Battle of the Burbs - Shelbyville vs. New Palestine

Friday, March 9th


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This vice president Mike Pence and now it's time for battle of the bird mayor. Here on the smiley show is the battle out there and. Where this. Fitting shoes and I'm. Please fire away towns against these up and down. And new town they're both sides reveal exactly amazingly far away Shelby bill. Vs new pal and tell you a little bit about these amazing town Chile still. That birthplace of Bucky Barnes below injure soldier and every Captain America a marvel movie superhero flat out. If the home of William Garrett the very first black player to play for the Big Ten basketball oh yeah. And southwestern high school has been named the safe school in America. Because of that fancy equipment that they have including its cannons all alone what shall we all know that and tell. High school mascot is dragon and thank you Carter for this bit of information you don't know her alert has been canceled for John. Scored source stars and it's the home of rusty boy driving and Monty pizza and around the corner. Let's introduce our captain Ed are at it we've gotten cooler yeah Louisville and 43 years old she's lived there for seven years and she's a published author. Here she is being a captain as well yeah. This morning. More or I'll grant had dinner night Cameron mole I don't you gonna want some. What did you have looked out. I'm glad to. Oh man you just forget the source of euphemisms in your foods while. I'm. Or I mean it. Do you think he he. He went yeah you would use it to sell me down a bit. We didn't sell it LS a very romantic towns. And how much it meant that. And all right we'll give it to give us a little bit of that romance. No no no no. Yeah yeah we end up by new and find another. You know it's just tell well. Yeah. I. See. You. Need your. That's not sexy enough name again not me sexy. In. Very well since they're included and me and him. You guys do a romantic scene and is now might come this crime and I guess I'm viewing Carter don't take pride and. In the union sound leave town my then how talent. Flow well I have some new equipment and went to it's releasing. A column nine. No. Alone. And Nike and take that smoky and Noonan but it is nice talent gap. You know I. Can't. And we that I can't see any 48 years old he's lived in Belfort fifteen years any actually land back. Tickets from us and was invited on the scene by little Raddatz at the answer would call earth. Already used certainly you like to see as with Carter in an effort norms yeah. And you'll I. Hang time. Silently standing with Carter. And. I try to avoid looking at it just look at what Bryant. I'll have to yeah that's exactly happens. I had a 30 yeah chilly. No one up its may slow ride yeah. Hello and then what does this Mo candy and girls well. And I think and I want to shoot up by there at the. Bat all right serious time guys and how. Can we start it. We start oh yeah. And it's yeah sorry trying to raise coming down real quick. To hear your questions to each question ia five seconds to answer the question never gets the majority when you guys understands. Aren't aren't restart or cellular Amber's here's your first question. Lots are the first names of the tennis playing Williams sisters. Every. Ice. And coming into the. All right norm here's your question line. Tommy Lee has been in the news lately for getting punched by his son. Who is his ex wife accused Tommy of habeas. Pamela Anderson. Hey Stuart has impressed. Are an amber Shelley bill question to. This popular toy store whose mascot is a giraffe is a liquidating all US assets. That. Not. Added dry days on paths and a all right new pal here norm is your second question. This toy store only sells. Insert connecting. Brick blocks. Yeah. The Legos or. With a rotation and a straight at a time norm. Getting a little tough patch stacked Tynes out cash. Ron I think it but I. Number three for Shelby bill amber. Rick and minority is a popular cartoon loosely based. On this in 1985. Time travel comedy. Yeah. And she thought it. Saying is these guys I have a feeling one of these two cities and are going to be air Chia is a bit. Bradley ever play that we ever been to new pallor Shelby these instant Shelby bill Buchanan Alan. Now open in new pals yet is interest and okay question three norm. That's your real. Yet or not sexy things he got a not interact with you know different pop culture. It. ATP. Oh yeah let's. He's been on things it's Keith Smart I love. Behind and there's an instant and made of keys and leaning on the case is best. Tell me more about it. He's Morrison who. That every has been did it's a husband did it as her husband the president and or do you say hey. Yeah well Eads instant. You Anglia AM leaning on our horse fun. There I am leaning on an antique iron. Now I'm leaning against the a brick wall and still leaning. Gagged. And I like that their ideas for you. Doesn't your future novels are welcoming amber amber and more. Here's question number three earned norm this is new now if you get this wrong. You lose it and an amber wins yep that's now games work nearly an arm. The new movie a wrinkle into name stars this former talk show host. -- It. I'll go in to the tiebreaker round which means we need each of these contestants to come up there I. Breaker buzz in no ways and I. I ever what's in or is going to be. I'm an annual are. And. Now weekend isn't about that is and then a little different arm. Well now cool love a new pal city so it is what is Amber's. And what is Norris. Now a mechanic Erykah. Buzz in first if you know the answer. Oh. Is the president. Of Russia. New rallies and for the win and that iron. And. My simple thing. Open. But the winner of the battle of nerves norm. Very exciting for you ever even though you did not win you silent 185 dollar gift certificate. Rub universal Orlando's grant is that not all of your fun you where and and we will promise to try and read your books. Yeah it user I get. And. Okay. Okay.