Bible Bros- The Bro and the Yoga Mat

Monday, October 16th


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This is radio theology. With hub pastor Darian on 995 since he Al. Today's story grows comes from the second chapter of the book of mark which you can sign cannon is the back of the Brody. It picks up right after Jesus got baptized gathers in rooms and healed a bunch of sick and demon possessed people. Anywhere anyway and one day Jesus and his crew rolled into town called to turn. And he started preaching about the kingdom of god the people day. Now grows Jesus wasn't like one of those angry bibles numbers you might have seen on the corner with a megaphone. Telling everyone passing Madden they're going to hell and it was pretty she's almost a dozen. Kind of like a first century Jewish Matthew McCown and minus the southern drawl in the southern and ignites a litmus luxury in the pockets. Everyone knows Jesus would have driven his older sisters and 87 Ford Tempo when she went off to college but. Progress. Anyway he's preaching in this home right in the places that you couldn't have gotten in there even if you had beyoncé and maybe give god on your. That's so I believe Jesus was people love that should. And anyway these board dude. Tearing their grow on Matt he's done and they're hoping they can get him healed by Jesus. They realize they can't get them road Jesus through the crowd so did this bros. They carried him up on top of the home and start digging through the roof. And so they can lower him down. Right in for a of Jesus we pause. Can you imagine what that would have been like burrows I mean talk about socially awkward. One minute you're there just minding your business this into the play it. When Jesus saw the face of the four rows on the roof he turned their grow on the Maddon said. My son. Your sins are forgiven. That is really ticked off a lot of the super religious dudes in the crowd because they thought Jesus was committing blasphemy and basically putting himself on the same level as the guy. Jesus immediately knew they were thinking own called the amount. To why are you thinking these things via person which is easier. To say this paralyzed menu sins forgiven Florida city can take you Matt and walk. And I want you to know that the son of man. That's what Jesus called so. Has authority owners can forgive sins them so Jesus looked at the bro on the map in Sydney. Get them and take your mansion during go. Rose. Isn't being stood up for the first time and who knows how long maybe his entire life. Wrote a businessman and walked out of the house. Big crowds started freaking out and praised god saying we've never seen anything like this. It grows and boating you love so much can you be willing to look like a complete fool for just like those four rows on the roof. If there's a crowd rocking your way to god what are you going to get to. What would you risk to get a broad face to face with Jesus. We wanna know pick us up on brochure media this weekend radio theology and let us know. Until then we hope you enjoyed this week's episode of survival grows. Yeah.