No More Sack Lunches!

August 1, 2018

You know those super cute and healthy lunches other moms are packing for their kids to take to school that are all over Pinterest? You know how you think “maybe I should do that” as you cram a PB&J into a plastic sandwich bag and throw it in a paper bag with a single serve bag of chips? This school year, you should definitely do that. I’m not talking the over the top lunches with sandwiches that look like Olaf and watermelon looking like Elmo (I mean, I’m sure you could do that, too, if you were willing to give up things like sleep); just the easy ones like the Bento boxes where you put some apple slices in one spot, some ants on a log in another, and the PB&J goes in the big one. I guarantee it won’t take much longer than what you’re already doing, but it will make a difference on the environment and your bank account.

When you use reusable containers to pack up lunches, you’re not only helping to cut down on waste sitting in a landfill, you’re helping to cut down on water and soil pollution that comes from plastic toxins leaking into the environment. When you think about the whole carbon footprint you’re cutting down on – including all the pollution that’s created when the plastic bags you’re using are manufactured and shipped – your positive impact on the environment really starts to add up.

And of course, you’re cutting down on the hit to your bank account. In the long run, using reusable lunch containers costs less than buying more and more plastic and paper bags to pack your lunch. You’ll also save money on the cost of food since larger sizes of things like chips and crackers tend to cost a lot less than single serve sizes and leftovers are practically free. All those savings could add up to over $400 per child a year (this article breaks it down) which gets you 1/16th of the way to Disney World. . .or all the way to a spa day.

Sure using reusable containers instead of plastic bags may involve packing lunches the night before, but ten minutes of your evening for a better environment – and maybe even a spa day – sounds like a fair trade to me.