5 In 10 - Newfields - Part 2

Wednesday, July 11th


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Have a ten game going on right now on the smiling when he showed up challenging game. She just wants to exit new fields here in Indy or tickets Robin here's your topic of the lack witness routed. Aria. Yeah to me five blinded. Celebrities. Go. I'm. In the three. Time is up with your lawyer how Ray Charles let's give her ten more seconds. Rape or aren't. When you're not Steve Gibson. It is neighbor up time is up. Holds. And what counts is blogs attack. On Google and let me. Amy likes so it's that's as deep as after Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder Helen Keller a lot of guy who invented braille. Yeah that's possible that's tough as an ending she needs and not yeah. That's OK I got a runaway guy and I've got one it OK let's do. Yours to I think I get a winner on mine yet okay ago we don't want it over minorities and I'm saying that I it'll be all over after I get mine now to try it. And I think you let me get mine okay out at five off capella bands. Chronic. I didn't. That's tough to go. Straight no chaser Australia's united. I guess how it I can't but I made up the topic so you Ashley you do it okay well aren't let's giver. And one more on your mind and give me five ingredients in cake now. Iron and general extract. Water. Nation where water and oil and then sent give her four pack of tickets or to give away less drag canyon area there. Yeah okay Garrett let's give Garrett topic here gates look at. Let's do five brands of peanut butter. Wow no way out. Did you and character and not. I. That's that's some are iron eat and get beat and then maybe do like June of Jena and she. Syria. Right not Kayla. And I Jimmy's high finds out how old you. Now. What we're not quite that way not which one is that Michaela. Now that either way I don't want him to ask you know when he is and how about we Taylor click twice if you're in trouble he can't how about. I breeds of dog. Go. On. I'm an absurd now gathered there year. And ultimately well. Then grant. OK I could get. 49 tickets go to new fields so get ready to appeals because I am not what does it used to because we just iron and I wanna get in Indianapolis motor America. Know so well. Allow you to those tickets.