12 Trees (Episode 3)

Tuesday, December 5th


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Smiley he's twelve threes and Christmas sponsored by Home Depot San championship relay. We are the less I I would champion Chevrolet. I'll go way and a side. It's in name on. When I'm not actually in the parking lot of northwest high school for the pioneers and we're just down the street from where we're gonna deliver another 1212 trees of Christmas Christmas tree at. And what is your name Tyler we airmen before Tyler. Numbers in stock and radiant heat excelled on this show a million. Anything I have what do you want part divesting its birthday bash telling you nominated for the delivery of a Christmas tree today Megan O'Sullivan. Italian American. Well she's let alone first has been and get Redknapp much has remained. Monica I recently and again attacks in mystic Arab totally. Hasn't broken arm leg and it. Ceased on rehab right now she's at 10%. They're trying to get things together here right Susie only income. Okay yeah I get a position he's now working now because he's one would only be home. You know hospital patient honey for Christmas starring few days at least a little surprised him when he arrives in pre lit Christmas tree are let's go surprise her. So at family. But just got guys now have a guaranteed death now of volume. It shows the way. We're jumping in the co. It. Daisy. Much now. Believes that aid take it well. Not god golf Monday dug out about decades upgrades. Bellies now mean that says. And then nine you know we've clearly seen. Not wish you well man race Chris Matthews. Don how quiet you I'm man egg and banana. AC alumni like he's. I'm ma yeah. I'm Battery Park. Pratt let's go surprise mega. Preannounce got flu. And saint years got some gifts. Craig. Okay come and you can't. We're from FedEx. I'm smiley from WC PL a radio station or radio show you're on the air right now so. You know ever there. My ego and that's you're as good. She was coming over and just watching movies I make my opponent super he makes about porn. What kind of hovered just Norwalk aren't normal daughter learn butter flavored no they're not just not getting. But not just she's gonna pop I'm a good idea well we have a Christmas tree for you and a 500 dollar gift card pass you by guess story that children. Her family friends. And and we heard about that your husband that's in the hospital. And can really is that right okay so I don't in my hopefully he'll be home for the holidays and I am a Christmas tree we got to another one. And that 500 elegant currency by guess for everybody as he now. How old are you held. It was my thought I'm actually in the accident with you altering the. We were the action that we're in Bloomington having a family to actually mom. And my husband has airbag and his seatbelt and legal. His seat belt broke moments of the route. Or is it a demon and his pit he's. I venture. Yeah they're nice features you'll be home for the holidays are right now is there an appointment with the north that was on the 29 so. I mean I'm sitting behind for the holidays but I can answer your popcorn. The hardest. And nacho cheese on top. Of your marquee match. I felt like that. An affair began. To allow. Blew. It there and a bucket. He wrote a letter can we read that team topic on our here. As a letter to line between us here. And down right has been. Need I say what if the right to the plasma donations we can't some extra money every week right now she gets her plasma we do it twice a week that seventy a week. None of treatment. Here. OK and I mentioned you wrote here Tyler. My wife and I have a friend Aimee in Paris and there are really bad car accident about a month ago. Likely Megan and her baby may have never write appoint some bruises and soreness. The pastor said the car's totaled. It's going to be in the hospital for at least another month month and a half log on to rehab. And be out of work for longer than that. You genre can make and take care of the baby Megan's friends are trying to do our best to help support Megan Anderson and other resonant cups. She's understandably worried about governor Sonny Christmas is here and Teva taking care of the baby fast chickens and other animals and everything else and felt. About Monica are your chickens. Mean where things are. I think they McCain's idea we have. Eleven tenths and curious case that works under him for the city when you when you eat them after that you view of the eggs. Home we have a couple that we rotate heard me as a homeless. We'll open up aren't ready to highlight. In my mom used to cut the heads right out and go run around flat spin matter where. Sorry this is this an emotional moment the start and continue minds aren't. This had to listen to this my mornings over seven years now yeah. My morning showed is if you listen this job my husband doesn't end with 2 every morning on the way to work on them. And so far I've been thankful not to have anyone into bad need for nomination for a country's existence. This year I really like to help us spread insincere you know my friend's little boy enjoy the season and give them one less thing Torre about. That nice and so I'm in right now loop well us Merry Christmas to you. She not avoiding heard the whole week because I'm like I'm really terrible when it comes secrets. I don't care I'm like I got you lay out a game for your PlayStation and here and here it is wrapped its wrapped in used Abram here. Did you resolve it and had she just hasn't been talking the talk to him the whole time. I think it. When. All that I don't enjoy everything and that was nice of feminism Stanley and everybody. It's an inhabitant. Junior holiday I want to thank Merry Christmas guys. Marry press. He's my hobby. Okay he's. Yeah and he's not. Mail. Holy See. Then she. And he isn't.