Chase Daniels

Born on Long Island, New York, Chase listened to the radio and instantly wanted to be on the other side of the speakers. He's passionate about Top 40 music and radio and he couldn't be happier now that he's at zpl! His career started in Jacksonville, Florida where he was quickly promoted within the... Read More
Daron Earlewine Radio Theology

Daron Earlewine

Daron Earlewine started out in Tempe, Arizona but moved to Indiana to go to college at Indiana Wesleyan University. Since college, Daron’s been a church planter, and a mega-church pastor. Now he's Indy’s "Radio Pastor;" hosting Radio Theology on Sunday nights and leading Pub Theology! When he's not... Read More
Dave Smiley

Dave Smiley

Dave Smiley, a native of Des Moines, landed in Indy in 2002 after doing radio in Phoenix, San Diego, and New York. What he lacks in intelligence, he tends to make up for in boyish charm. He's happily married and has an adorable son, Noah. When he's not doing radio, he enjoys drinking, camping,... Read More


Born & raised in the Twin Cities, Dylan grew up listening to one of the most iconic and respected Top 40 stations in the country where he ironically got his start. Making stops in Minneapolis, Lincoln, and Des Moines before coming to 99.5 ZPL to drive home Indianapolis. HOMETOWN: CHANHASSEN,... Read More

Jenn Wilson

After graduating from UIndy longer ago than she’s willing to admit, Jenn started her “real” radio career in Marion-Carbondale Illinois, followed by Greenville, South Carolina (where she scooped up a husband) and Joplin, Missouri before finding her way back to Indianapolis. When she’s not talking... Read More

Nikki Reed

A Michigan native, Nikki came to Indy for college and loved it so much she stuck around. She is an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana and spends a lot of time trying to keep her dog, Marbles in line. Check out her daily (and poorly drawn) cartoons at http://thenikkiblog... Read More
Producer Will

Producer Will

Producer Will is the fart sound effect behind the Smiley Morning Show. Between the silly songs, goofy games, and ridiculous jokes, Will keeps everyone laughing. He loves doing improv comedy and is in a comedy sketch group called $3 Bill Comedy. He is married and has a son, Lincoln. Read More
Toni Williams

Toni Williams

Toni is a mom in real life and often plays mom to the other members of The Smiley Morning Show. Toni worked in marketing and promotions before making the move to the morning show. She is engaged and is the mom of a son, Lucas, who makes frequent appearances on the morning show doing the weather. Read More