2018 Winter OlympCarlos

Monday, February 12th


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On the phone lives from being Hong Chang now is San Carlos Diaz everybody. I don't all pop up again another don't know how it can get sued. A. An area. Well you're talking about credit cards again here Yung Chang and I'm buying my first day after being a 28 hours and hours of travel and I'm like dead tired. I'm cranky and try to get my credit card and it won't work. And in my elbow surgery it to like Provo Utah and it. Was arguably college in particular that was mis democratic art that we I didn't answer. And I would like to litigate this very democratic are at war. Loans and yet so because I didn't get into the followed a book on how I. You have great you know it now so it's it sounds now the credit card is now working work out. I was the majority of the time with my credit cards being used in Korea says it is not me. I. I very solemn call spirit and soul. Boom bow geared its. It's not need a little bit colleagues and the city is now being that we me man you know. The group to. Not senator. Oh hard it is time. This is our religion at all the Olympics okay. You can't sue us. Now there are a lot of cents so where are you that he would the year the hotel or where that puts you up. Now I'm literally. In Italy is on the Asia center right now. Saw some video this morning they have The Today Show logo up on the big buildings. I'm like I'm looking so he knew that it wouldn't you. Somebody Natalie at okay. You keep up with Elvis and just excited to get out right now. Now that he's an Olympic. Gold but it went in order to walk over our human Amy Anderson. Juniors Erica thank them at a Google's thank you Google. The answer is yes that. But now it and it it's been surreal I mean come out right now is that a lot you know looked at eleven at night. Lautner in it's and they the doubt you've had your talking you like I'm next or a year right now. Normal self well there is what is the normal so audit in the it is called everyone and now the technologies unbelievable. But now it's been it's been great this. That's who has been very old debut with. You would like to hear the letting letting that. OK so based hanging fish from three. And they make like jerky. But he put fishing treaties. And then like they go in my captor few days they go into a ditch off the tree Iran says from tree net. You have quite like and it's a whole fish I didn't pay. And then David Abbott and we hear the question. Where you can go and they cat fish tanks and you walk in the chart and you were officially say I want that or. And from guy who read it wouldn't crack the. On the chilly is there's still a lot to. All your favorite restaurants went down you know song don't get this. In what it's great I sort of red lobster and yet this same thing to do that into the trap of trying do you about it yeah count me as a bit. Feedback that I. What that Nemo I. All right down my son would be. Bruins a lot Alex in the tank loan around the league and I think Utley is a hard pass after the freeze fish jerky. Already. At that point. That stuff that they got to have a McDonald's there right I mean big guys. Okay well MacDonald a lie is around. It. Or. Not. And they're not here. As an adult wrote I think it. VIP. Or McDonald though now I know you like to snowboard a little bit deal you know were you able to read a different that you probably hopman the mountains are off limit I guess for you know in normal people against. It's yet it's impossible I can tell you that that date and another what that scene over it's about Japan did. I mean they're so fast. A team and these these people like you know these Olympic performers on the computer expert competitors. There's so much faster in person and they are. You know of on TV you clearly appreciated he sat there going down the mountain. Eight truly it's it's it's a sight to see note through illegal means that you if you competition I think right now we announced yesterday and I never felt. The cold like I saw yesterday or reject 31 below is really windy. Yes it's they're canceling competition payment at least in the Olympics. Because they keep having a camp accomplishment it's too cold it's too windy out on the mountains. Our studies film these computer and an. And analyzing that the wind speed I got a different parts of the jumper or whatever and and it was really bright and allows yeah. It's into its amazing that he's up by snowboarders to actually building their tricks audit so windy outside. Either technology. The technology you'll be here it's. I saw some posts like from day climber or you may be dead dad's like these robots at work. Commercial robots they spit down like an image down below and you can see like things like regular art teachers get a little robot ran around but I think wrote it. Is this billion the image down below it so it just moved around. Do you could have scheduled for today currently for skiing and then they project the image on the ground are scheduled. Our apartment in our apartment. More is needed. Well it's it's called. Upon to lead boards. Like you can call your elevator. While you're still in the apartment if you present in your part that's your miles and that you what it there. Now you're a year's list that has stand with these clever right. I am they select and myself. There's a lot of care products yet. And their product work out. And and we all we have a lottery generated all of that we door around but I think these doors Alatas. I hate it my camera right shakes the apartment what is your family. But it's called David accord we we don't want bull Durham and I brought to the movies. But like. A gone instead of the nightlife and you can. You'd you'll hear what can have by now like you would you like a week we had about an hour is what you're gonna watch hockey out by hot eat. But it looked at the public attack that just noted that Ugandan. What would you have a junior title it would lead to issue you're working. And Obama almost like fourteen hour work. The day right here in out so I mean we've been here for over a week out network's 76 hours in what was the if you're working Cuba China and I'm. That we its there was a time delay what is it he says twelve hours fourteen hours different fourteen hours so it's like I don't know what we're giving out when we did the medal count I think we have porous on the floor right now I don't know if that's accurate if it if you know more I mean. Now if this were to follow what they're here they're actually having beaten me an Olympic event Cheney on the and we get time OK so but it's 8 PM in. No distance athletes are so that they are not happy about that the kowtowing to the East Coast of America but still liked figure skating. You're seeing it live in Indiana it's 8:10 AM the next stage somewhere in Korea. OK he's like it's almost Tuesday here could come back around. That would not so so tonight when you're watching channel thirteen at 8 o'clock. You're seeing figure skating lot of received from a bit lie at 10 AM Tuesday Korea attack. Valentine's Day is Wednesday. Do you think that you'll make love to give her a few you know I don't hard hitting fast enough yet. I mean you've been away from your wife and kids for awhile you probably pretty lonely yeah. I am very low at time you know I probably did you imagine that you kits eight jacket your bag didn't. Big what you tickets I would make love to do glamour. Sentiment though. Now here is yet I'm not gay but I would begin to understand this tax frauds that too much to log a potential biological or by. It's like old buck bodyguard unit Ehrlich fourteen days or so import job you do. Yeah and I wiring and making love to torture that's none of my business. That it would probably could he can only this turkeys. Across. Well I heard I heard speaking of making love that the Olympic villages are always we are handled now we say the young beautiful people going after because I heard it's a night are right now. A bit on any media was there and there are good thing is done. Why. Under yet tender is huge. That would acknowledged. Yet tender is huge in the Olympic village. You know he's YE's Robert Wright you know and you it LL always. They usually you practiced in out state stacks and there's always they have the it's story about other is the I read the articles is that. Let's baby mean. Well I think a lot of the negotiators are married or coupled up you know. So you know there's that there's an Olympic figure skating team and the can hear of the who are married. And so there's this very couples here there and says there's there are three but their written forty. Or at least America twenty of them art and then won the mob two days ago. But yet which he. Most of them are single what is what I heard a draft better and what happened in the dollar and saying. Stays out saying. A irate tireless got a lot of unhappy and I love it I love that I love getting the inside. A perspective from an appreciated and they'll talk to again that soon and we'll be watching on the the Twitter Twitter is an act Carlos what is it. Carlos WG hr act Carlos and Carlos WT HR. Follow him thank you man appreciated. It oddity that it body yeah.