5 Ways Dave Smiley is DESTROYING the Environment

July 13, 2018

Host of the Smiley Morning Show and local celebrity, Dave Smiley, may make you laugh every morning, but Mother Earth is not laughing at the top 5 ways Smiley is destroying the environment!

1. Dave drives a giant SUV and RV - Let's just say his carbon footprint might make Bigfoot jealous. If you’re not like Dave and want to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions think about carpooling whenever possible, riding your bicycle, or keeping in mind an environmentally friendly car the next time you're in the market to buy.

2. Dave doesn't like to recycle - Maybe he's lazy, or maybe he just doesn't like to be told what to do, but Smiley is not a huge fan of recycling. What he may not know is that, with just a little effort he could be helping: reduce the size of landfills, conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and create jobs. C’mon Dave, it’s not that hard!

3. Dave leaves on lights, the TV, and electronics – Blaming it on his A.D.D., Dave Smiley likes to leave on all electronics around him…the more noise and distraction, the better. He probably doesn’t know that if we were to all turn off two lights in our house for just an hour a day, we’ll save more than 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity nationwide, each year. Flip the switch, Dave!

4. Dave loves plastic straws – He’s even been known to bring his own plastic straws to venues that don’t have them. Listen up Dave Smiley, those plastic straws end up as waste in the ocean, hurting the marine life and the environment. Have a heart and ditch the plastic straws!

5. Dave hates baby seals – Okay, this isn’t true, but I couldn’t come up with a number 5 for my list!?

I’m going to personally speak with Dave about his destructive tendencies and see if he can implement some positive changes that will get Mother Earth smiling again. Hopefully, you too will learn from Dave’s bad example and start doing what you can, to help our world be a better place.  What’s your 1Thing? Start today :)