Battle of the Burbs - Zionsville vs. Lebanon

Monday, March 12th


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Guys ready for battle of the very. Here on the smiley show is the ballad of yes ladies and gentlemen. Zions builders Lebanese today signs no hometown of the former Butler university and current Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens. Who incidentally zions no high school's boys basketball team. Became sectional champions for the first time since Brad Stevens was their leading scorer in ninety. Also Zion Israel homered traders point Kremer. Some good. Those streamer let's turn eleven and now firmament hometown Julie market from the news you know the news check yen I think he's. And related Rick's bits and well and her ex boyfriend's father basketball legend Rick mount hello also to. Got a good shot at basketball men Julian Buffett yeah. Now Lebanon named because the trees they are reminded the settlers' of the biblical cedars eleven in the country. Also. That was a long ago at this rate we we that we did a Google it there's there. It did a couple of different you know solve 92 and burst kings and what they say son he's eight track he's just. Flourish. Like the palm tree and roll like the cedar in heaven. I think anybody got here till 14100 in 92 it's the sand all its oracle. Known facts Levin and also home of parking ease smoke house and also cell block won all four restaurant and bar may I ask whether or not that name is part keys or is that supposed to be pork we had to Google that as well it is markings. Nice to help. We are thinking the same thing mr. deportees now it's. Part he's smoke house maybe somebody accidentally announced they got a sign abroad yeah admits that their side they're like I'm not paid for another side. Okay ready let's do this let's go see. Does your curb have what it takes in the next champion at Iowa win that title is mind. Have what it takes time where the fighting. One can stop I will become champions. Universal windows direct presents smiley he's battled the birds 2018. 500 dollars. Ranking right up big celebration in their bare ass since. Smiley is settle the nerves can find out who looks forward to the next. Let me introduce your team cap. Her designs millennia. He's forty two's live inside bill for eleven years just briefly broke her fingers on drunken sleep and content. Okay. Let's. I made. It very convict her days you know it actually I think you're on time elegantly as drunken person yeah. Well you know I'd like I didn't finish the meet. You want your line is I think I love my line. Boy the team captain eleven in a stunning. So you're you're a man or woman tell your men okay I'm 28 years old lived his whole life there in Lebanon's former ball boy for the pacers. Lebanon Indiana given doctors. And. It and then there. Yeah I'm fine OK so. All look for the pacers just kinda uninteresting guises and then I mean it was I mean you get to go get the balls for them. I mean I had and it doesn't but they just have a bunch a pilot them somewhere they use. How does that work what do you do so the. We've directly from school. 338 reported side. It is warm up the the players wore the doors. And pregnant. You're the dad gets the rebound throws the ball back at the players and so they can yeah. Throw around her whatever it's called play around. That and liquid of the court that. I'm from with the sweat sweat spin. Zinni visit players just spit I can say you know going to trash can is spinning in their dispute right there on the on the court. Corporate in broad light them but there have been. Cut three questions he chaired. It's OK here's your first question this is resigns they'll start designs don't. Yeah this is the funny name the NCAA has branded and given to the months. Containing the national basketball tournament. Does that make sense yet but got Smart man that's of course. That's the fun name March Madness is exciting. Okay eleven and here's your first question what does someone refers to the right I just march. What day of march are they referring to. Quality. I sit. Here. What you want here's a second question. Claimed battled the burgers I'm gonna win live broadcast from their towns. 500 dollars in cash and 500 dollars and windows too little out my windows. Okay designs bill and Hoosier David Wolf is famous for being one of the eighties. An app or not. I and the guy from party of five is not round ends towels out I thought he was Michael J. Fox in the 1980s movie out team while teen wolf you know. All right here we go down eleven here's your second question this famous hoosiers saying before the Indy 500 for many years just died two years ago. There was famous for playing. Carol Brady. A bomb. I've seconds. Yeah on. What time it's been the leaders make you think any other when they died or did he Dak but if it is right now are Arpaio here thing in gullah island stead this is that it was Florence Henderson American. Yeah and Sosa another both dead everybody's dead is a lot who's left its limit. And old traditional apple. You know I. Any wounds the ladies is. Offended yet I think there's still around. Is she still we should play another round of better mind. And again and who's gonna. I've he had put her in there yet and she was like the dead the founder of the tractor sentiment in the Bowman on yeah one of those guys those are name Marion mayor. Mary Mary Mary marrying an indigenous she guys. I don't know I don't know we got to find out you are still around AVG is all around OK and add but she doesn't see eighties is 83 because she doesn't now. O line of thought. As dementia yeah I don't know. I don't know now is I I don't know. I don't have not know it another I'll tell residents there and they've made an artistic decision yet you've passed that knows where doctor about it. I don't know how did daughters are okay. Anyway well I love that that isn't it shields and they say that means ladies and gentlemen start your engines and class B engines go several aren't. And that's when I start going into the beer stand the man. And you know it's time and it hit off for a beer okay we got back about three hours so that means Levin and only has one. And tooth resigns they'll. This next question resigns they'll could be for the win. Is right at the games it's OK here we go listen closely and my second Santa this Sarah Sarah sensor. Yeah drunk meet lady. This troubled but famous golfer finally played well again this weekend. Where the wins. But I airline is it. Will go to the next round of the battle the verbs and we're still doing stuff first 32 teams single elimination. We gotta say goodbye to eleven and got by Lebanon says.