Recycle the world!

August 27, 2018

I just got back from an international trip two weeks ago; we backpacked across Korea and Japan. The entire time we were abroad, I was blown away by the effort and care that everyone put into recycling. In Japan, there are multiple bins for your garbage, and it’s our job to separate the recycling before it heads off to get recycled. There are four bins, usually: food waste, combustible garbage, soft plastic, and hard plastics.

As we wrap up summer 2018, and back to school season starts, you may already be thinking about fall break trips and vacations (aren’t we all). If that’s the case, here’s some tips on making your next expedition a bit more environmentally friendly:

  • Avoid the plastic bags if you can. If you’re out shopping while travelling, opt for the paper bags or re-usable shopping bags instead.
  • Take public transportation. Lots of places you can visit have great systems for public transportation, and it’s one of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Pack light. Whether you’re flying, driving, or backpacking; bring only the essentials. It takes energy (not only on your part, but on your mode of transportation) to carry all of your belongings from one place to the next. The lighter you pack, the less energy you have to burn to transport it.
  • Treat your hotel like your house. If you’re staying in a hotel, treat it like you would your own utilities; avoid long showers, turn off lights when you can, and hang your towels up to dry instead of asking for new ones.
  • Bring your own bottle. Water is very important, obviously. But plastic bottles produce a lot of waste. It’s easier on the environment, and your budget, to opt for a re-usable bottle instead.

You can find more information on travelling greener here: ( or here: (