Battle of the Burbs - Center Grove vs. Broad Ripple

Tuesday, March 13th


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This vice president Mike Pence and now it's time for battle the birds. Senator growth part of Indiana's most phallic named county and Johnson County yeah. So. High school mascot. The trojans. And with a basketball team lost in the regional championship over the weekend I'm sorry so Sybercom jewelry. Broad ripple from a three wise men brewery. Alley cat smiley we lamented the vote pumped Canada NBA star George Hill and late night legend David Letterman. But with the only burger fuel restaurant in North America comrade when I can't it's true yeah. Burger meal is here tonight New Zealand the end that six. And you've. It's okay attempt. Also I met her at the Wellington and corner wine bar. This is where mayor Mary holding George was arrested for public in talks in 1985 I'm not getting. A an ever changing owners that being renovated and man so. And that's that those are the two teams playing let's just. Does your curb have what it takes I'm the next Ambien and I will win that title is mine have what it takes time. Well defied the he can stuff I will become champions. Universal windows directories and smiley he's battled the birds 2018. The winner gets 500 dollars bragging rights in a big celebration. Smiley is a battle of the birds. Find out who moves forward to that. Now. Yeah yeah. Senator of Indiana her Kate she's 27 she's lived in senate broke for seventy. He's an HR person. But a fun watching yourself get an effort KD blue raider coming. I case. Though is that your case as. Senator of his school district I'm yeah I'm very very elegant and to school district but if you look at college town attempt. And like Irvington and death is the Carter credit and starters screaming and insane as senator of shouldn't be in this because they're not just sitting Jose Rodrigo the same thing. Yeah I guess that's true yes it's us that the town and it's only a school of IPS rightly famous ball. Well yeah let's go to Robert Bolden your captain is Alan he's 25 slipped in broad ripple for five beautiful years. His dream is to become a Pokemon master. Let's give them. Broad ripple team captain. It's. Allen's exact map from the Bronx. Ron Paul Menard got a hundred been got a cousin Vinny makes tie I'd go a mile and madam. Okay you know this works right everybody knows how this works and if there yet 32 stairs and out the other five seconds to answer each question. You'll gates gets three questions. And that one person will win the other person we send a loser hell we send if the devil monkeys go grab a devil monkeys to destroy your talent at. Single elimination two years they're out of your head furan glued to the sweet sixteen we need broad ripple live just so we have sorted drink I know right which as you know. Yeah I went once these towns are destroyed if you live there you were paired don't go back as you'll be killed there you understand that. Or are you today where I live right now. Where it oh yes I've moved to karma. Or persecuted again having karma is still living in his it's the closest town to me. Still has that feels right won a race that has fine line yes they're dying. RT OK I forgot about them in Westfield destroyed. The Atlanta endorsed by eleven when you're. Mortal Carol widow or widow you wanna be a little dirty floor after he murdered I divorced person in the rapid monkeys killer doll house. I'm gonna say yeah or rabid monkeys to seal window where if you are worse. And again the center of here's your first question. Katie. Yeah graver. Hubble is the name of this low orbit tool used by NASA what is Hubbell. And I don't. And satellite sat. Eight it. Alone no. Exit telescopes yeah. Lowell talents go Allen jumping right in Italy so Smart there Allen he's an app and you get. That big. All right well let's try let's here's your first question. This type of Chinese space equipment. Is out of controlling crashing back into the it is earth soon they sang. What is it what are we talking about what's coming back to earth and that crashing from space. A Chinese man. At it. At its Chinese space levees and as bright sir I sat there isn't a satellite. He's got a satellite. The space station. So incensed spent spice station tiny space and admired crashing in and Michigan really that Earl now a way yes. Yeah. Yes they did they ate it they had to wait for a little while it was out of control all last year OK it was slowly coming back in Earth's orbit are scary it's being sucked back into the earth. And right now they think that if any pieces make it back to earth that the -- must we do it disintegrated as it burned up in reentry but if there is some data base and there are some pieces that could come back to earth and their little bigger than saying. Could be you know sides all sides softball size yeah. Go out ball. A power mainly as a like Chinese moment would be these. Stars yeah I. Yeah and sent out holiday. It's like I would like lower Michigan but at least it's a softball yeah grammys on hard but at that hit you from space anytime. You're not gonna make it. I don't think you get out in a softball sized space rock us. He is nine now where did they leveled this oil get well by umbrella rapid test lower Michigan plan for your family needs you yeah it is and they all. It's space. Right yeah I guess that'll shoot that a cut your house like hot 9 o'clock yeah. Oh yeah. Hero Julie are you reporting this W TH aren't that the us space shot or the special. The space station that the Chinese bill. Is crashing back to earth soon in fact yes we have that in a week or so ago I look at outside we're a little slow and more than my family was gonna get hit with baseball's been played did not know the relatives like it it's relatively new because they couldn't figure out exactly Hillary yet yet they couldn't they couldn't guess and now I know where they hurricane hits. Again this is breaking you don't have as he had this news breaking news desk. And severe violently or any friends that might be in Michigan. I I check Jamie GAAP. I have a friend that has a house and I'll guy Gary Hart and the crowds and a pretty good morning he yeah they have time later. Don't mind now isn't tied to move. They have no money to get out but be looking towards this guy at all times you know known that the Snead never know Purdue in the Chinese becoming a man I just fear Chinese throwing stars into the iPad and win if you as a kid with what you feared dead by the Chinese made this space station you've got to understand that they'll have a few. Early in so I'm just still I had no not that I bought yen and now jocks. Yeah yes I'm not Jackson yeah yeah now. I wanted seven because I like Michelangelo from the teenage. Turtles and I docked for like him for a long time my dad was like knock it off the eightieth halfback pass the exhibit there can have some them Jackson slapped me in the face and that's a history and a bullet non checks again I was then and now Vietnam and that's not doesn't make in Nam. I am rounds and it does anything if you hit yourself in the hanky do the there you go your lap you liked that she did in the name none chat because it warns you about that consequence so 00 so far senators like a bad soccer game or is great. Head to head at her burning down my hometown yesterday by the way that's right we did get lapel and we in and no honestly dates and targeting a furlong test. Okay here's question number 2% or grow here you go Katie. Mr. Babar. Mr. Barr had to be just one. An extra labor. And train ran forty year old virgin knocked out it's super batter all movies directed by this popular comedy director. That app and now that happened to. And tourist center grow now want to probable can you get your question right. Star Wars was created by an originally directed by this famous director. Dirt. Oh yeah. And only got yelled well and I. Gotcha question racked. A get a one and one that we're having some fun yeah Katie boulevards. Here's your question this Netflix series set in the fictional town of Hawkins Indiana stars Miley Bobby Brenner it's that's right. As little girl. Little girl named. 1111. With special powers. I say it. Strengthening. Yes you got to the. Oh man that was very as the buzzer. Millie Bobby brown and you realize she was. On the I think and it seaside and not it's not the but that's not Bobby Brown it's not the milling about Iran's Millie and obvious eleven with a shaved head OK if they Kitna connected Brazilian embassy ever lose. It's the app and then I saw some in the news this morning about yes or Eric Gordon is new girlfriend he was. Beating up. Her IC said that she was beaten and worse as he did. I guess who's in jail yeah I hear the fact you didn't know how to read eleven. No it was confused as. As little girl had a lot of anyway as saying we have missed it a matter of getting concerned that you didn't know how to now and I was. Still struggling with why it sounded weird and I was reading when I was reading. OK anyway she got when and then now he's got to get this one yet Allan. Alan why is no I don't let us down. This former NBC sitcom starring Amy Poehler yeah. Was sent in to the fictional town of honey Indiana. But six car parks and rec. And we're tied so we're gonna tiebreaker around Katie you gotta buzzing with the sound of you know the answer to this question assemblyman. They waiting to eighty that's fine and then Allen what he can say for broad ripple. Ticket you get you cannot hide your being there. I don't know what that is so infatuated by Pokemon. Well you know just being in ninety it. It is at me at the right time and then they had the Pokemon game there for awhile we play and that we assessment that yeah I mean I I was pretty upset body become a Pokemon master. Got to catch a. Law you got to give up. Jamal knew you know. Don't you know that I started getting into poking fun he's not he's got the car and he's not any speaks a different language he knows all of that being. We don't kid you know these you know you're 2425. Year old guy. Right an acre corona. And then I can now in this Legos thing at the Indiana State fairgrounds without heads this weekend meant. Now I've got a break and I I would ask Carter Carter used to dabble in the Lagos. In part at least to sell to restock is Legos dealer so I said like you have you ever heard this expo hall at the state fairgrounds in this Lego festival. He says there are grown ups ago I was like is this kid or is as a ground above it. And testing. Oh I don't hundred Mecca. The that was planned it and I have heard I heard them and as the need for leg yes. Now you're saying I'm saying is this event that you have taken my kids to grown ups we think of me more annual OC grownups I guess I'm that yeah is that. Bloody like that sort of thing thrown out items dancing there are. I was a kid I grew up with Legos to second seed on up here and it can grow up. Is he later on I don't giants like only an adult cadet Iraqi cities and that I cool about it like let's be honest adults are way smarter and more creative and kids alike take your club with better like that buildings leaving a valuable talent. I'm a child's toy artists who Mano battle Legos in the in ninety of Indianapolis zoo had that one time we walked through their gardens and did. Animals made out of my house and regular size animal has beautiful things. And where that is artists today still selling nearly all the things that they better. It is believed. Again buzz in the santeria diseases or win right here tiebreaker round byes any do you think you know what it is. Our right here it is Lindsay. Here's the question. What is Mike Pence is wife's name. Katie for the way. What is it. And Caron bands Katie. Senator so you are are. The sweet sixteen. Thursday march 22. Tomorrow. This week sixteen against carnival vs noble bill. Unfortunately. It's your head to Broderick right now you might wanna consider turning around because we're in Britain releasing the monkeys the killer. Well a little.