5 In 10 - Newfields

Wednesday, July 11th


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Hey let's let the five to ten game going Joyce and tickets to new fields trader at 38 street Michigan rode drove by the other day in the big beautiful big signed white letters it says new fields are run by just yesterday I look I did two yesterday I was getting my camper dumped. Other yesterday actually the state fair and that security guy that it charged me seven dollars from downed hot. It was a lesser of the shelters are you pick the radio said yes I am does that mean I get a disc in your browser does seem do. He said this'll take a second do that transaction much start dampened as I'm honey how Marty and dampened. I use dog the manhunt mean. No I don't know I just meant that I need right now I feel their radio gathered going to drop off the camper overworked and over in Nam know wherever I do that nine had to go bide down thirty streak I dare you try to go to Butler for something yesterday every we were in the same area you're gonna say and I could've dumped something that's. A dumb thing. No I was just having fond memories of the Christmas time and new field yet they've got some really can't tell us Isaiah lay out out there. You can enjoy a combination of art and nature do fields it's like out everything else in Indianapolis. I'm not now. All it snow and no place. Marry again. Else in Indianapolis. There'll tagline if you wanna put a five agenda and we invite people to Colin played five intent. Let me show the listener how it works and you get five things that go along with the subject in ten seconds you win a four pack of tickets in new fields go ahead. Smiley I things you can get under your fingernails a guy too yes. Kerry just right yet. Oh I don't know they're shaving its latest. Men's and sit. Well what the answer I couldn't get out there visual of Karen street opens in a pretty. Your nail and went on we heard. And added that couldn't think of it I did she got a boost the nuclear callers are terrorists. Are right now dryer lint let's true. Those concerned let's get Nikki. And news top there no same time may ago but nothing we sat there. Here all his skin from another human might I got up and don't pet parent top. Guys. Seven billion. It is serial or a danger and I am I've been watching too many murder shows throws a club real goods didn't get their DNA and the your fingernail on the street and then help them get caught. I just saw that on three billboards outside of meddling is Thursday again I want oh and oh yes. It was a good movie you enjoyed that a case Colin right now I'm in ten game and is yet to F five and ten seconds and we'll give you those newfield passes. And to check it out for pack of tickets to take the Stanley or what have. And I guess I was looking online just a second ago the mobile online version. It's very easy to navigate ought to do some fun things and indeed include the year a brewery so that without that was. Not just outline and can you comment I'd left taken whining and can now just like I left everything but I gotta have that in the day. My own personal care liked it in line in my own it and I can't have enough adults and Russell are you there. Yes OK Ivan ten game you guys are in give him a topic me. Five things. Five cartoons from the eighties. Go. Gear burst. It's in seven these terrorist early ninety's to. Evers say okay he's. Up times in silver hawks he that's tapped gummy bears. Yeah and my little pony. You eighties maybe rock rap Russell. Are under 670. How a dog and that's our list of the five diseases from the seventies. Arrived these. A. Yeah that's not having that behind Harry on his reasons either. Yeah that they can have it it is easy. Both and he's made herpes and invent it. Then urban and aides I feel like aids is more of the that's what they call the AG's. Video they know all that agencies. And hired Russell thank you know it's fun anti Indian you're won't agree to have some fun and grabs Amylin I'm gonna forget the paneling. Aren't we got a ten seconds anybody got a topic yeah. Make it got hot. How about five. Really terrible Halloween costumes yeah. Writing and reading error pomp and Aaron. And on her. Karma stuff. You know I think it's the pressure you get on the air scary even I'm Big Dig it did it to get addicted to design time is up phone now.