Battle of the Burbs - Cloverdale vs. Martinsville

Friday, February 23rd


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We have winners a single elimination was like the NCAA a big lead in ten tournament or whatever it is now. There's nothing like that clear how soon never do that we don't do bracket and I. Oh. So I help you argued pilot gets your bracket WC PR dot com that. You can find out when your team plays your city place it's time for. Battle didn't learn. Who moves on to the next round the sweet sixteen. News destroyed. When a killer rabbit smiling when he joke. The birds and monkeys. Does your curb have what it takes I am the next Ambien and I will win that title is mine have what it takes time. What defies the no one can stop I will become champions. Universal windows direct presents smiley is a battle of the birds 2018. Winner gets 500 dollars bragging rights in big celebration in their bitter. Smiley is battling the burdens. And find out who looks forward to that. Now. And he's 51. Beautiful years two time battle of the Christian group loves boy may. The belt John Gray. Here again. Limited shared out. For clubbing coming up. But they get under your belt on the yeah. I just didn't I miss that I had to turn on but yeah here too hard. All right well let's hear again are certainly a through the appeal of quality of the you know you drink what you drink in this morning. Pro water right now but there it is yeah. You annuity like to take in the kicking the can I remember correctly. Now your team captain now I'm back again from Martinsville I three years old. Fifteen year resident out there and Martinsville left recycling. Clos tires below smile so it's getting up for Jack seater would never back. Wait and. What's up Jack. Or. Those. Yet to return guy wearing a wire here yet it's the same guy I know. That our current and the giant monster is like you know I'll sometimes it's. And we don't know how we live we live in this little bubble of city in out here and Andy cannon but some people live in the back words you know it's. A guy lives in Martinsville because he keeps me. There's only mean trouble finding somebody from Martinsville easier. Martin what's going on down their chat that's true hero. Margaret court of law and all my god shot. If you do not be nice when an. Alert right there what I why do you say that. Iraq can't. Clay is. Not appropriate at. Your your play the game Jim how you do things a good rate is drinking water and a great okay things good how would. It wouldn't help getting younger guy now that your 51 he's 33 zone and now. He would have how how well do you do all right pop culture trivia that's it's all about winner take a look at what brought it. That that are the winner will now move on the sweet sixteen to win the whole thing grammar it's a live broadcast from the town. And like 500 dollars in cash which is nice and 500 dollars and windows too so Jim if you could just do it all all like that. Like to say atomic I'm mark along now times I don't think any time Euro yet. For our dollar. Bond and their car. How. Heck. It cheaper and I guess that. Nudie. But can never get bored out I don't look. A bit. Of fire god. A I. And I. Here's your first question you don't want your only got involved in that. You know his visit that. Am. Here again and my ire from club. Manila here's our first question Justin Timberlake is married to one super hot actress. This is very Jim. This. Is going to be its sister. That's one throwing a grenade electric levered. Here's your question Martinsville John cedar blood Allen did generous. Is married. What are. That. I'd name in game and chuck is a full of most things you. Hey these are fair cadets. Ellen DeGeneres is married to what super hot actors. Well and I. You seem to know. And I here we go well I don't want. To hurt me earn your tires on line here is his second question. Government am born and raised in Indiana this famous singer and producers real name is Kenneth Edmonds. Edit. AB faces drank about that in. Dario back to Martinsville your second question born in Indiana this singer died of Propofol. Overdose in 2009. Beer go to your local. Government give up their region. Like the you a box. But it's really important that. Earlier it. Out at eight. Nighttime is that Michael Jackson's or look at what Michael Jackson. Are you didn't. There and again the re. Yeah early in the animated route now or other odd guy they think are pretty Indiana. We're open borders and power boat. That. All right Jim Clancy this is like this your brother went yeah this is an Atlanta. This is the coach of the Indiana Pacers for the win think about this the coach. Nate Nate McMillan. That. Is. Do these sweet sixteen. On the very. But he bank Jim. Nice job. And Clark. Anything else that I'm going to end minds of so sorry Jack you did lose this time. Do you have anything to say for yourself under that my question what about note that in that I. And the monkeys to mark. And when they're. Old. You ribbon and a hard. A media. Dennehy dead even when his 25 dollar gift cards. Oh yeah. The media. Cowboy. There they go.