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Women’s Health - It’s what’s on the inside that really counts

By: Megan Golden

As a woman it’s easy to get caught up in the desire to look thin and beautiful. With magazines, television shows and social media constantly reminding us how to look like the “perfect woman” we sometimes forget that being a healthy woman is actually what’s important....

Back to School | Ask the Doc | OrthoIndy

What every parent needs to know as their child heads back to school

It’s August, which means it’s time for kids to climb on the bus and head back to school. But first, most parents are rushing to the store to cross items off the back to school shopping list; and let’s not forget the...

Workout Buddies!!!

It’s always better to have a buddy! Any bit of support helps you get through those tough workouts. Nikki and Toni are helping each other through a killer workout here at F3 /// Fit Flex Fly. 

Football and Broken Collarbones | OrthoIndy

Back to school means football season and possibly some injuries

Football players are prone to injuries. If you or your children participate in the sport, you are aware that injuries might occur. You may have even witnessed a couple yourself: a player is tackled by an opponent and falls to...

4 Legged Workout Buddy!

What do you do when it's so hot and you don't want to exercise?

Get a buddy to motivate you like Toni! 


Easy and Healthy Snacks | OrthoIndy

Herbed Greek yogurt dip and double chocolate yogurt dip recipes

Greek yogurt is great for adding protein, probiotics, calcium and vitamin D into many dishes. It can be used in both savory and sweet dips. These nutrients are beneficial for muscle, gut and bone health.

Why the heck is Nikki running..?

Nikki is taking on Be Well @ ZPL by getting outside and being active! Summer is a great time to embrace the outdoors. But sometimes, accidents happen. Orthoindy is here to help with those uh-ohs. Orthoindy is a physician-owned hospital providing 5-Star bone, joint, spine and muscle care. Now go...

Taking Chances | OrthoIndy

Trauma surgeon saves child's feet after horrific accident threatens amputation

In a single shocking moment time can stand still and threaten to change your life forever. July 8, 2011 is a day the Von Buchler family will never forget because it was a day their lives were turned upside down...

The Truth About Your Mattress | OrthoIndy

The hard part about buying a mattress is trying to decide whether or not a certain mattress will be right for you. For most people, the 30 seconds they spend resting on the mattress at the store, while the salesperson stands near by, is not enough time to determine what mattress they should get...