5 In 10 - Mimi Blues Mass Ave

Monday, February 12th


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Lou ready to play five intent. Yeah OK guys give him a topic it's a five things in ten seconds he Lance gets a dinner for Khomeini blues a meatball restaurant. Our downtown I have line Valentine's Day or yen tale ahead five fillings inside of chocolates. Go. Our creator Charles. It. Are very gas. Tamara British now now. Understands chocolate Stuart Sarah and not have any whipped cream or an affiliate putting and I got his inning and I whipped cream. Well I would go I would cream then that creed like some kind of cream and Vanilla cream if he said the Noah as a math strawberry and chocolate covered strawberries can be and I have 39 grandma Lebanese. Cordial so I think the common dividend Alec a cherry cherry and math and immediately at a. Handmade chocolate commentaries every year thanks guys I'm nominated turtles people and our that went down again par is a very hard thing to mania. Yet really that's a talent I'm Tom bought things at Kentucky fried chicken and Wendy's. For Valentine's Day and I'd say tatters and order and pick up zone but also a talent. And adored dash. Bar Louie yesterday was a brilliant skater tots with fresh challenging us on exactly did look loaded tots. Or deadly Gonzales. And I got guys as a bad and I we've had bad experiences with them a mine mine is always at 29 minutes 39 minutes. I tell you though is great China about today. I'll tell you who's always got great. Donuts Dunkin' Donuts buffalo wild things it's and then like whatever I don't blame them now be gambling as adored Ashe yet. Just slug like come on get get the food to get that thing are not a phone is Katie I'd attend gaming guys ready to affix a. No we give it to him ever again there aren't Lebanese think of one give Nyad. Five the ladies celebrities that are very popular in the east catapult. Angelina Jolie that's acceptable. Or Erica. And is that a lot to do is basically named five we need yeah. That's really hard to do by now. They're not gray and white women I've lemon. My name five women had to go to Sony knee. Now had to. And but here's what he's not exactly clear how well I guess he. I can't limit you know she named. Then I'm Aaron did a lot of just. I gave it I'll give you one are now you're now producer will will you play yet gimme five. Men. And in movies or activities low light and Cuba Gooding junior and Tom curry couldn't Robert did near route. It didn't Italy dropped. Dusted off me and I don't read how. Evidently and where. Yeah really what movies. He was in there is only here in the remake. The longest yard. But that it's yeah. Shelley did we'd reduce Shelley and I remember I don't think Kelly. LL are you. I intend game government topic here. About and it's funny five different topics in and five seconds. At the top Garrity. OK it is in me just yet to think about this for a second Shelby. I names. That probably didn't exist in 1910. Who. I typical name site in ballet trendy hipster he needs to go right. Caller. Arlene. Yeah. Now Dana Charlie Rose one of them yet again elegant really I don't say. McKenna on the street and Kayla Tristan Colby. Mustache streaks. Must act in media is a name. Yes that's dream I'm intently as her at dinner for two it mean to lose. Okay. Gimme five is gases that would kill you if you have Brees then men blow go. Outlet saying. I do that every day and right now. Gasoline. And are seen out on what now. You know this now that you Graham and Libyans Evans now if you had said. And a nitrogen moderate cap carbon monoxide. Oh Syrians. The Syrian yes yes there and yes. I helium if you did too much of it you're not getting your oxygen anything any at a gas really would kill you eventually is an onion DO. Oh I now see you're right yeah when he did get the hell out GAAP.