Battle of the Burbs: Carmel vs. Noblesville

Wednesday, March 14th


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And there goes the end. McCain got this. The herb sweet sixteen opening ceremonies. And now Lou please rise for governor sorry. Vice president Mike Kansas and Mike Pence and now it's time for battle of the berths. You're gonna find out of your town is still in the game go to WC PL dot com. The Plainfield is had been eliminated. 32 to sixteen. Does your curb have what it takes time the next Sheehan began no one can stop that title is mine have what it takes. Will decide now. Universal windows directories and smiley he's battled the birds 28 team. It's 500 dollars bragging rights in a big celebration in their prayer looks. Smiley is a battle of the birds the sweet sixteen. Lord team. Formal name. Is Amos and nearing its thirty years old is living karma. Three years. Now when he was born with a monster with wet pants you sit and I'm not censor name Henry and retired. He's also this year September winner. Since that's a win. Presented here. Vs Jennifer. No those bills Indiana he's 49 years old she's lived in Elizabeth for fourteen years it's not the greatest moment ever married to a scuba diving in the Bahamas. It's been pretty downhill since then she said. In a second ago that says she's got a whatever she says I feel my parents find her and she is very hurtful. Let's give it up for your team captain and Noble's bill Jennifer shock. And eighties and a shocker a lovely ladies. But I carnal fun to fun facts about karma now funding ascent of Parnell known for non cash at the clock chief factory made. On those Arroyo's. Places got a Mitchell's Fish Market and upscale martini bar. Originally named best originally named Bethlehem. When it was planned out and 1834. He did. Now that I can't talk about wanting to follow that of course love the attitude. Hand. Haloti factory. A lot of plays and Indiana named after other places I mean right now Atlanta Nana Larry and it areas that's true. Llamas. What should we name it work it will exude elite as bush announces sound like weekend. He Haloti factory I don't know allotted hours talk about it a digitize a mystery to mean you know. We had yet what time with you know when they first opened up here in town I brought a bunch of them to us no they didn't tell us what was and a so I saudis doing little treats are thinking like okay cherry filling. Out. Alone and get a line islands that was like what the hell's going on would last but that's not McClatchy's now it's not their top. And and and Carter loves the art really what are alive she's not there don't treats. His potatoes and like other thing that's an wrote. You're right I don't know Michigan is adamant Ron. Now Mitchell's Fish Market I thought it was always really good in the beginning but I feel like they need to bring some life to that place you know I'm a restaurant kind of sewer. I you and that's that upscale martini bar are they in advertiser I don't know I'm. I'll get in I thought this is our tenth chance to talk about its life if I don't they talk about the McDonald's I don't care. Yeah at McDonald's Ott is a sponsor they got to watch what you say about them well I love their food and everything they dude. Do abs dude dude dude didn't do it dated it's the best restaurant. Okay and then oh by the way karma was recently. The winner of the best city in America award by some magazines. I. Venus they always have those survey admits there and final always when it yet because they're writing the magazine's. Aka. And then we got nobles don't review and then we'll get gamers camera and only here Noble's they'll. Home Ruoff home mortgage senate deal Levitt in dilemma you know remember Costello Morgan center I don't know it to our gear it's always. Yet thank you thank you grow hos. He had fled in that it IC announced gross religion out it's written on my sheet that is your insight teleprompter it is endless and Hamburg lead off home mortgage center while guess what they do double down on homes Austria. Also home and Hamilton town center you know having a right center is it with an aria at the end of the TER centering important. Also they've got noble coffee and tea out there. High school mascot is the Miller a woman recent and one can also. Woman was recently hospitalized after receiving a foot infection receding but it. You receive it nobles a spot ice received many spots and not a penny here and her on like blue laden. And it Maryland acts banana. I'd I'd rather do celebrate the towns and talk about sad stories about how. I'll go to let's keep know how are gone again he'd Carter gave me some facts about a city and it was like. Certainly was told us we're alert this guy and don't worry found a lot of that Carter. Know. Since you all of your verbs but. All of your verbs are mostly a 100% boring has not happening after this early news stories about me it's a foot infection an old man went missing but it's found like qualities are great. Okay currently down here I had Allen on here would you say Jennifer shocker shocker. They're a little by Alan on here etiquette that formal name the best city. And we didn't actually answer IDs you know that let's not comment pre read these next time karma well the news every girl karma products. Oh he wanted me to get political talk not on political news saying Kabul it's already route repository Warren best city in America warned but. The residents still wanna ban went to ban a mosque. Sitting at where the nadir also a little racist and some of them are common. ISI could announce that yet please. Tell you about it I use. Again. And that one day I sit here your pipe smoke filled leathers and Carter. Okay aren't Arriaga does anybody say anything to anybody Jennifer USA is an area charities and Jennifer. I actually wrote all about Marmol oh. Oh wow okay well this is great this is interest in OK we'll anytime you're ready. Let's hear your special arm. All right here we get home. Carmel Indiana oh what a city where I'm rich and housewives are pretty. Down. Tactic food and felt a speech in front of my little. And go to school meals buying and that they used to those tiny didn't you know. Yeah like there's such big shots when everybody knows your wimpy for not so. You know hoping I'm not in that might be more all in Viet. But karma really no big or else they're real winners list here in mobile I'm. Yeah campaign what shot was fired. When he got carnal. Come on here and. I think Arnold about the only relevant city and county and I think we got into that. Aren't here William and the game begins three questions each from their hard questions were in the sweet sixteen it's a big deal. Similar to win a lot broadcast from the temple celebrate your talent and promise to overeating politics that very negative news stories that morning. They'll all be about the left for your chance to by the way the mosque was approved actually is coming only approved. Yes okay. That's there was a lot of backlash from the neighborhoods GAAP non assumed people only where are asked a light all of course they aren't like yeah sure bank. I totally wanted to keep it really light and yeah. Good. Usually of vocal minority that it's that bad sounding louder and yes I'll hundreds of them showed up. Okay of the meeting you. Let's get the question is gonna wanna get in the yeah. It's it's over when they approved it sisters done it's not a mosque we finally did it. Okay this former transformers star in this is for airing from Karl. This former trans former star is now pretty much only known for insane art projects getting drunk in public losing his mind and getting arrested for fighting. A Charlotte nor has her. And well done to Noble's bill. This former saved by the bell star who played screech once stabbed someone. In a bar with a switch blade and then wrote a terrible tell all memoir written about his co stars. Allenby Dustin diamond that is. I got a lights the sweet sixty daddies are tough questions. Okay area earlier you're sending questions. All right Christiane how Renaldo. Leonel messy and Marta. Are all popular watch. Soccer or make or in Europe ball. And all right now let's go to Noble's bill. Roger Federer Rafael Nadal. And Maria Sharapova. Are all popular ones. And it's players. It's too into you guys it is the final question and not since you gotta get a piece right and the top OK here we go. Aron is your here's a question for carnal. It's attacks or says the phrase. Pun no. Under opium. That yet but I've never heard this before but I it makes sense a 100% under percent of you say Honda. And I know me and yeah. An LP. And you guys ever you'd never you know in every not cool but I have heard that no verdict yet. In an occasional use that but I said it and never texted an opening here that I'd never commit a 100% to eighty Nestor yeah. I was like up I think it should always be like 63 peat yes. Call you PC it's 63. Are no Mozilla to get this right you win this now we go to the tiebreaker around is your question if someone attacks are says the Ackerman and go to what today means. I've seconds. Well kind of like you know what you know greatest of all time magazine. The greatest of all time. We have a winner. They shot here. Noble's bill goes up. Embattled governor. On March 23 they'll play the winner of Lawrence in Muncie. Which plays on the twentieth. Airing gaffes but in my from what remember those I'm so sorry. You're out of here all right send the monkeys to karma. What some people say are Paramount and. The same. Yeah Aaron Hill there is. There and you still there. And Mario works coral thank god. 125 dollar gift card Korean from my university women's record.