has to Wiener. Simulators that one is now. Is a little underdeveloped. It's not as functional as the big miracle I'm our analysts say big we say. He said actually small but still he's got a smile and a very very small I could migraines. Inherently. Block this information out. In his head. Also home of assistant producer Carter and February's Devin who works of that secret military financing and are out there and rice line but evident here team captain for Lauren. Brian Clapp congratulation. To make that literally land in on sent it really does just by walking. Is dead flat and the commitment it but I. That's crazy now did you did you cut it the other part operated still there. Those owning and North Korean leader bad guys aren't like planet that are you embarrassing your on the radio show us. I'm not at all with put that information to your coworkers make fun names. Frank Klaas that the people make funny and your co workers make make silly not I didn't I didn't I don't know how long it again. So that we just how big your full name anyway writing class say you have a new Weiner is one of which is a dead black hawk eye opener. He's fight very serious about it though you know everybody capability for injuries in the varied and. And because I let Iceland you aren't good on any I'm fifty francs after him. Now the gloss over the fact that Dave said your coworkers made silly for yeah. Because I'm not done that that I had a well. Yeah. He is potty training Noah I. Appear right now aren't so yeah Connie early. Yeah become a daddy just hit our favorite snack if you make a yeah failures that yeah around a spirit sensors and marshmallows now and perhaps the nobody treats we actually a potty treats at all bathrooms and only if you come over to visit do you go Johnny. It also you can have a you have to go caught on May I say that is rarely does this all sides of our alum and Alex if you go potty in any way you set down a toilet seat goes over the seat. I'm he sits down there tells me is that we get extra if you sit on that and you don't congress but if nothing comes out no marshmallow Horford and parents again. Have a hard time make it needed to the full size spoke up I'm now. And I don't need a big advantage especially say that your house and you can ballots given up or. 34 she's lived in Anderson for 26 years. DC Hanson seven times concert. I see is a one and a half year old let's give it up for. It looked like a man loves her Hansen what is your favorite Hanson's son. Cancer and I. How are ya L fans. Wouldn't op idea I mean that's just on the man from Milwaukee. They still do the walk where they come to town and the dual lock for charity no issues I'll defend you and it's. Not really. I don't want to get this weekend compared theory. Worldwide paid. Are sold now there's one rocketing and that he's got enough shoes for the kids. Yeah and go to eight. Listeners that he concert laughs okay Aric let's do this three questions each this is this is in today's the day when he guys will move on to the elite eight which starts Friday so the winner of today's game. We'll play our Fisher's. But team who is the reigning champ sadly battled a great program. They're not they won last yet she is stuff I can't remember and handed out to any club any clout sweet Jenny cloud. She isn't she's the one that redhead M white face out a couple of guys I don't know really collar white face Baghdad. I didn't in his case it tasty very pace ghost face can. This is a pretty good head way yank liberties and this is an attractive redhead though I think she said team made love and a graveyard and I senator Harry Harry and a I'm looking at it asks Brian clap from Lawrence here's your question double weaning hands. A double weenie Manny really done anything and if you win if you play a Friday want to make McDonnell we Nissan. And I hope he wins the whole thing because then he gets a bowl everybody W. Delegating out. Brian here's a question what former IU basketball star and current UCLA coach was falsely reported to have received a seven years 31 million dollar offer from IU. To become the new men's head basketball coach again mrs. This was falsely reported button. I don't know I didn't abzug said. The answer was. Steve. Is offered I'll get okay. I heard my sister's a role. It's the Malvern. Oh yeah like he man announced the Al Sadr and these next ban it. Okay Anderson it in my bucket yeah I. As they added olive value except for what he did so that was rose generals. Two out of three you Anderson here's your first question besides Tom crane and Bobby Knight name one other former head coach. But I use men's basketball team who served. In the 21 century. Comedy. No pressure here I can get his first question right. No idea how you can I don't know get a Dan docket Jack I believe was one of our hurry easily OK briefly he's just in commercials and around and hi this day and docket for Hugh sort of hour. And ports okay yeah. Yeah yeah there. You just got better. Adam yeah dobbs parents aren't out. In the end. He's a sweet man and we didn't hook up with like one of our friends like Nana some like that. We will own you know Natalie. Yeah. Yeah realigned his head coach earlier this all they get mad. OK who's the sports guy a local sportscaster. And TV. Well whenever your marriage is wrong and also now none of that happened then sent. Are you talking about it. The act kids they're like. Yeah this is a of them went down with cancer ailing Tony I just the I just gonna make data come across as always a sliding out that's all the aiming honest never I want. Are not seeing it slow huts at aloha on it is now says that. And dot kids. Can't stay fairly. And me about I don't know detailing lease everything and I show is not his wife hour. Apparently committed so do you want to end up in Canada. OK question number two will go back to Lawrence 00 is the current score like a bad. Some golf game. And that's it. And that can actually you know. Bullet on every dime you yeah if you want negative yes negative stars. What is the closest that it again this is for Lawrence Brian Clapp with a double leaning in and what is the closest star to the plan under. So. And hit. But it forced 302. Well don't include incorrect. Hi guys. How well. It. They say that we needs sucks all the bloodshed they can be very well last week I got a weeny that's right is against the dead ones Poland more than we. I'd like this I don't bowling bowl and al-Qaeda. Second only of bandwidth at your Wi-Fi connection now yes that's what happened and don't worry about it tickets you probably get this and Ron you are going to be amazed by this answer Bryant and the sun. Is what we are looking for the closest star and and also who goes not a star but it's barely a planet. Think it. Bush's program for Anderson now she gets a shot at question to. Which planet is the largest in our solar system. Time is pattern. Saturn is incorrect and now. It was Jupiter Jupiter is the largest. In our solar system that this round just disqualified or not out it's that it's it's sure is fun to listen Santa is now. A okay what it did you guys vote go to public school what happens if they tie it zero I guess we do tiebreaker routed telling someone gets a right. Immigrants for 25 years and keep rally went to Lawrence township schools and stay nice and O'Bryant. Represented. Brian double weenie man here's your question. If how well are you with gay gay at trivia. Well. If this game member of instinct actually join The Backstreet Boys on stage this weekend in Vegas. The pace. Now the sudden as a star but he definitely knows his gay stars answers. Yeah you know they're done. That and I right now make it too easy Bryant a one point three Anderson. And I your eye and let Lars Anderson here's your third question you must get this and rank. So that you can tie and one point at. What is the name of the boy band Nicholas Shea it was a part of it period wow she's quit on. And ninety degrees OK here we go forward and add tiebreaker around animal get right to news Julie Mossad is standing by she's listening in on our conversations. And I hit it good morning. He's gonna buzzing with a sound or name or whatever you Lawrence what we've buzz and went. Well let your name okay and that's Lawrence. You've read change and if you are now largely. That's your nickname lions club. Look at commanders and what we doesn't without a mega. Easy easy he reached out. As if you think you know the answer. It compiles proposed to Vanessa are multi in the season and Brian that and Brian got the win. Bachelor is. Yeah. I'm feeling day. Oh really be done. Congratulations to. Lawrence playing features on Friday in the elite eight you'll be playing the reigning champ. Pitchers. Best of luck unfortunately the the loser embattled the berms we do send the rabid double monkeys to destroy the town of Anderson today cell. If you're heading that way. There are. Many. I meant that I kind.