Bible Story Time 01-21-18

Tuesday, January 23rd


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It is theology or manner not by Tzipi else we we closed faith hope love and music department rabbit summer right now maybe get the kids in the car to think you're such you know life. Not make it to church today maybe animated churches decade well having got a deal for you give a quick little Bible story. Very easy to understand we're gonna read it GA enjoy it talk about it warmer Dunn Lisa was jumping of the story. Still after Jesus was baptized he went straight after into the desert might seem like an odd place to go because as you know deserts are very. There is any food or water pleased to say thank you needed to get away by himself and peace and mark quiet and lonely. He needed to be with this heavenly product you ready for his new life. In the desert Jesus thought about the secret rescue and yet mate if asked before the foundation of the world they both knew what would have to happen. To rescue God's children you just have to I. Everything you know either way it was the reason get out. Now saddled enemy and one it's open through the snakes out of many of academic art and remember him. Even Jesus rescued at people so he lied to Jesus are really God's own son. US and or use. I must not love you don't need. You look at Iowa. Yes. Jesus sent a liar and look it's and from that moment on nothing would ever be this pain eases was like Adam isn't new and man. He would not leave the Arab allies enemies. He says new left and he expressed at no matter what. It was just just added province adamantly all those years before he says it's time to do battle against her. He would get rid of this and the darkness and it's here. You would suffered. But he would Jesus left the desert instead about the great rescue he was pointing out people back and at first he needed to friends and helpers and friends. You know a lot to do. He would need to be able to help him. Who would make it helpers you name clever ones rich ones strong important plan. Some people might think snow and I'm sure by now you don't need me to tell you that they'd be rod. Because the people I use is don't have to know a lot of meetings a lot of things they just have to need him a lot. One day Jesus document LE. Haas and others there friends and Internet. Aybar or fisherman. He's combat them let's go. Peter entered Jameson jam looked at this Mansour. And they couldn't explain your votes needed to be put away their nets needed mending fish were still rate lean on the shore. It's something about the stranger me and just drop your nets there and leave their boats and everything and follow him. This odd man was like no one man ever meant. An illicit Jesus hurts filled out with a wonderful for ever sort of happiness and inside it was is that there are running free in an open field. Jesus asked twelve minutes it's. Peter injured James and John Matthew bella are now on you to comment another James Simon that yes indeed it. Meeting Jesus retains all of them forever.