Battle of the Burbs - Southport vs. Whiteland

Thursday, March 15th


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This is nice guys Mike Pence and now it's time for battle of the birds. The nerves today. Sweet sixteen we're here itself. Fortress is slightly. Southport high school mascot the cardinals. Come out revelry Revver read it to rustic chic new American eatery. Fun fact about Southport. The Southport public library is technically not even in Southport. Every about it it's I heard is dead. Vs white and white and despite the misleading name ethnically whiteman is only 97%. Wide. Playing. I. I'd like in his home L subway allow Mexican restaurant and Casey's pizza spot mean you're having an Easter egg hunt for children next week. One week before Easter at the tank that key the valley trail. Kankakee acting. And that major towns. Are you ready for an analytic errors let's. Does your serve have when he takes time the next champion. Can stop that title is mine. Have what it takes I will defy yeah. Universal windows directories and she's smiley he's battled the birds 2018. 500 dollars bragging rights in a big celebration in their prayers since. Smiley is that'll serve as. As we get big rock and roll battle in the very. Pour southward Indiana Raymond Maryland she's 35 years old she's looking south course for thirteen years he loves to dance. Which is cool six Maryland Maine you ever not ask. Are you ready Southport. I am ready am that they Whelan down. Your team captain for white in his dealings 37 years always lived in what went for fifteen years. He's a Wayne's world super fan. Now getting. Nick decided darts named his dog lane. He's divorced and uses guards as lady being. Well let's give it up. The wife Linda still in the correct. I'll a RD on Dallas and stuff happened. Never heard of exuberant and had a super bantamweight world that's kind of a de ID love I only world. That was good I did a book report this grade is when he ran a friend and. Our Duane yes. What was the no maybe it was like the top five books you read that year sending I was anti Italy's Arnold and they weren't and original video and everything needs to quote those kinds of next Olympics in. Is enacting a Zune Billick had to act as the number one. I mean in it was a good went around plan. And is out of line and they do a dead bohemian rhapsody yeah. Repair Dylan is out west island. This is that your guys are great I mean yeah at a at that time and Zach hunter and fast but hey you know I I I would have been in Asia yet there kind of got inspired. I'd be the poetry oh really. About how Arnold I like to hear it yeah. So you have a poem. Or Maryland over their Southport. He did it on the road especially in the and then did the nordic looking like guns on account of that date garbage now. Energy and the women look like Matt and it that it hit an ignorant boy is it your data and you may or Chile and outboard outward at the trailer home of redneck that lay up lawn jockeys and yard gnome. All around their border build a law. And bedrock. And then drop them beat your eat there alive Amal got about where it now Warrick. People are dumb and simple. And created out of Greenland. And bull. Wow I mean. And wow. Listen and he's not super the end of Wayne's world tour. All right you guys ready for this thing. Battle reversal B three questions each and this is this is and that winner will move on to the elite eight. At a loser of course will send the rabid monkeys to destroy your town so be listening if you're from the east town there had to south Porter white and he real question number one for Maryland from Southport. Isaac Newton discovered this critical law. I'm not totally yes gravity is correct to a. And even Austin and you got. She's gonna remedy yes critical law of physics when you when the apple fell on his head okay SaaS first question for lightly and Albert Einstein's equation equals MC squared defines the theory of what. And Blake everybody down and out toward better marry each other relativity. One line and second question of Maryland from south fork is this is the river. That creates the southern border of Indiana. I've seconds. Or the Ohio. Ohio River. All right a year ago Dylan here's your second question this is the Great Lakes that creates part of the northern Indiana border. Lake Michigan. Do. Here's the next question Maryland your third question Mario and Luigi are Nintendo's most famous characters. Lark plumber Brothers plumber Brothers. What's their last name. Very name is. I didn't at a time is up what is it guys. Apparently mark is it Mario Mario what they call. Mario Brothers so Mario is his first day at all. And it's a market to Mario is Mario Mario and easy isn't Louis Mario that's what we area. I'm glad name. Mario Brothers and a parent this question three big upset about that question. I. Now they do their their Mario Brothers they have been known to have last names. To different points throughout the history of the Mario Brothers. And the funny thing about it they called the Mario Brothers he's Mario's name is Mario Mario could. That's hard Dylan said. If you just and right it's all over to beat Southport. Lightly and here's your question. Drew and Jonathan are creepy twins. Whoever it property renovation show on HDTV. What does this show called. It's yeah. Yeah. Time is running in the UK line that's over but that's not quite as. What he'd rather property and only one word. Answer is depends. I'm sorry about goals what happened so I'd candidate she got her question Ron in India unlike concerts Qaeda operator you can cast. To come out okay. Larry I don't know the right edges out aren't you got some day he'll go on holiday now. Not that at that we can win a tiebreaker around buzz in with your sounds are gonna make them sound abuzz and Maryland what Sam when you make with you buzz and you know the answer to this one. Inning ending okay valued Dylan. Boy well it's gonna tell her long buzzing sound. But it we hear the beginning of it will notes and death row are okay here is the question for the win. What is the name of the Indy fuels red dragon mascot. It's a shortened version of the element represented with aids. And on a periodic table of elements. Go ahead the child is at night trio. Southport takes it to the elite eight. If you live in Southport beach crowd itself fortunate man. Until forever is not in South Florida to green loud that you know great restaurants OK there. I'm so sorry Dylan but so you know I can win this thing we do have 25 delegate our plane. Need from Manhattan. And correct and the Montes. What's happening when you see Dillon described the scene and aren't gonna know about it and didn't that. There there. Yeah. I'll pull ahead and make it ridiculous. And yeah Elliott wave hello and good restaurant it's easy to spot in the Easter Egg Hunt will be canceled. Yeah. Buyer's agent uncertainty didn't.