Ask A Pastor 07-09-17

Friday, July 14th


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Have you ever been insurgent had a moment like half I thought you instantly it needs is saying I came here and become a little loss. Here we. Yeah and hasn't really. Cast your real last name and Darren. Welcome back to radio theology and an advising our segment called ask a passer and we got a great question coming in all the way from Canada this morning at the right what did you have in the conversation you can't rely on 72281099. There's a question or received on Twitter. Our desist from acts Corina underscore leave she says hi as recently listened to radio theology is interview with Nile whore and from one direction and discovered that radio theology also has a three hour Sunday time slot on the CPR radio station. A mainstream pop music's agent. This is really fascinating to me because I am also a Christian and I have never heard of a mainstream station. Giving time to a Christian or faith based program at least not in Vancouver Canada where I'm from. I'm curious to know how as a Christian organization you reconcile the music that's played in the lyrics that may be counter scriptural on radio station. That you have and all of that you have an affiliation with your values as a Christian. As a Christian myself who does listen suit and appreciate pot music he can be challenging to reconcile my own principles with what I enjoy listening to what would you say Christians like me. Given the unique position and opportunity you have working with them. Mainstream pop radio station I think you would really have some great insight and I would really appreciate it thanks so much for taking the time to get back to. Awesome very cool thanks for the question if you about questions similar to that or maybe just different points please sent to us on Twitter would love for you to be a part of the conversation you can always Colin. I want to live on her 317228. And 99. It's a great question you know as they as a real deal pastor and us as a team here on the on the station Dickerson how do you reconcile. Some of this that this solves it that come on I gym rats and people ask me feel like the show but I thought it was funny you didn't like your thought of the day and then. It went right into you know sex by the kitchen or whatever it's called sex by the fire with you know. With the Florida grad shot on the floor such an employee. About brand of music that's very versatile his topics. If I. Is you know my on this is for one I wanna think you know as he PI think she's right I don't know and of the station that that is given us a platform to do this and in anywhere across the nation so I loved it. As he PO you know takes the wrist a list and try to fill the Airways up a little more faith opened lob and make our city alone a better place hopefully encourage people but. For me I try to put this in the the what I collection is still on this from Wayne Jacobson was on our show a couple of weeks ago. What caused that the Jesus wins and I think one thing we have to realize if you are Christian that you got to put on the lands of seeing everything in the way. The G is would have done I think when things we miss is that. I think as Christians we completely lose our privileged to be offended. If we're actually trying to make a difference in this world. Whereas. If you think about everything that Jesus all inexperienced like when he is at a wedding party or he's at a dinner with that with people with prostitutes. Yeah like. Let's be honest like they were actually prostitutes. Yes. Legit that was their profession after I am I guess if your at a dinner with notorious sinners it's at right end some of them being prostitute. Probably there was some conversations happening around the dinner table that could have been offensive. To Jesus and he wasn't necessarily endorsing their life or their conversation. But I think because he was there to represented love and and and and that the bridge she was building to folks. You see the game that his his right if you will to be offended and so here on the show for mean. I'm not you know we're not creating Bruno Mars music honest they're going to burn marks lifestyle I loved Bruno Mars and he has the right ability to. May be tapped my foot and make things happen and for us. These for me here on on on radio theology. I wanna take the opportunity to to make God's love accessible. And applicable to your life. And and if I don't necessarily agree with some maybe being set on on. Song played after we do that that's OK with me. I'm not. You know making that music and I'm here take this opportunity to it to to use the opportunity. And and go ahead let go of my ability to be offended or have them all of my values. And on top everything. I get that I mean one of the the first things that we are trying to do we set out that when it was easy peels like hey do you wanna have a radio show about got a basically relic what. And we and we all kind of jump to the opportunity. One of the things that I remember you saying in there and about like when your hopes that the show can become is is helping to create a conversation about. Faith about hope about love that becomes normal because sometimes I mean he can get very awkward when you're talking to people about anything related to church or religion or faith or Goddard Jesus any. It can be immediately walls go up what were really trying to do with the platform that we got is just really help people understand that like that doesn't have to be an awkward conversation biking can actually be stuff I mean we've heard on the show collars. Who who won story inspires another caller and helps them in their life that day and it's dislike what a cool bridge between. Really hoosiers to an and people around I mean this came from Vancouver. British Columbia yeah you know sell. Trying to help people understand that and if that Justin Bieber song or image hearings are DJ counselor whatever is is coming up after we're talking about Jesus like. That can actually happened that the two don't have to be mutually exclusive. And I think that the trick goes into like well are you condone that now we're just on the air talking about things that actually really matter. And that happens to be an edge here in song talking about now my bed sheets smell like you thought you. Who which some of your experience that night. My youngest one knocks me in the EG that song came on got Denny's iPod dad loved us on them up cheeks now and I'm like no adult that. Speaks out antiques I know that's all I hear now and whatever time the acquisition of get better is he's like with a quiet lad is his bed sheets melt down and I'm not not a comes as Rihanna. Yeah exactly where the. Irritation would change if it's like you're. And like I would protect my kid from the music. Probably you know 'cause I don't have rescissions like that until I absolutely have to Shia and Alec that's where Michael and but. Rain is fine yeah you know but that's Graham might that's where the rescission which agents and the house but for now absolutely yes. Let's talk about love and it's an open up in it. If you get if you got some input on that immediate and the question always column 3172281099. And give us your thought on that but and I we'd we'd ever ever we tried to this asked the pastor segment that you've got something you've been thinking about for awhile and maybe you know my attends church isn't conducive to actually raise your hand and asked in a question you can always email us. I follow us on Twitter isn't isn't direct message on Twitter and are eaten column 3172281099. And we'll do our best answer your question when that was her name again right and that that was in front Corina Corina yeah on to Canada an. And all the way up to the frozen tundra of north Canada America's hat that's true. Does that mean we're worldwide. I think we are international we know one radio theology show in the world at least at least North America at least not at least yeah we need someone. Mean that's the one from the U typical next. Anyway. Yes that's our segment got asked a pastor and will be back in a little bit and we're gonna leave you with some terms include. Because I know I'm Charlie and this is that an I five C campus radio the elegy.